Assumed to be a portrait of Edward Kerrison Harvey 1826-1906


Assumed to be a Portrait of Edward Kerrison Harvey 1826-1906
 Of Montague House, South Lowestoft & Grey Friars, Norwich. 
He married Emma Susanna Chevallier (1828-1886) 
and then Sophia Elizabeth Beevor (1843-1924).

The portrait is not signed but on the front of the frame is the name Tait which would be for Robert S. Tait.  He was a London based painter who possibly had connections with Norwich.  He was active 1845-1875.  The frame maker's label is for W Boswell of Norwich but it is not possible to see the address from which we could then estimate a date range.  On the back is written 'Painted by R Tait 1849 for Miss Montague'.  In 1849 Edward would have been 23 years old.  He was the son of Charlotte Mary Lady Harvey (1793-1869) and Maj Gen Sir Robert John Harvey (1785-1860).  Miss Montague appears to have been a very close family friend.  She was born in Jamaica around 1794 and was staying with Edward Kerrison Harvey in 1871.  One of Edward's sons was named after her, Edward Montague Chevalier Harvey (1861-1933).


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