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Diary of Arthur Raymond Heath
(Christmas 1872-April 1874)

A.R. Heath

Christmas 1872

A.R. Heath (His journal)

Having received this beautiful book as a Christmas present I must go on with my journal which I have sadly neglected of late.

25th December 1872

Christmas day but very unseasonal weather, it rained so that we were not able to go to church which, however, made no difference to me as my leg would have prevented my going under any circumstance. We had a very uproarious Christmas dinner and at the end everybody had to sing and make speeches. Just as May was beginning 'Oh what a shame, Mr Wickham,' & etc [PW?] appeared and each [had?] a mince pie out of the window this stopt the festivities and we adjourned to the drawing room. Then all the party but self and Mamma went to Kitlands and returned with Uncle D . I in the meantime reading Frende's Essays which I like very much. At tea Denson brought us some Elder wine which we had took with ghost stories.

Captain [Carunie?] and Sir Peter Parker, The Murdered Page (Viviennes Cornwall) The Baker.

After this came songs and [T ronde?] Gerard today favoured The Witch with all the songs in our play.
Thursday 26th December 1872

Papa and Fred went out shooting. I greatly envied them but of course was prevented from going by my leg. They got two cocks and 4 bunnies. They missed about 10 of the latter between them. I worked for Matric in my own room which was very comfortable. In the afternoon went for a long walk (for me) down to the White Gate. A carriage of vulgar tourists, drunk I think, came by going at a great pace. On coming back found the others having a battle royal in the barn which consisted in shoving each other of a ten foot heap of straw. Then came in and did some work. Perused the papers, sat, did not dress for dinner as I felt lazy.

Tasted the new ports and the new sherry, the last very nasty. Then beat b at chess.

Friday 27th December 1872

Papa went toLondon so early, breakfast for which I was late. Work all morning until Margaret came. After lunch I went out shooting but we found nothing. Then Bright and Julia Wickham came, the former very jolly. Then appeared Mr Lawson (Aunt E there before) whose acquaintance I made for the first time. She is rather pretty and very nice though very particular about her grammar. Too particular I think, for a perfect lady. She manifested a great affection for Wasp [the dog], who as usual, slunk into the when he saw visitors. She was so good as to let him sleep on her dress and after[assure?] to let him be taken off. Note from Hoare arrived to say he would come. Aunt P arrived in the evening with Papa. Their train ½ an hour late.

Saturday 28th December 1872

In the morning succeeded in shooting a covey, as did F. I sat on a sit and made F and B walk through the stuff to my corner. Then went in, worked and the doctor appeared and said I might do exactly what I liked.  Girls and Mamma came home late from the dancing. After dinner papers, looking out pictures for tableaux vivants, work and dinner. Then I talked with Aunt P while the others danced. I forget to say that in the morning Lady MacDonald sent us a basket of Christmas presents. Mine was a purse into which Aunt P kindly put 1 Sov.

Sunday 29th December 1872

Aunt P stayed with me instead of going to church, which was very charitable of her. We had service, then to the farm and a talk with Bax [loosed Gem?] we had Wasp and back round the garden. After lunch Papa, Ada, Fr, B, C, G and I went to Kitlands where we found Angus McPherson. Then, as Uncle D was giving me the cat Gem rushed in, the cat swore, Wasp followed and went behind my chair, cat jumped into Wasp’s mouth and fled followed by all the dogs, made a bolt through the closed window and disappeared. Then Tatters[?] Wasp and Puck all fell upon Jim [Gem?]. After all this we returned thinking we had done enough mischief for one day. In the evening G, Terb and religion with Aunt P.

Monday 30th December 1872

Work in the morning. Boys went to Kitlands to play football. Them I went out with the girls and just missed seeing the hounds who were in spring copse. Then lunch. After that went out again and found the stag had been taken in the [shire?]. Came in, read the papers until Emma Whatman came, talked, dinner, bed.

Tuesday 31st December 1872

In the morning, to my great disgust, I found that the [Cayalets?] could not come. It is a horrid pity as it would have been very pleasant to have her in the house. In the afternoon Fred went to meet his friend Brotherton at Dorking but as B. had come on to Holmwood Fred missed him and arrived back at about half pat six. This was the night of Mr Mortimer's hop. I didn't want to go at all as I couldn't dance, yet for May's sake did. When we arrived the Butler inquired after my leg and we entered the drawing room where every body made kind enquiries about my limb. Mrs Mortimer took me over to sit down by Mrs H. Lee [S bur?] I sat down and remained there talking with different people, among others Jimmy Broadwood who [plunk?] his [matrix?] as much as I do. Then I danced a quadrille and took Emma in to supper where I  [comes?] a pleasant successfully old Lee. He said he remembered my hunting feats on the poney. Then in to the ballroom again where I had a long and amusing talk with Amy Broadwood who is very pretty. The fly was ¾ of an hour late. We arrived at home at ½ to 2.

Wednesday 1st January 1873

New years day. Went out shooting in the morning. 5 bunnies and a rat. In the afternoon Hookey with whom I did a lot of work. As usual went to bed early in consequence of my leg's dissipation the night before.

Thursday 2nd January 1873

Rain as usual in the morning. In the afternoon went to Dorking with Mamma and Aunt P. Got hair cut, also P.O.O. for Willis and Southeron. On our way back passed by our mailbus with a post horn. On arriving home sent off the P.O.O.

Friday 3rd January 1873

Fred went beagling after breakfast. Soon after he had gone it began to pour. I did work till ¼ to one when Bertha Broadwood came with a note asking us to dine on the 5th. She was, of course, wet and put on one of Mamma's dresses which fitted her very well. Some time after lunch she departed. Today was the dinner party night. The people arrived, in I taking L. Wickham we talked about spiritualism mostly. Also about sundry “dear little children” in whom I did not take much interest. After dinner talked with Margaret and Emma and there was music. Mrs Wickham asked self, Hoare and May to dine on Monday 13th. I hope H will like it.

