Caroline Hamilton nee Heath
Lived in London?

Born: possibly 1784? and died probably mid 1800s.
Daughter of: James Heath ARA (1757-1834) and Mary Phillipson (1757-1819).
Half sister of:
1. George Heath (1778-1852) who married Ann Raymond Dunbar (1787-1842).
Sister of:
2. Amelia Clara Dollman (nee Heath, 1794-18??) who married Rev Frank (or Francis?) Dollman.
3. Charles Heath, the engraver (1785-1848) who married Elizabeth Petch (?-1861).
4. Harriet Dollman (nee Heath, 1789-18??) who married Edward Dollman.
5. Matilda Sophia Heath (nee Heath, 1792-1864) who married her second cousin William Tyler Heath  (1787-1852).
Caroline married: Samuel Hamilton (Printer, Camden Town).
Caroline and Samuel had issue:
1. Clara Matilda Pitman nee Hamilton (1811-1871) who married George Joseph Pitman (1803-1893).
2. Caroline Mary Doo nee Hamilton (1812-18??) who married George Doo (Engraver).
3. Matilda Sophia Hamilton (1813-18??).
4. Harriet Hamilton (1815-18??).
5. Charlotte Hamilton (1819-18??).
6. Augusta Hamilton (1820-18??).

Caroline Hamilton nee Heath

We know about Caroline from information given to me by Richard Pitman and Mary Clayton.  This is as follows:

I believe that Samuel and Caroline Hamilton had at least two other children, as well as Clara Matilda. There was a daughter Caroline, (same name as her mother I note) who married George Doo, who was I believe, a noted engraver, probably a pupil of James Heath.  And there was also a son I understand, but I don't know his name. I believe he was a Solicitor (like Clara's husband George Joseph Pitman).

I'm sorry I don't have any dates for any of these except for Clara and her husband George:

Clara Matilda Pitman nee Hamilton born England (Weymouth?) 14/11/1811, and died in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 6/12/1871.

George Joseph Pitman born England 2/5/1803, and died Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 14/1/1893.

George and Clara were married in Old St Pancras Church London in 1827.

They emigrated to Australia in 1850. They are my Great Great Grandparents.

One of their children Mary Elizabeth Pitman nee Pitman, married her cousin Henry Barnes Pitman,(who had separately emigrated to Australia also 1852). He was the son of Canon Thomas Pitman ,Vicar of Eastbourne.

Mary had emigrated to Australia with her parents George and Clara Pitman in 1850, and she married Henry, some years later in Melbourne, on 2/7/1863. 

Henry and Mary are my Great Grandparents. 




Hello JJ 

I was browsing the internet recently for references to George Thomas Doo, which I do from time to time, and I came across a reference to him on your website. He was my 3 x great grandfather's half brother. He married Caroline Mary Hamilton at St Pancras Old Church on 11th February 1836.

I thought that you might be interested in the attached page showing the baptisms of five children of Samuel and Caroline Mary Hamilton, starting with Caroline Mary junior. You will see that the births encompass dates from 1812 to 1820, and and all five children were baptised together in 1823! The baptisms took place in St Pancras Old Church, 18 June 1823.

George Thomas Doo was a pupil of the engraver Charles Heath before branching out, and this is probably how he met his wife-to-be, Charles's niece. He too became a royal engraver, first to William IV and then to Queen Victoria.

Several members of the Hamilton family made their homes with George and Caroline Doo. In particular Caroline's sister Augusta was living with them at the times of the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses. In 1841 sister Matilda is also there. In 1861 sister Harriet is there and they have been joined by their mother Caroline Mary Hamilton. Since the latter has disappeared in 1871 I conclude that she had died some time between 1861 and 1871.

George and Caroline Doo had children Frances Charlotte Doo and Hubert Sydney George Barrow Doo. Sadly the formar died aged only nine years old, but Hubert grew up to become a barrister, quite a successful one I believe.

Mary Clayton



George Thomas Doo (1800

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