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Gen Paul Anderson 1767 1851

Born: 1767 and died 1851.

We know about

Lt Gen Paul Anderson 1767-1851 was present at the death of Lt Gen Sir John Moore in 1809 at the Battle of Corunna.  Paul was a member of the 78th (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Ross-shire Buffs) and was aide-de-camp to Lt Gen Sir John Moore.

Paul was never married and did not have any children.  He seems to have maintained a good friendship with Sir John Moore's niece Harriet Moore (1801-1884).  Harriet was the daughter of  Sir John Moore's brother James Carrick Moore (1762-1860).

Harriet painted a copy of the portrait of Sir John Moore (original by Sir Thomas Lawrence) and gave this to Paul.  There is also a diamond brooch handed down in the Heath family with a note to say that it was originally given by Paul Anderson to Miss Harriet Moore.  This brooch has the initials PA on the back.

Some of Paul Anderson's possessions, including the portrait by Harriet, were passed down in his family who lived at Grace Dieu near Waterford.


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