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The Eastbury Estate
Northwood, Hertfordshire, England.
Home of the Marsh family in the 1840s

The Eastbury Estate was the home of the Marsh family from 1842 to 1857.  I understand that the main part of the estate is now the suburban area to the north of Northwood, while the site of the original Eastbury mansion house is now the Ministry of Defence Establishment, RAF Northwood.


Arthur and Anne Marsh, together with their children, had been living for a number of years in Boulogne, France, but moved back to Britain in late 1841.  In August of that year the purchase of the Eastbury Estate was agreed with "the representative of the late Mr Baron Vaughan".  The price was £13,000 inclusive of the timber on the estate, which was estimated to be worth £3,280.  By January 1842 the Marsh family had taken possession of the estate and had moved in.  In addition to the mansion house and the wood, it would appear that there was a farm of a significant size (probably 314 acres) and Arthur and Anne hired a bailiff to help manage it.

Anne and Arthur's letters from their home are post marked Watford and the address is usually put as Eastbury, Eastbourgh or Eastborough Lodge.

Anne's nephew William Caldwell Roscoe mentions Eastbury in some of his poems 'A Nightingale in Eastbury Woods, 1843', 'To Little AC in the Garden at Eastbury', however neither of these make any descriptive comments on Eastbury itself.

Plan map of the Eastbury Estate near Watford Hertfordshire sold by Mr Humbert in 1857. Family home of Arthur Marsh and Anne Marsh Caldwell.
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Anne in her letters to her son (1842-1845) makes some day to day comments of their life at Eastbury and presents an image of a spacious country house surrounded by lovely gardens and woods.  She talks about the running of the farm and also comments on how practical it is to live so close to the social society in London.  A number of sketches survive showing family life and some views of the countryside which existed back in the 1850s.


Drawings from the Eastbury Estate near Watford in the early 1850s.
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Drawings from the Eastbury Estate near Watford showing the lake in 1852.
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Mrs Marsh, Hannah Marsh, Richard Crofton.
June 4th 1850 The Elm Tree

Eastbury 1852

Drawings from the Eastbury Estate near Watford in the early 1850s showing Eliza Louisa Marsh-Caldwell beside the fire.
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Drawings from the Eastbury Estate near Watford showing a view from Lodge Meadow in 1852
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LEM Eastbury
(Eliza Louisa Marsh-Caldwell)

At Eastbury from Lodge Meadown 1852

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In the Staffordshire Record Office (4229/1/1/4) there is a copy of an inventory of the contents of "Eastbury Lodge", 7th February 1850 (see below).  In addition to the furniture this inventory also lists many of the books in the house at the time.  This inventory was compiled shortly after the death of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh, 23 December 1849.


Inventory and Valuation of the Personal Effects at Eastbury Lodge Herts
the property of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh Esq deceased.

At the Bailiff's House
9 Milk Leads, 3 Smaller Leads, 3 Earthen Ware, 1 Cream Pot, 2 Milk Pails, 1 Can, 3 Cream Cans, 2 Cream Vats, 1 Milk Strainer, 1 Deal Table, Patmarkers, Cheese and Butter Tubs Scales and Weights, Pembroke Table, Stove, 5 Chairs, Small Kitchen Range, Churn Stool, An Old Copper, An Old Iron Pot, 2 Dibbles, Scales and Weights, A Meat Hamper, Steelyard and Weights, A Saw, Two Old Bedspreads, Two Blankets, A Feather Bed, A Gun.  £9.10.0

77 Ewes £77.0.0
61 Welsh Sheep £19.16.6
2 Oxen Fat £29.12.0
1 Cow Fat £9.9.0
11 Yearling Calves £16.10.0
8 Two Year Old Bullocks £40.0.0
10 Milch Cows £80.0.0
19 Suckling Pigs £2.7.6
3 Porkers Fatting £4.10.0
3 Porkes in Yard £2.2.0
1 Pig Fatting £1.10.0
5 Small Pigs in Yard £2.10.0
5 Sows £5.0.0
1 Boar £1.5.0
1 Old Poney £3.3.0
1 Donkey £1.1.0
1 Old Horse £2.2.0
3 Cart Horses £50.0.0
Lot of Old Harness £3.0.0
Small Cart £1.0.0
4 Carts very old £16.0.0
3 Ploughs £3.0.0
2 Sets of Harrows £3.0.0
5 Pig Troughs £0.5.0
3 Sheep Troughs £0.7.6
1 Water Cart £0.10.0
1 Scarifyer £0.10.0
1 Market Cart £2.10.0
1 Ridging Plough £1.0.0
Lot of Poultry £5.0.0
Weighing Machine £1.5.0
Dog Kennell £0.5.0
Oil Cake Crusher £0.10.0   Carried forward £395.10.6