 Saturday 4th January 1873

Raining hard, work in the morning. In the afternoon Campbell was to come, luckily I found out that there was a mistake about the train which I had thought was to be 5.15, which it was 3.13. I sent down the chaise which came back laden with Campbell and Hookey. The former is much improved in appearance. I had a long talk with him about Malboro’. He is not at all past as I should have expected and altogether seems much improved.

Sunday 5th January 1873

I had determined to go to church but was persuaded not to do so which was no doubt the wisest plan. After dinner we drove to Kitlands. F., Campbell, I and Gerard then driving on to Cooper’s cottage. On the way we met Bax who told us Cooper was not at home so we returned. In the evening Campbell and I did Greek Testament and had another talk.

Monday 6th January 1873

Campbell went away by 10.22. Then I and Fred went out shooting. Saw 6 hens and Jim caught a cock. I shot 2 rabbits as did Fred. In the evening went to dine with the Broadwoods. Set between Amy and Bertha, about the pleasantest place one could have. We talked amusingly all dinner time. After dinner a Mr Dobbs and Malborough Prior came up and talked about Trinity. Got in bed by 12. Amy is very good looking indeed. I think she talks very well too.

Tuesday 7th January 1873

Ratting in the morning. No rats. Saw a pair of partridges in the Capper Grove. Tried to get at them but could not get near enough. Then work, lunch, work. Times work we decided not to go to the Fullers ball as I was rather tired.

Wednesday 8th January 1873

Work in the morning. Then shooting. We saw two rabbits but the dogs were so close that we didn’t get a shot. Hooky in the afternoon. Mr Hoare came dancing after dinner, then talk.

Thursday 9th January 1873

Raining. However I took Hoare out round the place. After dinner cleared out the drawing room in preparation for the evenings dance. At 7 arranged a special flirting place with ['Margaret' crossed out] under the stair with two armchairs and a table. The people arrived all right. Whatmans first. We had a quadrille, magic music, then other dances. I retired under the stairs with Margaret which we both agreed was highly improper. The Broadwoods arrived while we were there so as soon as they had gone upstairs we skedadled. I waltzed several times. Emma was the best looking girl, then next to her Miss Shoot (ten) with whom Hoare carried on an ardent flirtation. The whole thing went off very successfully, breaking up about ½ past 12.

Friday 10th January 1873

Rain in the morning. In the afternoon Hoare and the girls went up to Leith Hill. In the evening Mrs Nicholss ball. Arrived there at 10. Just at the right time. I danced every square dance, of course not being able to do round ones there. Hoare was shy and would not dance. Old Sim was there and greeted me affectionately. Took Miss Treverick in to supper. Departed at 1.

Saturday 11th January 1873

Shooting in the morning. Get three coveys of which I contributed 2. Aunt P departed. In the afternoon H and the others played Hide and Seek. Hooky came and I did work for him. In the evening Tommy Dodd from from Gerard and dancing.

Sunday 11th January 1873

Hoare was kind and stayed home from church for my sake. We strayed to Redlands in the afternoon. G., Test. That's all.

Monday 13th January 1873

Rain as usual. In the afternoon we all went upstairs to cut up garments for the play which Hoare did most successfully. Dr Jardine came and said that I must not go to the Wickhams and also to my horror that I must not go to Marlboro’, my only consolation is that now at any rate, I cannot get expelled and also I shall see the boat race, not to speak of the theatre. Hoare wanted very much not to go to the Wickhams but however, he had to. He arrived back at ½ past ten. I having had a violent discussion with Papa on the theory that everything has a selfish motive. I find it does not do to argue with parents. One cannot be rude or contradict them in this instance. I am sure I had the best of it and he is sure he had on his side, that he won and I couldn’t quite say I don’t see your argument. Hoare said while in my room that this was the pleasantest week he had ever spent which was satisfactory.

Tuesday 14th January 1873

Had singing in the schoolroom all the morning. Then Hoare to our great sorrow, departed. While we were at lunch Aunt Charlotte arrived. I can’t say I like her very much. She always smiles when she says anything, which I hate. It reminds me of Basilishs. I retired to the schoolroom with May and Ada to make clothes. In the evening a rehearsal which went off assay bien. I forget to say I got an invitation from A.C.B. for Saturday and Sunday to meet the [Roscoes?] but for leggy reasons had to refuse.

Wednesday 15th January 1873

In the morning ratting and work. After dinner rehearsal. Hooky, a hurried dinner, then dressing for our play. We all looked very magnificent, especially Ada who had an enormous beard on though she very nearly broke down in her song, being a little shy. The scenery was exquisite, consisting chiefly of advertisements. Fred made a beautiful slave in correct Christy minstral garments. After the acting there was a quadrille in character. May, a fashionable young lady looking particularly enchanting. One of the servants was heard to remark “what a family they are.” Mrs Bullers criticism being that it was not near long enough. Elizabeths that it was so lovely that she didn’t like to laugh for fear of losing some of the words. After this they all had hot baths which was a rash proceeding as they weren’t over much before ½ past ten.

Thursday 16th January 1873

In the morning Bax came again to the wall. I went out but as usual there were no rats. In the afternoon Dr Jardine came and poked the [hole?] about with his [finds?] and told me I must keep to the sofa and walk about on crutches again which is a nuisance and he says the result of dancing in the evening two little bits of bone came out.

Friday 17th January 1873

A [pura?] not from Campbell asking for the exam papers, also one from Corbett to say what train he is going by to Cambridge. Mamma wrote to Bertha Broadwood about the papers.

Saturday 18th January 1873

Sofa all day. Hooky in the afternoon.

