Harriet Fowler (nee Heath)


What did Harriet look like

Born: 1798 and died 1890
Daughter of: Joseph Heath (1764-1844) and Susanna Sophia Heath (nee Willis, 1766-1852).
Sister of:
1. William Tyler Heath (1787-1852) who married, in 1820, his 2nd cousin Matilda Sophia Heath (nee Heath,1792-1864).
2. Charles Heath (1788-????).
3. Amelia Sophia (1789-1833).
4. Joseph Willis Heath (1793-1811).
5. Marianne Elisa Heath (1796-1822).
6. Charles Heath (1799-????).
Harriet married: in 1828, George Fowler (1796-1858).  Possibly related to Rev Charles Fowler .
Harriet and George had issue:
1. Harriet Parr (nee Fowler, 1829-????) who married Samuel Parr (1818-1892).

We know about Harriet from the following sources:

1. A family tree researched and put together by Sheila Howells and Pamela Roberts.


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