4 Loads very bad damaged £4.0.0
20 Loads one Rich good £40.0.0
12 Loads part of Rich good £24.0.0
Hay knife Ladder £1.0.0
3 Rick Staddles £3.0.0

At Residence
2 old Mares £16.0.0
2 old Saddles £1.0.0
2 Stable Pails £0.4.0
1 Double set of Brass Harness and one Single £3.0.0
1 large Caravan for Servants £10.0.0
1 very old double Phaton £10.0.0
Chaff Boy £1.0.0

1 Copper, 1 force Pump, 1 Mash Tub, 1 Cooler.  These have not been used for many years and have been kept in the Brewhouse £20.0.0

750 Pots of Plants in Greeen House various £37.10.0
1 Three light frame £1.0.0
1 Two light frame £0.10.0
1 One light frame £0.5.0
8 Hand Glasses £1.0.0
Sundry Garden Tools £2.0.0
500 Iron Hurdles in the Grounds ££50.0.0
70 Oak Trees fallen - stripped £70.0.0
70 Oak Trees fallen, Very small - stripped £35.0.0

Beans 18 Quarters £21.12.0
Wheat 19 Quarters 4 Bushels £39.0.0   Carried forward £786.11.6

Drawing Room
1 Rose Wood Table with carved Legs, 1 Oak reclining Couch covered with red damask, 1 Japanned Couch flock Cushion down pillows and Chintz cover, 1 Rosewood side work Table inlaid, 4 Arm Chavis painted and gilt Cushions covered with red damask, 2 large ditto ditto, 1 Mahogany easy Chair sprung stuffed, 1 Easy Chair covered with red damask, 2 Mahogany Card Tables carved legs, 1 Fire Screen with canvas centre piece, 1 Work Table Mahogany with moveable top, 2 Occasional Chairs red damask velvet cushions, 2 ditto with carved backs, 1 Rosewood Vesper Chair canvas seat, 1 Stamedi ebony high back easy chair sprung stuffed cushion and back and covered with Velvet, 1 Large Ottoman with 3 cushions all covered with red damask, 1 Ottoman seat canvas seat painted and gilt legs, 1 Handsome Screen worked canvas centre piece covered with glasss painted and gilt frame, 1 Large American Chair, 1 Circular rosewood Table with Claw feet, 1 Sofa Table 2 drawers on each side is Mahogany inlaid with maple, 1 Sprung stuffed Couch with ornamental back and arms, 1 Small Circular rosewood Table inlaid carved legs, 3 High Backed occasional Chairs, 1 Rose wood what not, 1 Rosewood Grand Pianno "Broadwood", 1 Louis Quarterze 8 day Clock and Bracket to match, The full set of Damask Curtains to large bow Window and muslin curtains and all the hangings with gilt cornices to fit all round, The Holland blinds to window, Large 6 fold Screen, The carpet to fit room, The Hearth rug, The Drugget to room in 5 pieces, Stove fender and fire Irons.  £110.19.0

Paintings and Sundries
4 Water Color Drawings in plain bead frame, 3 ditto gilt frame, 1 Superior ditto, 1 Portrait of Mrs Marsh in Gilt Frame, Portrait of Charles 1st engraving in Gilt frame, 2 small pictures in gilt frames, 1 alabaster ornament under Glass Shade, 4 hand screens, 1 Glass Flower Dish in a model of small boat under glass Shade, 2 Gilt and ___ bronze Candlesticks some old china a few Shells stones etc, 1 Large China Punch Bowel and cover complete, 1 Gilt and Enamel flower Vase, 1 Plaster Cast of Christ, 1 small picture of Mother and Child Oil painting in Gilt Frame, 1 Large Microscope and Mahogany Case complete  £22.18.0

British Quadrupeds 1 Vol, James Naval History 6 Vols, Citizenes Rolands Appeal, Journey from Jerusalem to Paris, Burn's Works 5 Vols, Scot's Tales of My Landlord 15 Vols, Molier's Works 6 Vols, Rannes Works 6 Vols, Milton's 2 Vols, Shakespeare 10 Vols, Byron's Child Harold, Brougham's Lives of Eminent Men, Letters Roscoe less 1 of 4 Vols, Helvetico Confederacy 2 Vols, History of Hindustan, History of England, French edition Letters de Serigne 13 small Vols, Cornelle 4 Vols, 5 Sundry, 27 Vols Novels, Tasso's Works, Scott's Works, Ministrelsy 7 Vols, Molier's Works 6 Vols, Lord Valentia's Travels 4 Vols 1 Vol of plates, Grundy's Lectures, Junius Letters 2 Vols, Considerations Respecting the ... Revolution of France 3 Vols, Standard Novels 12 Vols, Baron's Works 12 Vols, D'Allemagne Frence 4 Vols, History of Birds 2 Vols, Elements of Science 2 Vols, Elements of General History 2 Vols, Paley's Tracts, Goldsmith's Works 4 Vols, Memories of Eminent Englishmen 2 Vols, Scotland by Beattie, Sundry books on table  £22.9.6