Sunday 19th January 1873

Rain and church at home. Fire in the afternoon. George and B. Fuller walked over. The former and his wife are to come here after the baby’s appearance. And G., not the baby, has taken to hunting. They wanted a meet of their harriers in Spring Copse but Papa didn’t quite see it. Willie commissioned G to get him a case of oranges instead of a [cat?, cattle?]

Monday 20th January 1873

Leg much better. Jardine in the afternoon. He said that I must go to Cambridge on crutches, a horrid nuisance but of course it cannot be helped. Papa had to talk to edge on the subject of the latters riding Louis.  After receiving his lecture he remained some minutes in the drawing room until told to go.

Tuesday 21st January 1873

Nothing all day. Lay on the sofa and had breakfast in bed in preparation for the fatigues of the morrow.

Wednesday 22nd January 1873

Started at one amidst the good wishes of the assembled multitudes, got with Persons aid to

Bishopsgate Street
where I waited for Papa. There were a great many girls and boys there, as if several schools had finished their holidays. At last Papa arrived and we started in company with Corbett. On arriving at Cambridge we enquired for rooms at the Bull. As there were none to be got we went on to Trin, where I and Papa visited Jebb who was very polite, and then went to my rooms which were very prettily furnished and belonged to one Richardson. We then ordered dinner and sent for Corbett. A very garrulous old bedmaker got it for us and after some conversation we retired to rest, Papa having sumptuous rooms belonging to one Newall, with a billiard table. All our rooms had pianos.

Thursday 23rd January 1873

Papa breakfasted with Jebb. I and Corbett therefore had a tête a tête breakfast. I then had a walk in seard of [rooms, needs?] Then exam, it was a very easy paper (subject). After that talk and dinner. I had met Hunter in the morning and Campbell and Booth called at my rooms. Then dinner with Corbett, tea and bed. Cambridge seems a most delightful place, the architecture of Trinity is grand but not beautiful. At dinner we had Bass. Papa thought it rather dear on which Mrs Greaves launched out in a long story of how she had  paid the same thing to Mr Smallwood opposite but that he liked it so much that he would have it to the extent of a dozen a day.

Friday 24th January 1873

Exam, Mathematics at 9. Marlboro did not shine I believe Campbell got no Algebra right. I got two or three. I still venture to hope however, that we may all get through. Lunch at 12, then unseen the idiotic examiners left the room for about a quarter during which everybody was [dubbing, oulbing?] off everybody else. I am however, proud to say that I don’t think any Marlboro fellow did so. After the exam I and Papa went to the station and found ourselves half an hour too early. We had dinner at C and very good and arrived home at 9 where we found Mr Young and Uncle Douglas.

Saturday 25th January 1873

I forgot to mention that I wrote to A.G. S. while at Cambridge and am now expecting an answer. Dr Jardine came and said the leg was getting on as well as could be expected. The beagles came, also C. and P. Mortimer and Mr H.M. Lawson from Moorhurst. They were all very kind about the leg. C. ill as usual. “Well, old fellow, how are you.” Wasp ran with the beagles. Gerard attended on Papa as finisher to the rabbit. [Beneche, Bennett came [apo?].

Sunday 26th January 1873

Nobody stayed at home so I had a service to myself. In the afternoon went out a little but found it very cold. George came with B. Fuller but they were too dirty to come in.

Monday 27th. January 1873

Began work and Trigonometry which does not seem so dreadfully hard as I expected. In the afternoon got a letter from Margaret [N?] thought at first it was from A.G.S. or Cambridge. Went to Kitlands with the girls[illios?] Dunn and Jim. They took the truck to carry me on when I should feel tired. When I arrived I went into Uncle D’s room while they went over the garden. Came home on the truck. After dinner Papa began ‘Les Misanthrops’ which seems very amusing.

Tuesday 28th January 1873

Hard frost. Work all the morning. Went out in the afternoon and had a long gaze with Bax on diverse subjects, dogs Mr Lawson etc etc. Mrs Broadwood came and informed us that Jimmy had passed. I had heard that I had done so in the morning. The conversation turned on smoking when it came out that Jim had begun. In the evening work and singing.

Wednesday 29th January 1873

Papa went to London. I came down late, then did work in the afternoon. Gerard went out a ride. Black B was obstinate and Gerard in vain [smote, smack?] her so I had to go to the rescue with the carriage whip.

Hooky arrived as per usual and congratulated me on my success. Papa arrived and Mary and Mrs D sang after dinner.

Thursday still slight frost. Wrote to Hoare about Germany. Lay on the sofa all day as usual.

Friday 31st January 1873

Received a note from Mrs Hollins that my case was in route, also a visit from Mrs Heathcote who was very amusing on the troubles of her son in New Zealand. He had not ridden for five years and directly he arrived then had to set out for a 50 mile ride on a buck jumping horse. By the time he had done 40 of it he was utterly done. Had to get down and be sworn at by his companion. After many oaths he had, in spite of his agony, to complete his journey, poor wretch.

Saturday 1st February 1873

Papa went to shoot at [Bethnall?] 11 hares, 20 [Bade?] pheasants, 13 bunnies. D and Gerard came and proscribed patience.

Sunday 2nd February 1873

 Snow, no church. Dawson in the morning brought me a letter. I opened it. It began, my dear Henry, ended yours truly, Charlie. I could think of no one who would address me like that and on looking again at the address it was A. H. Edge Esq. What are we coming to when [knife?] boys are styled Esq. No church of course. I did nothing but etch Arabian Nights all day. In the evening read a very deep but very good sermon on Immortality by Stoppard Brooklin, a discussion afterwards. Papa did not know who Herbert Spencer was, therefore the latter is, I suppose, not quite so great a man as [Ham?] would have him to be.

