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Portrait of Thomas Harvey of Norwich 1711-1772
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Thomas Harvey of Norwich


Portrait of Thomas Harvey of Norwich 1711-1772 by John Theodore Heins
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Born: 1711 and chistened 19 May 1711 in St Clements Norwich.  He died 16 July 1772 and is buried in St Clements.
Son of: John Harvey (1666-1742) and his second wife Mary.
Half brother of:
1. William Harvey (1694-????).
2. Robert Harvey (1697-1773) who married Lydia Harvey nee Black (1699-1759).
3. Anne Harvey (1699-????).
4. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick (nee Harvey, 1700?-1765) who married Thomas Kirkpatrick.
5. John Harvey (1699-1750).
6. William Harvey (1704-????).
7. Mary Smyth (nee Harvey, 1705-????) who married John Smythe.
Brother of:
8. Peter Harvey (1709-1751) who married Elizabeth Harvey nee Blyford (1718?-1741).
9. Samuel Harvey (1712-????) who married Mary (1711-1739).
Thomas married: Lydia Ives (1718-1804), 9 October 1739, St Helens Norwich, daughter of Jeremiah Ives and Alice Ives nee Black.
Thomas and Lydia had issue:
1. Son Harvey (1743-????).
2. Jeremiah Ives Harvey (1746-1814) who married Mary Lucas (1746-1822).
3. Thomas Harvey (1748-1819) who married Ann Twis (1753-18??).

Thomas Harvey: An Overview

The information I have about Thomas Harvey comes from the following sources:

1. Information supplied to me by Carla Woodworth Lynas and based on the 'Original Genealogical Collections, by the late Lieut. Col. Robert John Harvey of Thorpe'.  This is mentioned in a publication called 'Walter Rye, Memoir Bibliography and Catalogue of of his Norfolk Manuscripts in the Norwich Public Libraries' by Geo. A. Stephen published in 1929? by the Public Libraries Committee, Norwich.  Original documents in the Norfolk Archives.
2. His portrait. This is also mentioned in the book 'Portraits in Norfolk Houses' by Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, Vol 2, undated but published around 1928.  Norwich, Holmwood, Thorpe, the property of Col J R Harvey, later moved to Windover, Burlesdon, Hants.  Page 105.


Thomas Harvey was a merchant.  He was sheriff of Norwich in 1740, being chosen in April on the death of Charles Lay, and mayor in 1748. He was sworn alderman of North Conisford ward on 13th October 1742.  A portrait of him in his robes of office by Heins was presented by a Society of Gentlemen in 1748 and hangs in Blackfriars' Hall. Another portrait was in the possession of the Harvey family of Thorpe. He died in 1772 and was buried in the family vault in St. Clement's church, where a neat mural monument remains to his memory. He is believed to have lived in No. 18 Colegate, as a cartouche over the door in the rear contains the Harvey arms impaling those of Ives.


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