One Large Silver Inkstand complete.  £5.0.0

Dinning Room
1 Dinning Mahogany Table 2 leaves, 1 old fashioned Dinning Mahogany Table 2 leaves and 2 end pieces, 1 large mahogany side board with bold carved trusses and brass railing at back, 2 Mahogany chained backed chairs Morocco cushions, 1 Mahogany grand Pianno by Broadwood, 2 Music Stools, 1 Small Mahogany Music Stand, Turkey Carpet so worn, Rug to match, Stove Fender and Fire Irons, The ... Curtains brass pole rings etc to Window and Holland Blinds, 4 Burner Oil Lamp with Pulley from Ceiling and glass shade complete, Door Screen 2 Folds and a 6 fold Table Screen  £44.12.0

Paintings etc
2 Candelabras on Mantle, 2 Large family Portraits in Gilt Frames, 2 Smaller family Portraits in Gilt Frames.  1 Portrait of Mrs Marsh large, A large Oil painting the taking of Christ from the Cross.  £14.8.0

Burke's Dictionary of the Landed Gentry 3 Vols, Memories of Lord Casteragh 3 Vols Cloth, Diary of Madem Arbeay 6 Vols Cloth, Bible 2 large Vols, Diary of Samuel Pepys 3 Vols, Memoirs of the Reign of George II, Walpole 3 Vols, History of Polybius, 55 Vols of Miscellaneous, Waddington's Church HIstory 3 Vols, H... Ancient Greece, Homer's Odessy, History of the War in Germany 2 Vols, Hunt's Byron 2 Vols, James' Life of William III 3 Vols, James' Life of the Earl of Shaftsbury 2 Vols, Letters of Cicero 2 Vols, Grey's Works, Modern History 2 Vols, Hallam's History of Literature of Europe 3 Vols, Bailey's Middle Ages, Mayer's Views in Egypt large folio, Bishop Hebers Memoirs 2 Vols, Hobhouse Albamia, Gothe's Works 2 Vols, Gil Blas 1 Vol, Molier's Plays, Byron's Works, Homer's ... Introduction 4 Vols, Maltby's Gradus, Parley's Works 5 Vols, History of Frederick the Great, Shelly's Poetical Works 4 Vols, Cloth 52 Miscellaneous, Arnolds History 2 Vols.  £24.7.6

Breakfast Room
3 Chairs with green morocco Seats, 1 Mahogany easy Chair Morocco Seat, 1 Mahogany Cheffonier, 1 Mahogany small table, Stove Fender and Fire Irons, Carpet Druggel and ring, Curtains to window and holland blinds etc.  £10.14.0

Barnetts History of the Reformation 4 Vols, Withering's Botany 4 Vols, Duvela 6 Vols, Dryden's Works 18 Vols small, History of England Dr Lingard 13 Vols, Shakespeare 8 Vols, Montague's Works 5 Vols, 69 Miscellaneous Vols.  £9.1.0

1 Large Old Sofa covered with Chintz, 1 Large Looking glass over Mantle, 1 Mahogany Chair Morocco seat with moveable seal at back to act as a desk, 3 Chairs, 1 Childs Mahogany Chair, 1 Large Mahogany bookcase fitted up with shelves and filled with Shells and curious specimens, 1 Mahogany press filled up with washing utensils etc, Stove High Nursery fender fire Irons, Curtains blinds etc, Carpet to fit room.  £17.6.6

392 Vols of Miscellaneous Works, Sundry loose numbers and old books.  £17.0.0

Dressing Room Adjoining
Large 3 divisions Mahogany Bookcase filled up with shelves and cupboards underneath, 12 Mahogany Chairs (belonging to Dinning Room morocco cushions), 1 Occasional Table, Writing Desk on same with patent Locke, ditto, 1 Mahogany side board, 1 Mahogany small dressing table, 1 Mahogany Shut up washing closet with glass and drawers complete, 1 Japanned foot bath, 1 Large Swing Looking glass, 1 Stained Ebony Couch and covered Carpet to room and rug, Curtains and blinds to windows, Stove fender and fire Irons, 1 4 fold screen. £28.17.0

2 Framed Water Colour Drawings in gilt frames, 2 Prints similarly framed, 4 Sundry prints framed, 1 Double barrel Gun flint Locks and Case, 1 Single barrel Gun flint Locks and Case.  £5.5.0