Monday 3rd February 1873

Usual work, my leg twist again and looks much better.

Tuesday 4th February 1873

Mrs Dobson and Miss D called. She is a nice bright woman as is the girl but the latter not very pretty. Cold weather, leg better still.

Wednesday 5th February 1873

Took a half holiday and spent it in etching. Contrast a seagull’s and wren’s egg for the T.D.C.  Very cold indeed.

Thursday 6th February 1873

Thaw has set it and out of doors the slosh is awful. In the afternoon Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Eden called but only stopped about ten minutes. Tread “thrown together” all the evening. It is a very nice book, rather affecting but I don’t like it as well as I did “Misunderstood.”

Friday 7th February 1873

Work in the morning and [Tinivall?] came to call in the morning of all times, he taked about Tinevalle and sadly interrupted my work. I fear I shocked him much by humbly suggesting that Socialanism (Unitarian as I have since found out) must be better than [Brettaninism?]. He thought on the whole India was nicer than England. His perceptions were perhaps quickened by the fact that he has to pay 62s per ton for coal at Dorking. In the afternoon my Marlburnian came which I studied in the evening. Disrealis and Gladstone’s speeches. I like the best as G was ardently in a horrid rage.

Saturday 8th February 1873

Walking in the morning or afternoon. Usual work and sofa.

Sunday 9th February 1873

Gerard stayed at home on account as he said of chilblains. Anyone who had watched him in his toboggan would have put it down to sham. We had a short service then I etched out of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ After dinner went out on the terrace with Wasp. He resorted to hidden treasures on which he feasted. In the evening hymns and Byron.

Monday 10th February 1873

I forgot to mention Nothing, the most important fact.

Tuesday 11th February 1873

Of all at breakfast Papa announced the fact of his having retired. It was certainly best as had he not, it was not at all probable he would get on the vice-admiral’s list and even to do so he must have gone to sea for a year throwing up all city work thereby.



Tuesday 11th February 1873

Went out in the morning with Wasp. Work in the afternoon. Mamma rather low about Papa’s retirement. In the evening Ada drew for Routledge.

Wednesday 12th February 1873

Went out for a crutch in the morning, in the evening directing [la lentines?].

Thursday 13th February 1873

Went out a walk in the morning on crutches with Jim and Wasp. In the afternoon went off a valentine to L.C. It was about her name sake flower. Ada [porties?] it for me. Dr Jardine came in the afternoon and told me that on Wednesday I might walk again but that “it would be advisable to use a stick.”

Friday 14th February 1873

Beagles came. I went down in the morning to the farm to see them. There were Turner, Cooper, Bax and another man. The discussed Wasp and dogs in general. Then work for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon the beagles ran right across the lawn. It was amusing to see Cooper performing the same feat. I wrote to A.G.S. I wonder whether he received my first. In my note I took it for granted he had not. I in the evening I read the Times on the transit of Venus which I did not understand and heard Papa’s explanation which I did. He always explains so clearly.
Saturday 15th February 1873

In the afternoon Fred came looking very well as usual. In the evening played chess with Gerard and Papa licking Gerard of course, and arrange to see Papa also.

Sunday 16th February 1873

 Fred stayed at home with me. We searched for rats and found none however we set both the hutch and the cage trap. In the afternoon they went to see the fields that Hawkins proposes to change for Becharts Green. Papa asked me whether I would like this exchange or no. Of course I left in his hands. It will be a good thing in some way and greatly increase the value of Trouts though of course diminishing that of Anstie.

Monday 17th February 1873

Letter from A.G.S. very satisfactory indeed, with apologies for not having written before. One story in it about young Taddles, too good not to be preserved. A valentine was sent him underneath a bag of flannels, above a blue cloud from which hung a [gocap?]. the whole representing a dream, the head made to nod by means of a string. A rat was caught in the hutch trap which was of course turned out and killed by Wasp. Then Fred went away to Wimbledon. I and Ada went out a short walk round by the church path (I on crutches). Then work, dinner, newspapers, work. I then wrote to G, Mamma for Hallam, writing at the end our joy at the retirement as they had all written condoling letters this morning. After dinner beat G at chess. Then work, journal bed.

Tuesday 18th February 1873

Last day of crutches. Work all morning. In the afternoon a long gossip with Bax. Among other, thinks sheep a fat [bearts?] Bax argued very harredly for fat bearts  and as I found out afterwards repeated word for word what Papa had said to him on the same subject. I told him of the latter’s retirement. He supposed “he would soon jump into something else.” Bax is very amusing to gossip with but I am sorry to say never likes to spoil a good story.

In the evening chess with G., work and then I walked from Mamma’s bedroom to mine.

Wednesday 19th February 1873

Put on n ordinary boot on the broken leg for the first time. After breakfast went out for a little walk. Then up to the studio where I drew and did prose. I drew the nymph but was not so successful as I might have been. After dinner out again for a little. A letter came from Mrs Hoare about Germany. Mamma opened and read it to me. He is apparently very anxious about his son’s morals. If he knew as much about him as I do, not that [‘Hoare’ crossed out] is worse than his neighbours but still he has rather odd notions about some things. When Papa came home he was rather drawn about this as he thought Mr H did not mean this letter for the public ear. 

Thursday 20th February 1873

Went out for a little. Then work. Afternoon work paper. Out for a little then work again.

Friday 21st February 1873

Went out, then work. May ran down to the white gate and came back in a white heat, a state of very seldom occurrence with her, poor thing. She suffers very much from the cold. In the afternoon I received a note from Grand Mamma with an invitation to L.W. Also the Marlburnian. The Girls and Mamma went to see young George at the Rockery and brought back some oranges and crumpets. Papa being away at Birkenhead we had tea instead of dinner. A very kind letter arrived from Mrs Petre.

