Portrait of
Mr Peter Harvey
 Norwich, Norfolk


'Heins. fec: 1737'

Painted by
 John Theodore Heins

Inner frame dimensions of 76cm x 63 cm (30inch x 25inch)
Outer frame 94cm x 82cm (37inch x 32inch)

See below for notes


Portrait of Peter Harvey 1709-1751 of  Norwich, Norfolk. Painted  in 1739 by  John Theodore Heins (1697-1756). Note on the back saying painted by Haynes.



Mr Peter Harvey of  Norwich, Norfolk

Painted by  John Theodore Heins (1697-1756)

This portrait is one of a pair.  It has a note on the front saying Peter Harvey of Norwich.  This is Peter Harvey (1709-1751) who was the son of John Harvey (1666-1742) and his second wife Mary.  Peter married Elizabeth Blyford , 11 January 1738, in Norwich.  The portraits are dated 1738 and so would have been painted while the sameyear of their marriage.  Sadly Elizabeth died young, 18 Octobert 1741, aged 23 and a memorial to her memory exists in Saint Clement's church in Norwich.  The portrait is signed 'Heins. fec: 1737'.  There is also a note on the back saying painted by 'Haynes' which is a misspelling for the Norwich painter John Theodore Heins  (1697-1756) who also painted a number of portraits of other Harvey relatives.

This pair of paintings are recorded in the book 'Portraits in Norfolk Houses' by Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, Vol 2, undated but published around 1928.  Rainthorpe Hall, The Property of Sir Charles Harvey Bart, 6th August 1907.  Page 171, as follows:

No 17.  Peter Harvey.  H.L.  Body full, face turned slightly towards the dexter, dark eyes full, white wig to the shoulders curled.  Dress: Grey coat with cerise lining and silver buttons, four buttons on the sleeve cuff, grey waistcoat with silver buttons open, with neckband and ruffle, hat under left arm.  Size 30 by 24.  Age 30. Date c.1740.  Oval corners.  Inscribed : "Peter Harvey Esq. of Norwich, painted 1738. Haynes."  By Heins.  Peter, second son of John Harvey, by Ann his wife, daughter of William Stalham; born 1718; married Elizabeth, daughter of John Ives, of Norwich.  He died 1751, aged 42.

No 18.  Mrs Peter Harvey.  H.L.  Body full, face turned slightly towards the dexter, dark eyes, fair hair, slightly fulled.  Dress: Blue, pointed bodice cut low with white pleated Medici collar, short sleeves, white elbow-sleeves, diamond ornament at the breast, and clasping the bodice just below, blue silk drapery over the left arm and behind.  Size 30 by 24.  Age about 20.  Date c. 1740.  Inscribed: "Mrs Peter Harvey painted 1738 Haynes."  Heins.  Elizabeth, daughter of John Ives, of Norwich, married to Peter Harvey.  She died 18th October 1741, aged 23.



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