Rees Enclyclopedia about 30 volumes, Elegant Extracts 3 Vols, A... S... 2 Vols, Thompson's Works 2 Vols, Maculay History of England 6 Vols, Geddes Bible 2 Vols, Roscoe's Life of Lorenzo 2 Vols, Park's Travels 2 Vols, 74 Miscellaneous Volumes and loose numbers.  £14.11.0

Entrance Hall and Principle Staircase
4 Wainscot Chairs with velvet Cushions, 2 Cane Arm Chairs, 2 Ottoman Cane Seats, 1 Old Oak Vesper Chair, Cheffoiner Marble Top, 1 Large Patent Stove and fixed complete, the Druggel to Hall, ditto to Stairs and Landing, ditto to Passage Lobbies etc.  £15.4.0

1 Large Landscape of mountains and a rivilet in plane gilt frame, 1 Small water colour painting, 1 Large regulator in case, 1 Excellent 8 day Clock by "Holmes", 2 China Bowls and dishes, 9 Cases of Stuffed Birds and 1 piece of Coral, 1 Small Lamp.  £11.15.0

60 Magazine numbers Society in America 4 Vols, 25 Miscellaneous Robertson on America 3 Vols Robertson Charles 3 Vols ditto Scotland, 2 Vols Adams on the Microscope, Athenaeum 3 Vols 5 Miscellaneous Edinburgh Tales 3 Vols, Results of Reading by James Stamford Caldwell, 3 Vols 8 Miscellaneous, 23 Sundry Vols, Domby & Son 20 Numbers. £7.9.6

Back Hall
Half a dozen Mahogany Hall Chairs, Curious Old Oak Chest, The Curtains red Moreen, Stove Fender and Fire irons, Framed Print, some shells, The Drugget to Hall.  £7.10.0

Best Bed Room
1 Wainscot double french bedstead with head piece etc, 1 reclining Chair, 2 Small Mahogany circular Conveniences with Marble Top, 1 Small Looking Glass over Mantle, 4 Cane Chairs, 1 Dressing table Mahogany, 1 Swing pier Glass, 1 Wainscot Washing Stand Marble Top with basins etc Complete, 1 Towel Horse complete, 1 Writing table and draws complete, 1 Lounging Sofa, 1 Wardrobe Walnut Wood bound with Clasp with draws under, 2 Mattresses and feather bed, 1 Counterpane, 3 Blankets, Dimity Curtains to Windows and Furniture to bed and holland blinds to windows, Carpet to fit room, Stove fender and fire irons.  £24.12.0

Best Spare Room
4 post painted bedstead white dimity Curtains and hangings etc, 1 Lounging Sofa Covered with Chintz, 4 Chairs Jappaned, 1 Mahogany writing table with draws complete, 1 Cheval Glass bad order, 1 Bookcase with Drawers, 1 Deal Dressing Table, 2 Mattresses, 1 Feather Bed, 2 Pillows, 1 Bolster, 3 blankets, 1 Small rug and Carpetting to room, A Small table with draws and covered with books, Stove fender and fire irons, Sundry Ornaments and books, 4 Paintings framed, Memorials of Eton, Protestant Reformation of France by Mrs Marsh 2 Vols.  £23.8.0

Dressing Room adjoining
1 Small Mahogany 4 post bedstead, two mattresse, feather bed, 1 Counterpane, 3 blankets, Chintz furniture to bed and window and holland blind, Deal dressing table and pointed swivel rail, 1 Wainscot wash stand marble top earthen utensils complete, 1 Mahogany convenience, Marble top, 1 Chair, 1 Bath, Carpet old, Stove Fender and Fire irons, Three Water Colour Drawings framed.  £9.17.0

Middle Room
1 Wainscot wash stand and travel rail, 1 Oak Easy Chair, 1 Common easy Chair, 1 Chest of Drawers Old Mahogany, 1 Chair, 1 Slipper Bath, 1 Mahogany Shut up Table, Chintz Curtains to Window, Stove Fender and Fire Irons, Water Colour Drawing framed.  £5.19.0

North Room
1 Mahogany French bed with pole etc complete, 1 ditto, Convenience with Marble top, 2 mattresses, 1 feather bed bolster and pillow counterpane, 3 Blankets, White Dimity furniture to Bed and curtains to window, 1 Wash Stand with Earthenware complete, 1 Deal Dressing Table and 1 slip bath, 1 Mahogany Looking Glass, Carpet to Room, Stove fender and fire irons, Engravings framed and Sundry ornaments.  £10.18.0

