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David Dunbar
of Durris, Scotland
early 1500 to late 1500

Born: early 1500 and died late 1500.
Son of: Robert Dunbar and Christian Dunbar (nee Learmouth).
Brother of: not known.
David married: Janet Dunbar (nee Rose)
David and Janet had issue:
1. Mark Dunbar who married Isabella Falconer.
2. Possibly others.

David Dunbar: An Overview

We know about David from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.  The entry is as follows:

David Dunbar of Durris, who, upon his his father's resignation, got a charter under the great seal, in which he is designed son and apparent heir of the said Robert, of the lands of Lowpen, &c., with their pertinents "de novo" united and erected into a free barony called the Barony of Durris, dated 11 December, 1569, with a sasine following there on, dated 28 January there after.
He married Janet, daughter of Hugh Rose of Kilravock, by Catherine, daughter of Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton, by whom he had a son.

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