Saturday 22nd February 1873

Dr Jardine arrived in the afternoon while I was on the terrace. He said my leg was going on well and that I might walk up and down hill.

Sunday 23rd February 1873

Went out in the morning. Wasp went down a rabbit hole. I put my hand after him and did not improve my coat sleeve [realy?] After dinner went up to draw instead of which Ada and I manufactured moist vermillion with [megleph?] and a dry cake. I heard in the course of conversation that Mr H had held forth on the 5th commandment. In the evening Mamma and I looked at photos. Mamma and I admiring very much the one of Congreve. I mention this for a reason that will be seen.

Monday 24th. February 1873

Snow. I went out in the afternoon with Ada. I in long boots. She teboggined. Came in to read letters. One from Hoare containing the sad news that Congreve – had died on the preceding Saturday. How true it is “in the midst of life we are in death.” He whose life we have expected to be the longest of any of those who were with him at P.H. Well, his loss will indeed be felt there. He was the best fellow. The fellow I mean that did the most good of all the fellows at M.C. He had not the slightest cant or goody-goody, not even bigoted and in addition to this about the most popular fellow there. It was the most shocking to me as I expected the letter to be filled with ordinary [Preshute?] gossip. Papa came home and as I go to bed it is still snowing, not having cleared all day.

Tuesday 25th February 1873

Snow all night, 5 inches deep in the morning. By breakfast time it was raining. I went out with Ada. I in long boots. She in gaiters. She teboggined and in course of time came to grief.

By the evening the snow was almost all gone. In the afternoon the peacock came to be fed. I never saw such a wretched draggled looked creature in my life as he looked.

Wednesday 26th February 1873

After breakfast went to Kitlands to fetch Hallam. It was rather wet but very mild. Arrived at Kitlands and found a fire lighted in Uncle D’s study. It came on to rain so I brewed on his books till one when I returned hopping most of the way. In the evening chess with Papa and Mamma. I got shamefully beaten.

Thursday 27th February 1873

Work. The girls did their work in the dining room with me on account of the sweep. In the afternoon went in our carriage (or rather Parkhursts) to call on Kennydys and Broadwoods. Both at home. Mrs B in the drawing room. She went to shut the window and caught herself in it and laughed thereat for five minutes. Evelyn and Lucy came in also, not the fair Amy. They, to Ada’s delight, gave us some tea. In the morning I received letters from Booth and Campbell. The latter a very nice one ‘a propos’ of poor Congreve. The former recounting the accident that keeps him from P.H. He has bruised himself on the pommel of his saddle and has been in bed for more than a fortnight.

Friday 28th February 1873

Girls, Papa and Mamma went to see the Old [Marshes, markers?] I went to Kitlands in the poney chaise. Mrs Farrand was very polite and made me a fire. At eleven, however, I had to return to entertain Uncle J and Aunt G who were expected. They did not come but Mr Caralit did. He wanted to see Papa and made an appointment for the next day. He was arrayed in a sealskin coat which looked rather comfortable.

Saturday1st March 1873.

Snow, the largest flakes I have ever seen, as large as half crown, I think. Went out a little in the afternoon.

Sunday 2nd March 1873

Went to Church for the first time. Drove with Ada and G in the pony chaise. Agnes stared so a [lighter?] in church, had communion. After church that wretch Edge who had been told to wait at the bottom of the hill went instead round to the church so when I arrived he was found wanting. The Hawkins’s went part of the way with us as usual. In the afternoon I went out with Ada and G, Wasp for a wander, scratched out a mouse but Ada saved it. Afterwards I shot at Ada with G’s catapult, never dreaming I should hit her, however, unfortunately it did and on the head cutting it open. It was with a bullet and so must have hit very hard. Nothing more of importance today.

Monday 3rd March 1873

Rain, work in the morning. In the afternoon [Ltd?] Wickham called to my disgust he summoned me away from my work to say [howdy?] He said that Sherbourne is selling the bit of land bought at 300 for 1000 an acre. Old N’s wicked conscience must surely have smited him while doing this. I then went and talked to Bax. In the evening to my disgust found my leg had broken out again. A rat was caught in the morning and killed by Wasp. I composed a sonnet to his memory of which I transcribe the last two lines for the benefit of posterity.

“Footsteps approach the treach’rous door in [raines?]

On rush one squeak, one crunch and all is done.”

Tuesday 4th March 1873

Papa went to London in the afternoon. I and Mamma went to Mrs Hawkins. Her house is certainly very prettily furnished. Good pictures etc etc.

Wednesday 5th March 1873

Papa again to London. I on crutch for the day. Tried to paint the rat’s head but could not manage the fur. Read the Eustace Diamonds which I like very much indeed. In the afternoon a very heavy thunderstorm indeed. When Papa returned we had a long discussion about our future, carriages and horses, whenever they come, I hope will occur soon.

Thursday 6th March 1873

Rain as usual. Nothing else particular.

Friday 7th March 1873

We were all in a great state of excitement to know what sort of a creature James Heath would turn out to be. I have not seen him for 9 years, indeed not since the time when he disgusted me by playing cricket with a stick in his hand. I drove Louis to fetch him from the station. Mr Lawson appeared from the train and made kind enquiries. Then appeared a coy looking young man with a large amount of whiskers, rather large that is. He turned out to be the looked for James. He put his impedimenta into the chaise and as he was about to enter himself Louis made one of his accustomed maneuvers running round the wretch. James was nearly run over, however at last all was accomplished and we set out for home. James appears to be really a decent sort of fellow but utterly spoilt by always being kept at home and having no views above croquet. It’s a case of -

“Croquet croquet every where.

And of nothing else to think.”

Or almost nothing else.

