William Dunbar (17??-1800) 
of Finch Lane, London.

Born: not known but died 10 March 1800.
Son of: Robert Dunbar (1697?-1782?) and Jean Miller (17??-1788).
Brother of: John Dunbar who married Janet Grant.
William married: Jean (or Jane) Dunbar (nee Morthland) (1747?-1815) daughter of Mathew Morthland of Rhindmuir.
They had issue:
1. Robert Dunbar (1785-1804).
2. Ann Raymond Heath (nee Dunbar) who married George Heath (1779-1852).
3. Matthew Charles Dunbar (1789-1819).
4. Jane Robina Sneyd (1791-?, nee Dunbar) who married Captain Ralph Henry Sneyd, HEICS, 1st Bengal Cavalry, later Commander of the Governors Generals Boy Guard, in 1817 at St. Georges, Hanover Square, London.

William Dunbar: An Overview

We know about William Dunbar from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.  The entry reads as follows:

William Dunbar, second son of Robert Dunbar, minister of Dyke, "of Finch Lane, in the city of London, notary publick and also an honorary barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple Society, and Jane Morthland of Rhindmuir, in the Parish of Old Monkland and county of Lanark, North Britain, Esquire, were married at Rhindmuir, 12 July 1784.
"Their first child, Robert ,was born on the 26th of November, 1785.
"Our second child, a daughter, named Ann Raymond, was born at our house at Walworth on the 15th August, 1787.
"Our third child, a son, named Mathew Charles, was born at Nicholas Lane on 18th February, 1789.
"Our forth child, a daughter, was born on 22nd July, 1791, and named Jane Robina.
"The above William Dunbar expired on 10 March, 1800, at his house at Pentonville.  The enterrement took place on the Saturday following in the Dissenters' burying ground.
"Robert, eldest son of the above William Dunbar, died at Dominica on the 7th September, 1804, aged 19 years.
"Jane, wife of the above William Dunbar, died at Pentonville on the 26th September, 1815.  The funeral took place on the 3rd of October at Bunhill Fields burying ground."


The following is an example of William Dunbar's work as a Notary Publick.  This legal document is regarding the transfer of money.  It reads as follows:

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