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Mark Dunbar
of Durris, Scotland
mid 1500 to 1640ish

Born: mid 1500 and died 1640ish.
Son of: David Dunbar (15??-15??)and Janet Dunbar (nee Rose).
Brother of: not known.
Mark married: Isabella Falconer.
Mark and Isabella had issue:
1. Ninian Dunbar who married Marion  Ogilvy and then Christian Dunbar.
2. Possibly others.

Mark Dunbar: An Overview

We know about Mark from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.  The entry is as follows:

Mark Dunbar of Durris, who succeeded David Dunbar, and was served heir to his father in the lands and barony of Durris, 21st April, 1592, and the sasine is dated 11th May following.
He got a charter from Alexander, Lord Urquhart, the superior of all and hail the kirklands of Durris, with their pertinents lying in the shire of Inverness, to him, his heirs and assignees whatsomever holdings feu of the granter, dated 11 October, 1592, with a sasine following thereon 21st June,  1594.
There is also a precept of clare constat by Alexander, Lord Cromarty, afterwards Earl of Dumfermline, in favour of Mark Dunbar of Durris, as heir to David Dunbar of Durris, his father, of the lands and barony of Grangehill, &c., dated 28th March, 1592.
This Mark, with consent of Ninian Dunbar, his eldest son and apparent heir (herein designated younger of Grangehill), sold the lands and barony of Durris to Sir John Campbell of Calder, by his disposition dated 4th August, 1603, upon which he got a charter under the great seal, dated 19th August that same year.
He got two charters under the great seal "Marco Dunbar de Grangehill et Isabellae Falconer suae sponse" of the lands of Greishop, Thornhill, Millfield, &c., with the lands of Easter and Wester Durduff, Kincorthie, &c., dated 18th August, 1607, and 20th February, 1612.
He got another charter under the great seal to him and his said spouse of a fishing upon the water of Findhorn, dated 9th August 1642, his son having got one on the same day, which will be mentioned afterwards.
He died soon thereafter in an advanced age, and by the said Isabella Falconer left issue a son and successor.

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