Saturday 8th March 1873

Rats in the morning, the youthful young appeared with rather a nice dog, a retriever. We bolted[?] two rats from the wall. Youngs dog cleverly killing one of them. In the afternoon James and Ada went to Leith Hill.(Booth had written to me in the morning answering an enquiry what to do with James by proposing that I should put him in the way of a young lady. However I don’t think Ada would take with him).

Mrs H Mortimer called with two [Kerruches?] soon after. Mr, Mrs, Miss Beneche. I had to entertain Miss B and K which I did. Then came Uncle and Aunt J, then Mrs Wickham. In the evening Uncle J could talk of nothing but Easter Island and the track of civilization across the Pacific as shewn by big ears and tradition.

Sunday 9th March 1873

Rain so I was not to go as it cleared up the rest all but Uncle J went. I had a dose of Easter Island however, as it is rather interesting I didn’t mind at all. Then a small walk in the garden, voila tout.

Monday 10th March 1873

A walk to the farm with J, 11 [o’clock?] where wasp chased the cat . After dinner he, not Wasp, beat the other creature, went he was afraid to drive himself at three Uncle and Aunt J departed and we were again in comparative solitude. I nearly finished Eustace Diamonds and [gents?] Freeman N Conquest Vol.1

Tuesday 11th March 1873

Papa to London as per usual. I performed my usual 6 hours. Nothing else happened all day.

Wednesday 12th March 1873

Papa and Mamma to London.

After breakfast went to try a drive. Louis and B, G in a tandem in Bax’s cart. They were harnessed part mien que mal by the aid of old rope [set?] and the drive began. At first they didn’t go at all well and an upset very nearly occurred at the turning into the wood. The traces were now too long and Louis kicked over them. We therefore shortened these and proceeded very successfully to Kitlands where I remained until 2 o’clock, totally forgetting the dinner hour. And thereby I am sorry to say missing Dr Jardine. After dinner work, a talk with Hookie and tea, then singing from Miss Dunn and chess with May, I of course winning in a canter.

Thursday 13th March 1873

After breakfast tandem again. Gerard went with me. We went round by Minniewood and home by the Anstie Cottages, very nearly coming to grief down the Anstie hill. However “a miss is as good as a mile.” Then work, in the afternoon pottered about with May and Ada. Sent to Scott and Oram for three pairs of gloves. Read Chaucer. After I had finished my work wrote to A.G.S. on Saturday and have as yet received no answer. To A.F.H. on Thursday last and have likewise not yet received an answer.

Friday 14th March 1873

Letter from Pap in the morning. [Cookie?] not coming if Fred does. Nothing in particular happened all day.

Saturday 15th March 1873

In the morning after going out, came in and had my head washed. Just as that was finished came a ring at the bell which proved to be Cookie [Cootie?] for Fred had not come after all. I went down and first in deference to Ellen changed my garments. Then went into the school room where I found an elegantly attired young lady. Miss Cookie [Cootie?]. I entered into conversation and after was trotted her out to view the gardens. I flirted with her for practice all day. She is very lively and amusing though not near so pretty as her elder sister. In the afternoon drove her and Ada to Bearhurst[?] with Black Beauty. Saw Mr C and the boy. In the evening tableaux which were fun but not so good as charades would have been.

Sunday 16th March 1873

Drove down to church with Ada and Cookie. Sermon on the VIII commandment, drove back with C and May.

After dinner we the younger members of the party talked over the fire. Then adjourned to the school room, then tea, singing and stars. I think I shall transfer my allegiance from L to C. the latter is I think, a very jolly girl and takes and is very passably pretty. She does not make poetry either which is a great advantage. We are to drive down to the station tomorrow, the tandem however, is forbidden alas. In the evening wrote to S.B.B., heard that Agonies had expressed an interest in Gerard’s religious education, the latter does not however, appreciate her kindness as he ought.

Monday 17th March 1873

Got up tolerably early to drive C. down to the station, did so also Ada, so she, C., has gone. I can but repeat yesterday’s sentiments. She is a very jolly girl indeed. On returning found that it had been determined that May was to go to Miss Moores. I was very glad to hear it. I think it will do her all the good in the world. Just give her the necessary fillip. In the afternoon a letter from Margaret. She really has taken what I said about the [shelling?] au serieuse. It is very stupid of her. However, it is a lesson that one cannot be too careful what one writes.

Tuesday 18th. March 1873

Nothing particular all day except a little walk about the garden.
Wednesday 19th March 1873

Wanted to drive the tandem in the afternoon. Gerard very eager to do so too, however, Mamma was too frightened and we did not.

Thursday 20th March 1873

In the morning after breakfast Wasp very eager about a hole in the shrubs in the front. Send Ada to fetch the ferrets, they arrived but we stupidly missed the rat, thinking however, that he was in the furze back on the carriage drive, turned in there, heard a squeak and on digging found the ferret had killed a half grown rabbit. The girls, or rather Ada, Mamma and Papa went to Peter’s christening. I and May with gigs and Miss Dunn stayed at home. I wrote a very beautiful sonnet on Cookis visit. The Marlburian arrived, nothing very particular in it.

Friday 21st March 1873

I had determined to go to London to buy garments etcet, but as it snowed I could not. On going with Wasp for a little stroll in the Northmere he brought me a half grown bunny, killed, I suppose, by the cold, poor thing. In the evening [we they?] caroled sweetly.

Saturday 22nd March 1873

Letter from Aunt P thanking me in terms my modesty wont allow me to repeat for the letter explanatory of the [Horresonian?] theory about Easter Island. After breakfast drove tandem past Minickwood, Arnold and Wigmore station, Moorhurst, home. They went very well considering. Saw Charles Mortimer Senior. In the afternoon Wasp drove a rabbit down a drain. We poked it out with a stick and Wasp killed it. I was very sorry afterwards as of course as luck would have it, it was a doe. Dorking paper arrived for the first time. It is tolerably interesting, but not, I think, as good as the Malboro Times.