In Passage
1 Large Mahogany Wardrobe with drawers, 1 Wainscot Chest of Drawers with Marble top.  £5.12.0

Mr George's Room
Small painted bedstead, 1 Mattress and Feather bed, bolster, 1 pillow, Counterpane 3 blankets, Moroca Curtains to Window, 2 Chairs, 1 Small Mahogany table, 1 Small bookcase of books with about 40 Vols.  £6.0.0

Side Room next Pleasure Garden
2 Deal painted Bedsteads, 1 Mattress and 1 Feather Bed, Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Double Chest Old fasioned Mahogany Drawers, Two Washing Stands stained Wood Marble tops complete, 1 Music Stool, 1 Old Table and Dressing Table, 2 Chairs, 1 Small Circular Table, Carpet to Room (old) and Rug, Stove fender and fire Irons.  £10.15.0

Landing adjoining
About 500 Vols of Miscellaneous Works mostly novels, The Shelves and fittings on each side, The Curtains to Windows, 2 Hip Baths and Foot Bath.  £17.0.0

Room adjoining
1 Wainscot Frence Bedstead, 1 Single 4 post bedstead, 2 mattresses bolster and pillows, 1 Mahogany Wardrobe, 2 Wash Stands Stained Wood Marble top, 1 Chair and one Chest of Drawers, 1 Mahogany table with brackets and flaps, The Carpet to Room and Rug, Stove Fender and Fire Irons.  £10.7.6

Work Room
4 Horse hair seated Mahogany Chairs, Double Chest of Drawers, Stove fender and Fire irons, 4 Pictures in frames, Carpet.  £4.13.0

Maids room adjoining
2 Chests of Drawers, 1 painted work Stand, 4 post painted Bedstead and Mattress, Curtains to Windows, Piece of Carpet, 1 Small Mirror in Gilt frame.  £3.12.0

Further Servants Room
1 Horse Bedstead Mattress and Small Feather Bed, 1 Small Chest of Drawers, 2 Chairs and Work Stand, Small Carpet. £3.6.0

Cooks Room
Four post bedstead Mattress and feather bed, 1 Deal Table, 1 Wash Stand, 2 Chairs, piece of Drugget.  £3.4.0

Spare Room
Bed Closet, Small Chest of Drawers, 1 Small Wash Stand.  £1.2.0

Second Floor Bed Room over Work Room
French Bedstead dimity Curtains complete, An Oak Library Table, 1 Deal Table and Cloth, Screen covered with prints, Mahogany side press with Drawers in Centre and Cirular Cupboards at ends, Small Circular Cupboards, Ornamental painted and gilt chair, Stove Nursery Fender and Fire Irons, 2 Water Color pictures of game framed, Huntsmen in Pursuit framed, 6 Miscellaneous framed pictures, 3 Chairs and Sundry Ornaments, Curtains to Window.  £17.12.0

Room adjoining
1 Painted Bedstead and 2 Mattresses, Double Chest of Drawers Japanned, 3 Chairs, Deal Table, Dressing Glass, 1 Mahogany Chest of Drawers, An Old Table, Stove fender fire Irons and small carpet.  £7.6.0

Bath Room
1 Chest of Drawers, 2 Chairs and Towel Rail.  £1.14.0

Still Room
1 Mahogany Table with 2 Flaps, Sofa and Cover, Shutup Bedstead forming Dresser with Mattress and bedding Complete, 4 Chairs, 1 Blunderbuss, Carpet, Curtains, Stove fender and fire irons.  £6.15.0

A large deal Table, ditto, Meat Screen lined inside, Coffee Mill, Oil Lamp, Dutch Clock, 1 Roasting Jack and Smoke Jack apparatus, 1 Ironing Board, 9 Meat Covers, Metal Dishes, A lot of Copper saucepans kettles etc, Some tin jelly and cake tins, pair of bellows, A small round table, 4 Chairs, some tin Fish kettles saucepans etc, Scales and Weights, 7 tin Candlesticks, A large Kitchen Range oven and boiler complete, 8 Dishes and 3 dozen Common earthen plates.  £19.10.6

Two plate Racks and Sundry pie Dishes, Sundry Saucepans Gridirons frying pans.  £1.14.0

Servants Hall
Two Filterers, Towel press.  £2.10.0

Butlers Pantry
1 Mahogany Table, 1 Deal Kitchen Table, 1 Mahogany Chest of Drawers, 2 Chairs, 2 Gilt Oil Table Lamps Argand Burners. Large Tea Urn, 2 Mahogany Butlers trays, 2 papers trays, Stove fender and fire irons.  £9.11.0

Wine Cellar
25 dozen of claret, 5 dozen of Port, 17 dozen of Empty bottles.  £49.0.0

