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Records relating to the Harvey family
at the Church of St Mary the Virgin
Beachamwell, Norfolk.


Church of St Mary the Virgin Beachamwell Norfolk
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Memorial on the outside south wall.  The inscription reads:

Near this place are the remains of Robert Harvey Senior of Hilboro Gent [Hilborough, Norfolk] who died September 1740 aged 76 years. And John Harvey of Caldecot Gent, Eldest Son of the above.  Who died October 30th 1742, Aged 53 years.  Also Ellen wife of the said John Harvey.  Who died November 14th  1742, aged 47 years.  And Robert youngest son of the Aforesaid John and Ellen Harvey.  Late of Stoke Ferry in Norfolk, Surgeon:  Who died February 28th 1754, Aged 28 years.

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Harvey family Memorial
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Entries in the Parish records relating to Harvey are as follows:

1558 June 20, Burial of Margaret Harvye, daughter of ?

1558 October 6, marriage of William Harvye and Matilda Awdlye.

1559 April 28, Burial of Agnes Harvye, daughter of ?

1559 Sept 10, Christening of William Harvie, son of not known.

1570 June 18, marriage of Margaret Harvy and Thomas Fowler.

1572 February 20, Burial of Henry Harvye, son of ?

1589 Sept 4, Christening of Thomas Harvye, son of John & Anete, he is of the St Mary Parish.

1618 May 25, Christening of Elizabeth Hervie, daughter of Robert & Margreat.

1619 April 18, marriage of Elizabeth Harvie and Thomas Clements

1620 Jan 19, Christening of Anna Hervie, daughter of Robert & Margreat.

1622 June 16, Christening of Christian Hervie, daughter of Robert & Margaret.

1629 April ?, Christening of Anna Hervie, daughter of John & Elizabeth. She lived 3 days and was buried at St Maryes.

1630 September 5, Christening of Constance Harvie, daughter of Robert & Amy.

1633 March 16, Christening of William Harvy, son of Robert & Amy.

1635 June 15, Burial of Elizabeth Harvy, wife of John.

1636 September 18, Baptism of Edward Harvey, son of Robert & Amy.

1639 April 16, Baptism of Amey Harvey, daughter of Robert & Amey.

1642 April 24, Baptism of Robert Harvey, son of Robert & Amey.

1643 March 26, Baptism of Mary Harvy, daughter of Thomas & Diana.

1644 March 9, Baptism of Margaret Harvey, daughter of Robert & Amy.

1648 November 5, Baptism of Katharine Harvey, daughter of Thomas & Diana.

1668 November 1, Baptism of Robert Harvy, son of William & Susan.

1672 May 5, Baptism of Thomas Harvy, son of William & Susan.

1674 April ?, Baptism of Susan Harvey, daughter of William & Susan.

1676 April 9, Baptism of Ann Harvey, daughter of William & Susan.

1679 April 11, Burial of Susanna Harvy, daughter of William & Susan.

1689, birth of John Harvey, son of Robert Harvey (1664?-1740), from the memorial inscription.

1719 February 14, Christening of William Harvey, son of William & Mary.

1727 December 27, Christening of Robert Harvey, son of John & Ellen.

1729 June 5, Baptism of William Harvey, son of John & Ellen.

1742 April 4, Baptism of Jane Harvey, daughter of Thomas & Rebeccah.

1741/42 February 23, Burial of Richard Harvey, son of John & Mary.

1742 October 31, Burial of John Harvey of Coldecott House [There is a Caldecott Farm 2/3 miles south of Beachamwell].

1742 November 15, Burial of Ellen Harvey, widow of John Harvey of Coldecott House [Caldecote, Caldecott].

1742 December 13, Burial of William Harvey the elder.

1745 February 23, Burial of Elizabeth Harvey.

1745 June 30, Baptism of Mary Harvey, daughter of Thomas & Rebecca.

1745 October 27, Marriage of William Harvey & Mary Coates.

1750 March 6, Burial of William Harvey.

1751 September 9, Burial of Richard Harvey, son of Thomas & Rebecca.

1753 February 13, Marriage of Thomas Cooper to the widow Mrs Mary Harvey.

1754 February 26, Burial of Robert Harvey, Son of John & Helen.

1771 April 2, Marriage of Mary Harvey spinster and Robert Grief bachelor.

1775 November 15, Baptism of twins John & Andrew Harvey, sons of Jane Harvey (base born).

1776 January 8, Burial of Andrew Harvey, son of Jane Harvey.

1776 June 13, Burial of John Harvey, son of Jane Harvey.

1790 April 2, Burial of Thomas Harvey, Parish Clerk.

1798 March 23, Burial of Rebecca Harvey, widow aged 86 years.


From the above we can conclude that:

Robert and Margaret were probably born just before 1600 (Robert probably died in 1678 as he is mentioned in Burke's).  Robert and Margaret had the following children:

Elizabeth Hervie 1618-?

Anna Hervie 1620-?

Christian Harvie 1622-?

No more children after 1622 so perhaps Margaret died.  Presumably Robert remarried as a few years later we have Robert and Amy having the following children:

Constance Harvie 1630-?

William Harvy 1633-?  Appears to have stayed in Beachamwell, married and had children.

Elizabeth Harvy 1635-?

Edward Harvey 1636-?

Amey Harvey 1639-?

Robert Harvey 1642-? Probably the Robert Harvey who died 1695 leaving 2 sons (see Burke's).

Margaret Harvey 1644-?


The above William appears to have stayed in Beechamwell and married Susan.  William and Susan had the following children:

Robert Harvey 1668-?

Thomas Harvey 1672-?

Susan Harvey 1674-?

Ann Harvey 1676-?

Susanna Harvey 16??-1679

We then seem to have a gap of 40 years in the records but from the memorial we know that there was a Robert Harvey (1664?-1740) who died in 1740 aged 76, of Hilboro Gent (Hilborough is a village in the same area).  Probably the same person as above, in which case his parents were William and Susan.  This Robert Harvey (1664/8?-1740) had a son John Harvey around 1689 (died 1742 aged 53).

John Harvey (1689?-1742) married Ellen (1695?-1742) and they lived at Coldecott [Caldecote] House and had at least two children:

William 1729-?

Robert Harvey (1727-1754), the youngest son.

But, who was John Harvey Esq (1699-1750) of Ipswich son of J Harvey of Beecham Wells, Norfolk?  John married Margaret Hunt, daughter of John Hunt Esq of Worlington, Norfolk.  This information is recorded on his portrait (see the book Norfolk Portraits).

Who was Charles Harvey of Beachamwell?  A note regarding 'Administration' is in the Norfolk Record Office (ANF administration bond, 1728-1735, no.331).  I have not seen this yet.

Who was John Harvey of Beachamwell?  His will is in the Norfolk Record Office (ANF, will register, 1694-1696, (1696), fo. 427, no.7).  I have not seen this yet.


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