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Julia Anna Harrison (nee Heath) 1807-1879

of  Moorhurst, Holmwood, Surrey

and later Garlands, Ewhurst, Surrey.

Born: 1807 and died 22 May 1879.
Daughter of: George Heath (1779-1852) and Ann Raymond Heath (nee Dunbar,1787-1842).
Sister of:
1. Rev John Moore Heath (1808-1882), who married Marianne Harman (1816-1888).
2. Douglas Denon Heath (1811-1897).
3. Charles Heath (1814-1814).
4. Rev Dunbar Isidore Heath (1816-1888), who married Emily Mary Harrison (18??-1897).
5. Adm Sir Leopold George Heath (1817-1907), who married Mary Emma Marsh (1826-1902).
6. Emma Jane Whatman (nee Heath) (1821-1884), who married William Godfrey Whatman (1819-1876).
Julia married: James Park Harrison 5 April 1842 (1817-1901).
Julia and James had issue:
1. Commander Matthew James Harrison RN who married Lucy Wedgwood (1846-1919).

Julia Anna Harrison: An Overview

We know of Julia from the book "Records of the Heath Family, 1913". 
She and her family also appear in the photograph album of Julia's brother Adm Sir Leopold George Heath.

The entry reads as follows:

Julia Anna, eldest child, was born in 1807, probably in Chancery Lane.  No details are at hand as to her childhood, except that she was sent at an early age to Dieppe, for education; and also, when she was about 18, to Paris, where she was much admired.  She sang well, and was a clever sketcher in water colours, having been a pupil of Copley Fielding.  She was decidedly intellectual in her tastes and choice of books, and very agreeable in society.  In later life, her greatest interest was in her garden.  In association with her sister and Mrs Larpent, she helped to promote the building of Holmwood Church, and the avenue of lime trees leading up to it was the gift of the two Heath sisters.

She married in London April 5th, 1842, James Park Harrison, an ecclesiastical architect, and had issue two sons, the elder of whom died an infant.  The younger Matthew James, entered the Royal Navy, and retired with the rank of Commander.  For some years the Harrisons resided at Moorhurst, Holmwood, and afterwards at Garlands, Ewhurst, Surrey.

She died in London May 22nd, 1879, and her husband at Sydenham, May 21st, 1901.  They are both buried at Coldharbour, near Dorking.


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