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David Dunbar
of Kirkhill, Scotland
1630ish to 1691

Born: 1622? and died 1691.
Son of: Ninian Dunbar and Marion Dunbar (nee Ogilvy).
Brother of:
1. Sir Robert Dunbar.
Half brother of :
1. Sir William Dunbar
2. John Dunbar.
David married: Margery Seaton.
They had issue:
1. John Dunbar (165?-171?) who married Mary Urquhart.

David Dunbar of Kirkhill: An Overview

We know about David from:
1. The book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.
2. His Testament Dative & Inventory appear in the Moray Commissary Court 2 November 1691 CC/16/4/1 and are listed on


The entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family" 1907, is as follows:

David Dunbar of Kirkhill, second son of Ninian of Grangehill, had for his patrimony a lease or wadset on the islands of Longley, on the redemption of which he settled his money in wadset on the Kirkhill of St. Andrew's parish, being a part of the Dunkinty estate, and his usual designation was Mr. David Dunbar of Kirkhill, brother german of Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill.  In 1650 he married his first wife, Margery Seaton, daughter of Sir William Seaton of Pitmedden, and Aunt to Lord Pitmedden, a senator to the College of Justice, by whom he had his son and heir, John Dunbar commonly designed of Kirkhill.  To his second wife he had Janet Lesley, daughter of _____ Leslie Esq., of Pitkeppel, by whom he had no adult male issue.  His second wife died the 28th of January 1690, and he himself died the 14th of February 1691, and was succeeded by his son.


David's Testament Dative & Inventory appear in the Moray Commissary Court 2 November 1691 CC/16/4/1 (listed on ) contains the following information:

David Dunbar circa 1622 - 14 February 1691.  The original Testament describes him as Mr David Dunbar of Kirkhill. His only living child at the time of his death was John Dunbar of Kirkhill, by his late wife Marjory Seaton. His son paid his final medical bills after his decease to the doctors and apothecaries. His inventory shows crops and animals valued at £498, including four drawing-oxen, four old horses, two foals, two calves, fifty head of sheep, and a considerable quantity of corn. He was owed £300 by the Laird of Durn and the Laird of Moortown. Robert Dunbar of Grangehill was cautioner.


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