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Robert Harvey
of Watton, Norfok

Robert Harvey of Watton.
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Born: presumably February 1750, baptised 9 February1750 at Watton and died 20 November 1820 aged 70, buried at 27 November at Watton.
Son of: Edward Harvey Esq (????-1771) and Mary Longe (1718?-1790) daughter of John Longe Esq of Coddenham.
Brother of:
1. Mary Harvey (1741/2-?).
2. Ellen Harvey (1743-?).
3. Elizabeth Harvey (1745-1800).
4. Edward Harvey (1746-1747).
5. Constance Harvey (1748-?).
6. John Harvey (1752-1828) who possibly married Elizabeth Thurrold.
7. Henrietta Harvey (1757-?).
Robert married: Charlotte Purdy (1755?-1849) daughter of Charles Prudy Esq.
Robert and Charlotte had issue:
1. Robert Harvey (1794-1794).
2. Charlotte Mary Lady Harvey (1793- 1869) who married her cousin Sir Robert John Harvey (1785-1860).


Robert Harvey: An Overview

The information I have about Robert Harvey comes from the following sources:

1. Information supplied to me by Carla Woodworth Lynas and based on the 'Original Genealogical Collections, by the late Lieut. Col. Robert John Harvey of Thorpe'.  This is mentioned in a publication called 'Walter Rye, Memoir Bibliography and Catalogue of of his Norfolk Manuscripts in the Norwich Public Libraries' by Geo. A. Stephen published in 1929? by the Public Libraries Committee, Norwich.  Original documents in the Norfolk Archives.
2. The book 'A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain' By John Burke, published 1836, page 400, Harvey of Thorpe.
3. Robert's portrait.
4. Mention of a similar portrait in the book 'Portraits in Norfolk Houses' by Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, Vol 2, undated but published around 1928.  Portrait hanging at Rainthorpe Hall, The Property of Sir Charles Harvey Bart, 6th August 1907.  Page 172.  Also a mention of his wife's portrait page 173.
5. A brief mention in the diary of Elizabeth Jones nee Helsham (1801-1866).  Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert's 2nd cousin Dr Henry Helsham (1767-1806).
6. The book 'Watton Notes' pens Rev. Charles Kent of Merton (I have not seen this).
7. Registers from St Mary's Parish Church, Watton.



Robert was born in Watton and lived all his life there.  He appears to have been a wealthy wool merchant with connections at Downham Market, Hilborough, Rainthorpe and Norwich.  His three storied house still stands in Harvey Street in Watton.  It is believed to have been originally built in 1720 by his father Edward Harvey.

Harvey House


Sacred to the memory of Robert Harvey Esq who departed this life at Watton (his native place) Nov 20, 1820 aged 70 years.  "Speak ye who best can tell". His widow and daughter: surrounding friends and neighbours of every class; that he lived in the practice of all Christian virtues;  assisting and relieveing: forbearing and forgiving.  His trust was in God:  His hope rested on the atonement, offered by his blessed redeemer.

Memorial of Robert Harvey of Watton
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