Pantent Mangle, 4 Tubs, 2 Baskets, Sundry Pans, Ironing Board on Trussels, Copper and Grate, Ironing Stove and pipe, 3 Clothes Rails, 2 Ironing Boards and two Chairs.  £11.3.0

9 Cut finger glasses, 3 white frence do, 2 blue ditto, 11 Glass coolers, 12 Tumblers, 12 Wine glasses, 10 Nantwich Pattern, 6 caraffes, Two quart decanters, 4 pint ditto, 1 Water Jug, 1 Butter Glass, 1 Sweetmeal Glass, 2 Frence Salt cellars, 2 English ditto, 4 ditto, 4 Great Decanters, 2 Water Jugs, 4 Goblets, 2 Dozen Wine Glasses, 6 Tumblers, 1 small glass Jug and sugar Glass, 1/2 dozen Champagne glasses, 12 finger glasses.  £9.1.6

Dessert Service comprising 30 pieces, Dessert Service comprising 20 pieces common, Tea Service comprising 30 pieces common, Tea Service comprising 25 pieces white and gold, Dinner Service comprising 60 pieces.  £9.5.0

1 Dozen common knives and forks, 1 Cheese Knife, 3 Carving Knives and forks balance handled, 2 dozen large and 2 dozen small knives Ivory.  £3.18.0

Silver Plate
19 Large Spoons, 19 Forks, 15 Dessert Spoons, 18 Small Forks, 2 Gravy Spoons, 16 Tea Spoons, 1 Soup Ladle, 1 pair Sugar Tongs, 4 Salt Spoons, 2 Gravy Spoons, 2 Bottle Stands, 1 Muffin Dish and Cover, 1 Vase and Cover, 1 Teapot, 3 Wine Lables, 1 Cream Jug, 4 Salt Cellars gilt inside, 1 small saucepan, 1 Honey Spoon, 1 Pair Old Sugar Tongs, 5 Dessert Spoons, 1 Marrow Spoon.  £63.1.0

Plated Goods
6 Candlesticks Silver rims and 2 branches, 4 plated chamber candle sticks silver rims, 4 pair of Snuffers, 1 Chamber Candlestick, 1 Taper Candlestick, 1 Silver crumb knife, 1 Snuffer dish, 2 punch bowls spoons, 1 Teapot silver rim, 2 Cruet Stands, 1 Label and 2 silver stoppes, 1 pair Asparagus tongs, 1 Muffin Glass with silver top, 2 Cocks Silver Tops, 1 bread basket, 4 Bottle Stands, 1 pair of Nutcrackers, 2 China Candlesticks snuffers etc, 1 plated Mustard Pot and spoon.  £21.8.6

Linen etc
5 Tivilled Sheets, 4 best Sheets, 6 Scotch Sheets, 2 Mackedill, 3 ditto, 3 Suffolk Sheets, 4 Servants Sheets, 2 Brown holland Sheets, 6 Home Spun, 6 Pillow Cases, 2 Bolster Cases, 3 Cotton Pillow Covers, 7 Toilette muslins, 18 Pillow Cases, 5 Old Towels, 1 Dozen Towels, 10 fine Towels, 7 blue edged dusters, 18 glass clothes, 2 room Clothes, 9 Kitchen Clothes, 12 Kife Clothes, 2 Bathing Clothes, 21 Dusters, 16 Towels.  £3.13.3

3 Damask table Cloths, 1 Large Birds Eye table Cloth, 1 damask work table cloth, 1 small table cloth, 2 small damask cloths, 5 Damask Cloths, 4 New damask Slips, 3 Old slips, 3 Kitchen Table Cloths, 24 Birds Eye Napkins, 12 Damask Doyleys, 24 Old Doyles.  £8.15.0



Indoor Property



Outdoor Property




Richard Peyton
S... Broker
Cooks Court
7th February 1850



The Eastbury Esate was sold by auction in 1857 when Anne Marsh Caldwell moved to Deacons near Ewhurst (Surrey Sussex border) to be closer to her daughter Mary Emma Heath nee Marsh.  The auction brochure still exists and reads as follows:

Particulars and Conditions of sale
 of that fine Residential Property
with the Mansion, Park, Woods and Farm
comprising 314 acres of freehold land, near Watford, Hertfordshire
which will be sold by auction at the Auction Mart, London
 on Wednesday, the 10th day of June, 1857 at 12 o'clock, by Mr Humbert.
L.Wynne, 46 Lincolns Inn Fields.
Conditions of sale will be sent as soon as they are ready.


