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Mary Harvey nee Wheasenham, 1701?-1777,  of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

What did Mary look like?

Born: 1701(?) and died 1777.
Parents: William Wheasenham of Runcton Holme.
Sister of: Leonard Wheasenham of Runcton Holme and possibly others.
Mary married: Robert Harvey (1700?-1756).
They had issue:
1. Robert Harvey (possibly had a son William?).
2. Dr William Harvey (1732-1803), Surgeon in the Navy.
3. Mary (?-1784).
4. Elizabeth (?-1798).
5. Ann Helsham nee Harvey (1731?-1793) who married Dr Henry Linhooke Helsham MD (1730-1805).
6. Susan Forby nee Harvey (1732-1824) who married Thomas Forby.

The information I have about Mary Harvey comes from the following sources:

1. The diary of her great grandaughter Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham) who makes reference to her but gives no information about her (written in the mid 1800s).
2. Various notes written by his great great grandson Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones.
3. The book titled "Stoke Ferry" by Doris E Coates, 1980, page 61.  This mentions the Harveys and the Helshams living near the church.
4. Her memorial inside All Saint's Church, Stoke Ferry.
5. Her cook book.

In each case these notes make reference to her existence but tell us no more.  For an overview please see Mary's husband's page.


If you have any information to add to what is listed please contact me.

(Diary of Elizabeth Jones)