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Patricius comes de Dunbar, 6th Earl
 Patricius filius Patricii Comitis de Dunbar
of Scotland

Born: 1186 and died 1249.
Son of: Patricius comes filius Waldeui comitis, 5th Earl, and Ada.
Brother of:
1. Not known.
Patricius married: Euphemia, daughter of Walter, the third Lord Steward.
Patricius and Euphemia  had issue:
1. Patricius comes de Dunbar, 7th Earl.

Patricius comes de Dunbar, 6th Earl : An Overview

We know of Patricius de Dunbar, 6th Earl, from the book "Records of the Heath Family", 1913 by George Heath.  The entry reads as follows:

Patricius comes de Dunbar, sixth Earl, who was born in 1186, granted charters during his father's lifetime, styling himself "Patricius filius Patricii Comitis de Dunbar."  One of these charters was confirmed on the 30th November, 1222, by Alexander II.  His seals show a lion rampant on his shield, his horse gallops to sinister.  After he succeeded to the Earldom, his seals appended to charters granted on the 14th and 18th April, 1215 (&c.) show a lion rampant on his shield, and his horse gallops to dexter; secretum-on a triangular shield a lion rampant.  In confirming

the charter of the 14th, Alexander ll., on the 20th April, 1248, styles him "Patricium comitem de Dunbar nepotem nostrum."  The Earl used another secretum-an antique gem; subject-a standing figure.

He was in great favour with King Alexander II., and much employed by him.  Allan, Lord of Galloway, having died without lawful male issue, his natural son, Thomas Dow Mac Allan, gathered about ten thousand followers, seized upon the lordship, fortified the castles, and ravaged the country around.  The King in person marched against him and drove him into Ireland, but he soon returned with a body of Irish, and was joined by one Gildroth, a man of desperate fortune; on which Earl Patrick and Walter, Lord Steward, were sent against them, soon reduced them, and made them submit to the King's mercy, anno 1235.  After this, Earl Patrick reduced Somerled of Argyll, and brought him to submission about the year 1212.

On the 28th June, 1248, he had a safe conduct and joined the Crusade, and commanded the Scots that went with Louis IX. of France into the Holy War; Walter Stewart, of Dundonald, and David Lindsay, of  Glenisk, were of the number; and he died at Dameietta, in Egypt, in 1249, between the 28th of June and the 13th of December.  His wife was Euphemia, daughter of Walter, the third Lord Steward, by whom he had a son called Patrick.


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