Sunday 23rd March 1873

Walked to church for the first time since October 2nd. Sermon from Tincivally, not particularly good. In the afternoon a little stroll round the place.

Monday 24th March 1873

Went to London wit two Mortimers, Hawkins, Kerrick and Miss ditto. Mr H urged me to go to the boat race but of course I couldn’t. Then to the Civil Service where I saw Mrs Pennington who was very affable. Then to the tailers where I foolishly left the parcel of [harery?] Then to a hardressers, a horrid dirty looking place near the Adlephi. I had first gone right down the Strand. Then back for the parcel and to the station where I got Haunted Hearts which I thought would be amusing but found not to be so. Wrote on my return to Campbell to say I would come next week without going to the theatre. Saw a butterfly for the first time this year.

Tuesday  25th March 1873

At breakfast Mamma and Papa suddenly determined to go to London. I and May went for a stroll through Spring Copse which was very nice. Then work till lunch at which Miss Dunn enlarged with rather too much freedom I thought, on the bathing at Southend which she says is very promiscuous. Sat out doors all the afternoon. After dinner consulted on routes for [Skittyard?] with Papa.

Wednesday 26th March 1873

Papa to [T.M.C., J.M.C.?] as usual, I went with Ada and Gerard and found a mighty stick whitehorn with a huge barb at the end. Then as it was so hot, did my work out of doors. Nothing else particular.

Thursday 27th March 1873

Brighton College sports to which Papa, May and Gerard went. May looking particularly well as I and Papa thought. She went with Ada tandem to invite La nd D [sqald?] to stay here during the Easter Holidays. We called at Kitlands on the way where I got some flowers from Parkhurst and tasted his homebrew. Then to Breraton[?]. We saw Mrs C in a very old silk dress, no rings, a false hair or other adornments. She was very affable and accepted the invitation which was all right. I wonder if I shall return to my allegiance. It was very hot and a most lovely night. The people from Brighton arrived at 9 1/2 , very froid, but having enjoyed their day very much. Herbert has won one race.

Friday 28th. March 1873

This, I am sorry to say, is written a week afterwards. Therefore I don’t remember what happened except that it was fine weather. I drove tandem with Ada.

Saturday 29th March 1873

Hot, fine.

Boat Race day.

Fred arrived in the morning and in the evening Greville arrived, very little changed from the time when I saw him at Marlboro’. We had a long talk in his room at night over M.C., Cambridge [even?] I am happy to say.

Sunday 30th March 1873

Walked to church but before that I and Greville went down to the farm where we saw Bax airing his ferrets. We thought there was a rat in the stack and turned in but it was a false alarm. I, in the afternoon I went with the others as far as Redlands where we met Mr Hawkins who walked back part of the way with me. He is going to make a croquet ground but is not certain where. Hot, fine.

Monday 31st March 1873

Greville went away with Fred. He is a very nice fellow, quiet very and a little shy. It rained which was what the farmers wished for. Fine in the evening.

Tuesday 1st April 1873 [This was 1st April]

Hot, fine. My leg worse. Had breakfast in bed. Dr Jardine came and shewed me a bone he had cut out of a woman (femur). It had been broken, nothing else.

Wednesday 1st April. 1873 [2nd April]

April Fools Day.

Made several people fools including Gerard and Mamma. In the afternoon the G. Whatmans and Peter arrived. I went out for a stroll with George and in the evening got beater by him. Bezique. Fine and hot.

Thursday 3rd April 1873

In the morning after some work drove the tandem to the Kerricks. Gerard took a note in, in most disreputable attire. We were very successful as Louis didn't kick over the traces once. In the afternoon went out for a little with Frances. I like her very much, indeed she is very lively and dresses well and is good looking, three qualifications which go up to make a pleasant woman. Saw Peter who is very nice as babies go. Does not squeal or sobber. Rather cold and windy.

Friday 4th April 1873

Papa was yesterday elected as one of the directors of the Central Bank of London. In the afternoon Mrs Mortimer called bringing some flowers. She came to see Peter whom she admired very much. After her came Mr Mortimer. Warm, windy.

Saturday 5h April 1873

I was as usual late for prayer in the morning. Ditto George.

In the afternoon the Kerricks and Wedgwoods arrived to see Peter. Walked to Rofsy's to countermand the unfortunate Parrots food. Nothing has been heard of them since they got out. Played chess with Papa in the evening, beat him once with George’s help. He beat me once. He also beat George. Dr Jardine came to see my toe which he pronounced better. Showery, rather warm.

Sunday 6th April 1873

Didn’t go to church for fear of being trodden on and because my cat boot looked so funny. Ada says it looks like a tramp. In the afternoon we all went to Kitlands. There the others went to look at the waterfall while I rested in the drawing room. A ring at the bell and two of Georges friends came. They went to the lawn to meet him. They were the two Millers. Papa invited them to come to afternoon tea at Anstie. They did so and in the drawing room one of them looking at my photo book said hullo, here’s my young brother. It turned out that they were brothers of the [Preshute?] Miller. A curious coincidence. In the evening [shoes?] and [hymns, Lyms?] and central Bank. Snow and rain with intervals with mild temperature.

Monday 7th April 1873

Nothing particular. In the evening chess with Papa and George. I beat and was beaten. Boys came.

Tuesday 8th April 1873

The Whatmans go. In the morning I went to Kitlands with George. Willie went with Mr and Mrs Farrer to Paris. From thence he is to go to Cannes. In the afternoon callers, Broadwoods and Mrs Wise. In the evening Chess.

 Wednesday 9th April 1873

Fred arrived just after breakfast. There greater part of the day was spent in rigging Berties boat which is a very fine schooner. In the afternoon it was sailed and found to go very well.

