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Reverend Charles Fowler

of Southwell, Nottinghamshire


Born: possibly around 1773 and died 2 March 1840.
Son of: possibly Rev Charles Fowler (died 1802?) and Mary Fowler. 
Brother of: not known.
Married: possibly around 1793 Miss Hacker and/or 1798 Harriet (1777?-18??). 
Charles and Harriet possibly had issue:
1. Harriet Bury nee Fowley  who married Reverend William Bury (1800-1886), 27 Oct 1821, at Southwell, Nottinghamshire. 
2. Possibly others

Harriet and William Bury had the following children:
1. William Bury.  Born 1822, of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.  Died at sea in 1838.
2. Harriett Bury.  Born 18 Jul 1824.  Burried 25 Jul 1892, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
3. Maxwell Bury.  Born 28 Jul 1825.
4. Florence Pym Bury.  Born. Mar 1827.  Died 20 Oct 1858, St. John's, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England.

We know about Charles Fowler from the following sources:
1. His portrait.
2. A few bits of information gleaned from the internet.

Who was Cannon Charles Fowler?  I have a portrait that turned up in a an auction together with four other portraits all presumably associated with one family.  One of the portraits was of James Heath (1757-1834) the engraver who was based in London.  Another was of Aunt Bingley.  But who are the others and how are they related?  If anyone out there on the internet can provide any futher information I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Was he related to George Fowler who married Harriet Heath ?

Looks like Charles Fowler became the incumbent of Southwell College in 1785.  His patrons were Col C Southwell and Sir O Mosley.

Charles Fowler is listed as dying 2 March 1840 and the entry records him as Rev Charles Fowler MA.  50 years vicar choral of the collegiate church of Southwell, Vicar of Eaton, Perpetual Curate of Morton and Woodborough and Vicar of Rolleston, all in the county of Nottingham and the patronage of the prebendaries of Southwell.  Died 2 March 1840.

In the Nottinghamshire Record office there are various documents relating to Charles Fowler and his father and grandfather.

1 April 1714 (SC/4/5/172).  Admission of Chappell Fowler, son of George Fowler late of Southwell, mercer, deceased, as a chorister for Southwell Collegiate Church.

1735 (SC/4/5/189). Admission of Charles Fowler and John Stirrop as choristers for Southwell Collegiate Church.

24 Oct 1754 (SC/8/2/329).  Declaration of penance by John Ufton of Upton, shoemaker, for defamation and slander against Ellenor, wife of William Cullen.   Declared in church before minister and churchwarden certified by Charles Fowler, minister, and John Baldack, churchwarden, 21 December

1755 (SC/4/3/15).  Licence to Charles Fowler, clerk, BA, to be Curate of Kirklington.

1760 (SC/4/4/67).  Subscription to oath of conformity by Charles Fowler, clerk, Vicar of Farnsfield.

1768 (SC/4/3/16).  Licence of Charles Fowler, clerk, MA, to be Curate of Morton.

21 July 1768 (SC/4/5/230).  Admission of Charles Fowler junior as a chorister for Southwell Collegiate Church.

7 April 1775 (SC/7/2/19 ).  Feoffment by Reverend Charles Fowler of Southwell and Mary his wife to George Hodgkinson of Southwell, gent, of a parcel of land at Cotmoor Common in Southwell.

30 Nov 1775 (SC/4/2/192) Collation of John Holmes, clerk, MA, to the Vicarage of Farnsfield. Vacant by the cession of Charles Fowler, clerk.

22 Apr 1784 (SC/4/3/17). Copy of licence of Charles Fowler, clerk, MA, to be Curate of Woodborough.

1785 (SC/4/2/196)  Collation of Henry Houson (Housen/Howsen), clerk, to the Vicarage of Bleasby.  Vacant by the cession of Charles Fowler, clerk, BA.

1 June 1838 (SC/7/2/131 ). Indentures of lease and release, by Reverend Charles Fowler of Southwell to Reverend George Wilkins of Nottingham, Reverend Frederick Anson of Sudbury, Staffordshire, Reverend Charles Boothby of Sutterton, Lincolnshire, Reverend Thomas Cozens Percival of Horseheath, Cambridgeshire, Reverend Fitzgerald Wintour of Barton and Reverend Robert Lowe of Bingham, of a close of land (part fenced off and used as a garden) containing 2 acres in Southwell (bounded by the Vicarage Houses, Residence House and Tower Street, on the north: Southwell Parks, on the south: lands of the Vicar of Southwell, on the east: and the churchyard, on the west), in consideration of £500.

Charles Fowler (the father).  Details as follows:
Education: MA Cambridge, St John's College
Deacon : 08/10/1780 (Markham, William/York 1777-1807)
Priest : 06/10/1782 (Markham, William/York 1777-1807)
Curate : Morton (19/10/1780 )
Vicar Choral : Southwell Minster, (19/10/1780 - 24/10/1782 )
Vicar : Bleasby (24/10/1782 - 21/04/1785 )
Curate : Woodborough (22/01/1784 )
Vicar : Rolleston (07/06/1785 - 07/05/1802 )

There was an earlier person called Chappell Fowler (the grandfather?).  Details as follows:
Education BA St John's Cambridge
Ordained deacon : 28/05/1727. Ordained priest : 01/06/1729.
Vicar : Bleasby (24/10/1728 - 25/06/1730 ).
Vicar choral : Southwell Minster (23/10/1729 - 23/07/1730 ).
Vicar : Upton (25/06/1730 - 24/07/1746 )


If you have any more information please do contact me.