The Particulars and Conditions of sale of that picturesque and compact freehold estate Eastbury, comprising an area of 314 acres of arable, pasture and wood land, well timbered and admirably situated in a favourite neighbourhood in the Parishes of Watford and Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, about 2 ½ miles from the market town of Watford, (near the town there is a first class Railway Station,) and 2 ½ miles from the Pinner and from Bushey second class Railway Station, and 15 miles from London by road, with the Capital Mansion admirably placed on a gravel soil, in a well timbered and picturesque park, sheltered by its own woods from the North and North East, commanding a view of 40 miles in extent to the South and South West; with conservatory, greenhouse, gardens, lawns and shrubberies, offices, stables, ice house, out buildings and entrance lodge, farm house and farmstead; all with early possession and fit for the immediate reception of a family of distinction; which will be sold by auction by Mr Humbert at the Auction Mart,  London on Wednesday, the tenth day of June, 1857, at 12 o'clock, by direction of the Proprietor, Mrs Marsh.

The Estate conveys all the advantages of a good neighbourhood; salubrious air, unexceptionable society; ready railway communication with the Metropolis, the North and the Midland Counties; good shooting and fishing, and easy access to the meets of Lord Dacre's and Lord Lonsdale's Fox Hounds and Her Majesty's Stag Hounds; a good cheap supply of provisions; with liberal postal arrangements from its proximity to the neighbouring market town of Watford.

As a speculative purchase it is well deserving of attention; for from it proximity to the important and improving town of Watford, with its admirable railway accommodation, the Estate is almost throughout eligible for building purposes, affording most picturesque sites for the erection of first class suburban villas. N.B.A. considerable portion of the purchase money may remain in Mortgage.

May be viewed by cards only, which with all further particulars may be obtained of L.Wynne, Esq., Solicitor, 46 Lincolns Inn Fields; and of Mr. Humbert, Land Agent and Surveyor, Watford. Printed particulars with plans may also be obtained of the above, of Mr. May, Surveyor, 61 Park Street, Grosvenor Square, London; and at the Auction Mart.

Peacock & Sons, Printers, Watford.

Particulars of Eastbury.

This Estate, amongst the most picturesque in a very favourite locality, adjoins the Moor Park Estate, the seat of Lord Robert Grosvenor, M.P., and has the advantage of a neighbourhood thickly people with families of rank and distinction, with good opportunities for the gratification of a taste for Field Sports. The soil is diluvium (more  or less gravelly) on the chalk rock, at the outcrop of the sands of the plastic clay, and of easy cultivation, and the Estate yields brick earth, sand, gravel and chalk which is burnt into lime in a kiln on the Estate. There is frontage on the High Road of nearly two miles, and the Estate slopes towards the south being sheltered from the North and North East by its own woods and the Oxley Coverts adjoining whilst from the Park and several other spots a range of scenery is embraced extending full 40 miles in the distance towards the South East, including Windsor Castle and the Surrey Hills, and towards the west the County of Oxford. It comprises 314 acres of arable, pasture and wood land, all freehold, and situate within a ring fence, and consists of 181 acres of fertile pasture and park land, 75 acres of arable, chiefly light and friable, and fit for the growth of roots; and 54 acres of Woodland, natural, uncultivated and beautifully wild, affording excellent covert for game, with a good store of very thriving oak and other timber and fine plantations of Firs. The Estate consists of Eastbury Farm containing 205a. 1r. 22p., and the Farm House and Homestall, let to Mr. Caleb Eustace under lease, which will expire at Michaelmas next; and also of the Grounds attached to Eastbury the whole of which are in the occupation of the proprietor, consisting of the Mansion, Offices, Gardens and Entrance Lodge, with the Park, Woods, and Pasture Land, containing an area of 108a. 3r. 32p., and of which immediate possession can be given.

The Mansion

Which is well supplied with water from a private reservoir on the Estate is judiciously placed on a gravelly site about 200 yards from the high road, on ground sloping to the South and effectually screened from the North and North East, and is approached on the London side from the entrance Lodge by a road through the Frith Wood 40 acres in extent. The Northwood District Church is distant about a mile and a quarter by the footpath, and a mile and a half by the carriage road; there is a pew in Rickmansworth Church.

The House is convenient and spacious, has a Modern front in Suffolk Brick, with slated roof, and is entered by a Doric portico; it contains an Entrance Hal and Inner Hall; Drawing Room 28ft. x 25ft. and 11ft. 6in. high, with a commanding bow window opening (with all the windows on this, the front of the House) on the Lawn, and commanding a magnificent prospect to the South and South East. The Dining Room 26ft. x 18ft. and 11ft 6in. high. A Water Closet accessible from the Dining Room and Back Hall. The Study, which opens to the Garden by a French Window, 16ft. x 15ft.  and 10ft. 6in. high. There are two other Sitting Rooms 10ft 3in. high, one of which is 18ft. x 16ft., and the other 16ft. x 15ft. 6in. Beyond the Back Hall is the Still Room and Kitchen, and beneath is a Coal Cellar, a Larder and Dairy. Under the Drawing Room, Dining Room and Entrance Hall is the Billiard Room 26ft. x 17ft 6in., the Servants Hall 18ft. x 17ft. 6in., the Butler's Pantry and 3 Cellars.

