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Waldeuus comes, 4th Earl
 Waltheof or Waldeve in English, Gaullève in French
of Scotland

Born: 1131 and died 1180ish.
Son of: Gostpatricus comes filius Gospatrici comitis fratris Dolfini, 3rd Earl, and Derdere.
Brother of:
1. Patrick, who was Laird of Greenlaw.
2. Walter.
Patricius married: Alina.
Patricius and Alina had issue:
1. Patricius comes filius Waldeui comitis, 5th Earl.
2. Constantine.

Waldeuus comes, 4th Earl : An Overview

We know of Waldeuus comes, 4th Earl, from the book "Records of the Heath Family", 1913 by George Heath.  The entry reads as follows:

"Waltheuus" or "Waldeuus comes," fourth Earl, Waltheof or Waldeve in English, Gaullève in French, is represented on his seal wearing a conical helmet with nasal; his shield is suspended from his neck, his horse canters to sinister. The "Chronica de Mailros" records his death- "Anno mo. co. lxxxijo. ***** Obiit Waldeuus comes de dunbar cui successit Patricius filius ejus."  He was born about 1131.

He was a donor to the monks of Kelso, Durham, and Coldingham.

He gave the first charter to the family of Dundas, as follows, "Waldevius filius Gospatricii, omnibus probis hominibus salutem, Sciatis me dedisse Helie filio Uchredi, Dundass, proservitio dimidii militia, &c."  The Dundasses bear the lion of Dunbar in their arms, and are probably descended from this family.

He married about 1160.  His countess's name was Alina, and he left two sons: (1) Patrick, his heir; (2) Constantine, mentioned with his brother in a donation to the monastery at Coldingham.  Two original charters of his are at Durham, Nos. 787 (dated 1166) and 788.


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