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David Dunbar
of Durris, Scotland
Mid 1400s to 1521

Born: mid 1400s and died 23rd February 1521.
Son of: Sir Alexander Dunbar and Isabel Dunbar (nee Sutherland).
Brother of:
1. Sir James Dunbar of Cumnock.
2. Sir John Dunbar of Mochrume.
3. Alexander Dunbar of Kilboyack.
4. Gavin Dunbar, Bishop of Aberdeen.
5. Janet Dunbar, Lady Innerugie.
6. Patrick Dunbar, Chancellor of Aberdeen.
7. Leonard Dunbar, student in Paris.
8. ______ Dunbar who died young.
David married: not known.
David had issue:
1. Alexander Dunbar (14?? 1527).
2. Possibly others.

David Dunbar: An Overview

We know about David from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.  The entry is as follows:

David Dunbar of Durris (fifth son of Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield) got a charter of confirmation under the great seal upon his father's resignation "to and in favours of David Dunbar of Durris, of the lands of Durris, Drummin, Bellichernok, Terackerochan, and Delamagire, with their pertinents, all lying in the shire of Inverness", dated 27th October, 1495.  The sasine following thereon is dated 22nd December of the same year.
He died on the 23rd February, 1521; the entry in the Kalender of Ferne recording his death is "Obitus quondam egregij viri Davidis Dunbar de Duris in ... hill 23 mensis februar ano 1521".  He was the father of Alexander Dunbar.

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