The principal staircase leads directly to the five best sleeping chambers.

The Bedroom with the Bay window over Drawing Room is 24ft. 9ins x 16ft. 9in. and 10ft. high, and communicates with a Room of the same height and 18ft. 6in. x 10ft.

The Sleeping Chamber over the Entrance Hall is 12ft. 6in. x 12ft., and adjoining is a Chamber 18ft. x 16ft. which communicates by a Lobby with another Room 14ft. x 11ft. and 10ft. high, a second Water Closet and a Lady's Maid's Sitting or Sleeping Room, five secondary Bedrooms, four Servant's Rooms and two Lumber Rooms, making together, besides the Offices and Billiard Room and five Sitting Rooms, five best Chambers, twelve secondary Chambers, and other Rooms.

Attached is a Conservatory, a Greenhouse and conveniently place two Coachouses, two Stables with standings for seven horses, and Harness Room, Coachman's House, Laundry, Bakehouse, Barn, Cow's Stable, and Piggeries, all built in brick; a large timber built Granary on stone quoins, and a capital  Ice House; and Entrance Lodge occupied by the Gardner abuts on the high Road.

Besides the Lawn studded with good shrubs the Orchard, there is a capital large walled Kitchen Garden well stocked with fruit trees.

There is a Land Tax in the whole £18 18s. 4d.

N.B. It is proposed to submit the whole Estate to public competition, in one Lot, but should there chance to be no acceptable bidding for it, it will then be offered in two lots; as follows.

Lot 1

Eastbury Farm, in occupation by Mr. Caleb Eustace, whose tenancy will expire at Michaelmas next, comprising an area of 145a. 2r. 33p. of  Freehold land, 80a. 0r. 31p of pasture; 62a. 2r. 34p. of arable and 2a. 0r. 26p. Copse, with the good brick-built Dwelling House and Farmstead, admirably situated and susceptible of great improvement, and comprised in Nos.1 to 13 inclusive, as shewn on the annexed map of sale; the whole forming a compact and eligible Farm either for investment or occupation, with a most unexceptionable and very beautiful site in Cox's Field No.8, adjoining the high road, for the erection of a resident Proprietor's House; or for subdivision into Building Lots for Villas. Brick earth, sand and lime are close at hand.

The Lease to Mr. Eustace may be inspected at the Office of the Vendor's Solicitor. 

N.B. A considerable portion of the purchase-money may remain on the security of the Estate. 

Lot 2

Eastbury, with 168a. 2r. 21p. of Park,  Pleasure Ground, Pasture and Woodland, a perfect and compact Estate, with the Offices, Stables and Lodge Entrance, as previously described, and as shewn on the annexed Plan, comprised in Nos. 14 and 34 inclusive.

The purchaser of the whole or of either is to take at a fair valuation, to be made in the usual way, by two valuers or their umpire chosen by them, all Fixtures in and about the Mansion, Offices, Buildings, and Farm including all iron hurdles on the premises; also all timber and timber-like trees, pollards and saplings, down to 1s. per stick; also all underwood and fir and other plantations, and also the labour to the fallows, the fallow crops and the seeds and sowing, &c. The whole is sold subject to any right of way which may exist.

N.B. A considerable portion of the purchase-money may remain unpaid on the security of the Estate.


The buyer was Mr Carnegie of Stanmore, Perthshire.



Etching of Eastbury Woods. 
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Eastbury Woods

This etching is signed CP Solcombe (Charles Philip Solcombe 1832-1895) and is dated 1881.  I understand it is a view of Eastbury Woods.  The etching itself is on paper water marked "Portfolio MBM" and I understand that it came from a publication "Portfolio: An Artistic Periodical".  If anyone on the web can tell me anything more about it, I would be very pleased to hear from you. 


Eastbury Park House near Watford in 1908
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Eastbury House (not Anne Marsh's house)

There is no known picture of Anne Marsh's house at Eastbury.  The picture on the left is from a Post card postmarked 1908.  This would appear to be the Eastbury House which was built a few years after Anne Marsh had sold the estate in 1857.  This house was probably built in 1858-1860 and it may have been designed by the Scottish architect David Bryce, hence the Scottish baronial style. 
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More information on the Eastbury Estate can be found in the books "The Story of Northwood" and "The Goodliest Place in Middlesex".

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