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Madame Anne Gabiou nee Marsh 1792-1870

Born: 21 January 1792 and died 1870.
Daughter of: William Marsh (1755-1846) and his first wife Amelia Marsh (nee Cuthbert) (1765-1793).
Sister of:
1. Arthur Cuthbert Marsh  (1786-1849) who married Anne Caldwell (1791-1874).
2. Amelia Marsh (1786-1860).
3. George Marsh (1795-1868).
4. Sarah Marsh (1793-1793).
Half sister of:
5. Francis Mary Marsh (14 August 1797 - 2 May 1818).
6. William Marsh (1795-10 September 1824).
7. Mary Marsh (1799-1839).
8. Georgiana Nelson Marsh (1801-1861).
Ann married: Monsieur Gabiou de Chanceaux.
They did not have any children.

We know of Anne Gabiou from the following sources:
1. Diaries of Anne Marsh-Caldwell; 18351843
2. Her portrait photograph.
3. A mention in the will of her sister Georgiana Nelson Marsh.

Ann married Monsieur Gabiou de Chanceaux.  They had no children and she died a widow in Paris in 1870, her last illness brought on by the severity of the winter and the hardships incurred in Paris after the siege.