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Gospatricus comes frater Dolfini, 2nd Earl
  Gospatric de Dunbar, Gospatricus comes
of Scotland

Born: 1070 and died 113?.
Son of: Gospatric the Earl
Brother of:
1. Dolfin
2. Walteof, who was a witness to the Inquisitio Davidis, 1116, and obtained from Ranulph and William de Meschines great estates In Cumberland and Westmoreland.
Gostpatricus married: around 1103, Sibella (believed to have been the daughter and heiress of Patrick de Dunbar).
Gostpatricus and Sibella had issue:
1. Gospatric.
2. Edward.
3. Edger.
4. Waldief.
5. Juliana.

Gospatricus comes frater Dolfini, 2nd Earl : An Overview

We know of Gostpatricus from the book "Records of the Heath Family", 1913 by George Heath.  The entry reads as follows:

Gospatricus comes frater Dolfini, second Earl, born about 1070, in 1115 appears second of "the seven Earls of Scotland," who gave assent ("assensum praebeo") to the foundation charter granted to Scone by Alexander I., and he is styled "Gospatric de Dunbar" by David I., and "Gospatricus comes" by Henry the Earl.

He was a great donor to the abbey of Kelso, and in the register of that abbey are many of his charters, wherein he is styled Gospatricius Comes.  In 1137, the Earls of Dunbar, Monteith, and Angus, fought the battle of Cletherton, wherein the Earl of Gloucester fell, but the victory was uncertain.  In 1139, his sons were the hostages given for observing the peace made with England.  This Earl was also made Warden of the Marches, and it is recorded, that the Kings of Scotland and England allowed him the privilege, to be in-borough and out-borough, that is to judge on either side of the Borders, for which office he held Brampton, in Northumberland, and other lands on the English side, and his successors, enjoyed his office an privilege.  This Earl is generally believed to have married the daughter and heiress of Patrick de Dunbar about 1103 ; his wife's name was Sibella. He is represented on his seal having a short shield, and his horse is standing or walking to sinister. He died between the 26th December, 1135, and the 16th August, 1139, having had 'four sons and one daughter; (1) Gospatric, who succeeded him; (2) Edward ; (3) Edger; (4) Waldief ; and a daughter Juliana.


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