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Capt George Frederick Harvey
of Catton, Norwich, Norfolk1785-1847

Born: 18 February 1785 and Christened 20 March 1785.  He died 18 April 1847, aged 62, in Catton and was buried in St Clement, Norwich.
Son of: Jeremiah Ives Harvey (1746-1814) and Mary Lucas (1746-1822).
Brother of:
1. Mary Maltby nee Harvey (17??-18??) who married Rev Edward Maltby (1770-1859).
2. Harriette Ives Harvey (1777-1847).
3. Rachel Sopia Harvey (1778-1780).
4. Lydia Margaretta Harvey (178?-178?).
5. Henry Harvey (1781-1862) who married Frances Elizabeth Dalton (17??-18??).
6. Rachel Eloisa Smyth nee Harvey (1783-18??) who married Rev Charles Bohun Smyth BA (1793-1872).
George married: Lady Honora Elizabeth Hester Lambart (1784-1856), 2 April 1809, daughter of Gen Richard Ford William Lambart 7th Earl of Cavan, and Honora Margaretta Gould. George and Honora divorced in 1816.  Honora had previously marrked John WOODGATE in 1805 but he died the following year however Honora did had a daughter by him.
George and Honora had issue:
1. Alicia Honora Harriet Harvey (1812-1892) who married Rev E H Ravenhill.

Capt George Frederick Harvey: An Overview

The information I have about George comes from the following sources:

1. Information supplied to me by Carla Woodworth Lynas and based on the 'Original Genealogical Collections, by the late Lieut. Col. Robert John Harvey of Thorpe'.  This is mentioned in a publication called 'Walter Rye, Memoir Bibliography and Catalogue of of his Norfolk Manuscripts in the Norwich Public Libraries' by Geo. A. Stephen published in 1929? by the Public Libraries Committee, Norwich.  Original documents in the Norfolk Archives.


George was in the 18th Light Dragoons.  His obituary was published in the Gentlemans Magazine page 676, 18 April 1847.  Honora's obituary was published in the Gentlemans Magazine page 549, 1856.



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