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Patricius de Dunbar, comes Marchie, 8th Earl
(sometimes styled "Patricke de Dunbar, Counte de la Marche,")
of Scotland

Born: 1243 and died 1308.
Son of: Patricius comes de Dunbar 7th Earl and Cecilia.
Brother of:
1. John.
2. Sir Alexander.
3. Cecilia, who married about 1292 James, High Steward of Scotland
Patricius married: in 1283 Marjory, daughter of Alexander, Earl of Buchan.
Patricius and  had issue:
1. Patricius de Dunbar, comes Marchie, 9th Earl.
2. John.
3. Possibly others.

Patricius de Dunbar, comes Marchie, 8th Earl : An Overview

We know of Patricius de Dunbar, comes Marchie, 8th Earl from the book "Records of the Heath Family", 1913 by George Heath.  The entry reads as follows:

Patricius de Dunbar, comes Marchie, eighth Earl [sometimes styled "Patricke de Dunbar, Counte de la Marche,"] was born in 1243, and married in 1283 Marjory, daughter of Alexander, Earl of Buchan.  He was much in favour with King Alexander III.  Anno 1252, Walter Cumming, Earl of Monteith, fortified the castle of Edinburgh, and refused to surrender it; but the Earl of March soon reduced it, and made Walter implore the King's clemency.  After this we find Earl Patrick a commander in the battle of Largis.  Next year the Earl of March and Lord Stewart reduced the Isle of Man and all the Western Isles.  Upon the death of King Alexander III., the 19th of March, 1286, without surviving male issue, this Earl, with his three sons, Patrick, John, and Alexander, James, Lord Stewart, John, his brother, Walter, John, and Alexander, his uncles, and Robert Bruce, Lord of Annandale, entered into an association, and bound themselves to adhere to that person as sovereign, who by right of blood should succeed to the crown.  But when, in October, 1290, Margaret, grand-daughter of Alexander III., died, the Earl of March became one of the competitors, in right of his great-grandmother, Adda, daughter of King William.  Some think that he was set up as a claimant to weaken the Baliol and Bruce, but this is not likely; for after others had dropped their pretensions, this Earl, it is said, kept up his pretensions as long as he lived.

He used as his seal on the 5th and 6th June, 1291-on a shield a lion rampant within a bordure charged with eight rows, and on 22nd July, 1298, at the battle of Falkirk, bore-gules a lion argent (Roll in Paris).  In July, 1300, he was present at the siege of Caerlaverock.  The roll of the siege styles him "Conte de Laonois" (Earl of Lothian), and blasons his arms "Gules a lion argent within a bordure of the last, with roses of the field."  He seems to have been the first to style himself "Earl of March."  He died 10th October, 1308, aged 66.

Besides his son Patrick, who succeeded him, he had another son John.


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