Thursday 10th April 1873

Papa went to London. Sailed the boats in the morning. While down there L.C. came up from the station. I think I shall when to my allegiance again. Said how do and then she went on. Cold but fine.

Friday 11th April. 1873
Good Friday.

Church in the morning. I and G didn’t go. He had a bad side. I my toe. In the afternoon went down to sail the boats. Ada and I found it rather slow so strolled on to Bearhurst. Not at home. Saw the Kerricks in the distance.

Cold, no rain.

Saturday 12th April. 1873

Mamma, Fred and B went to Linley Wood. The rest of us made decorations for the church. I asked Skilton if he would like a book. He said he would. I presented him with Ivanhoe 2nd edition.

In the afternoon drove tandem to the parsonage to take the wreaths. Saw Agnes, she is getting old and ugly fart I see. In the evening was beaten at chess by Papa.

Sunday 13th April 1873

Went to church, stayed communion. Agnes had a new bonnet, not pretty. Young Cathryn flirted all the time with Miss Gough. In the afternoon the others went a walk. I stopt in on account of my leg. By the bye Dr Jardine came on Saturday and said I might leave off the bandage.

Monday 14th April 1873

I got up early, that is at 10 minutes to 8. Had just settled down to work when a note came from Mr Lawson saying he was going to rat. I went down and we half let out the pond but only killed rats all the time. Had lunch there. I don’t think much of him but Mrs is rather nice though she does say ‘will you assist yourself to some sherry.’ After lunch came home and found L.C. upstairs. Went down again and Mrs Halson and Mrs C called with Mr Waltham. He isn’t a bad sort of fellow, I think. After that work, then tea and flirtation. After dinner, dancing commenced and ditto to before dinner. I am afraid I am very fickle for I have certainly returned to my allegiance and now think L.C. nicer than C.C., she not quite so noisy. Hot, fine. Heard sad news from Mamma that Grandmamma has had a stroke. I am so sorry, she is so kind and dear. Shot a rat out of G’s window.

Tuesday 15th April 1873

Got up at ½ past seven, went out with the girls at breakfast. Picnic decided on to Friday 1st. I wrote to Parkhurst to order a waggonette. He, however, had none so we determined to go to Anstiebury which we did. I almost upsetting the poney chaise on the way. We had tea and great fun, then back home. Tea, dancing, music and flirtation passed the evening quickly away. Hot, two showers.

Wednesday 16th April 1873

Rose early again, went out for a  little walk before breakfast. After breakfast read journal to the girls. Then work. L and Herbert went out for a ride. I should like to have been Herbert. After dinner lay on grass doing work and reading Times with a little croquet. Then tea and flirtation. The latter however, went on pretty well all day. Then dinner and a very amusing and noisy game of vingt-et-un. Then letters to G. Whatman by Heath and Dr Jardine. L. is certainly nicer than C. Hot, fine.

Thursday 17th April 1873

Papa would let us go in the tandem so L. and Ada went for a ride. For me, work. After dinner croquet. I told L. that I had sent her the Valentine. After dinner croquet, bear fighting, tea. Much better news, I am glad to say, from Linley Wood. In the evening dancing and vingt-et-un. Hot, with some rain.

Friday 18th April 1873

L, May and self had to go to Dorking. Rain and work all the morning. At dinner Miss Dunn went on about Italian music in French with such fearful pronunciation that L could not restrain her laughter. Miss Dunn [maked?] horrid. As it cleared up in the afternoon we went to Dorking. Ada riding. The drive was very pleasant. In Dorking we saw the Wickhams, Archie W sitting on the box but of course not driving. We also saw the [Shootes?] and Lady Legg. I received a bow from the lovely Alice. Papa arrived home and we went down to look at the little pond which Herbert and Gerard are letting out and then round by the high field seeing a cock, two bunnies and a hare. In the evening dancing.

 Saturday 19th April 1873

George Heath arrived in the morning and went for a ride with Gerard. In the afternoon marked trees in Betcherts Green. Then croquet with Ada and L. Then Mamma and the boys arrived and alas L. departed, I should think very much to Miss Dunn's delight. L. is I think, very nice, lively but not too noisy, rather clever, but not in the least blue. In the evening singing.

Sunday 20th April 1873

Papa thought it would be good for my toe to rest so I didn't go to church which I was sorry not to do as I thought she would be there. Mamma stopped with me. Saw two tourists who had the cheek to come into our path. On seeing me they turned off to the public one. The others returned from church when I found that the [Coselets?] had not gone after all which made me cease to regret not having gone myself. Read all the afternoon. Fine, hot, East wind.

Monday 21st April 1873

May went to school. She bore the parting with us very well but once at parting with Mamma at Southsea I went after breakfast with George to Kitlands to get the last volume of Freeman. Then watched the pond running out (the little one) which is being done by the garden hose. After dinner the water having almost all run out Gerard, Fred and Bert went in without shoes or stockings. They found 6 boats and an anchor. Fred and I in the evening tried hard to shoot rabbits from the corner of the lawn but they wouldn’t let us get near enough. Then rats from Gerard’s window with the same luck. I had a fire in my room.

Tuesday 22nd April 1873

Went with Papa to London to see Paget about my toe. Did so, he said it was a common thing after fractures and recommended caustic and dry heat. Then we went to a chemist to get some felt plaister for my leg. He cut out a bit and had the cheek to charge 3.10 for doing so. Then to the French Gallery where was saw but did not admire the Delacroix which had a great deal of [muck?] out of [drawing?] Then to Robinson’s salerooms where there was nothing worth seeing. Then [lunch?] at a pastry cooks where we met Mr Hawkins. Then home. Cold, fine.

Wednesday 23rd April 1873

Work in the morning.

In the afternoon tandem to the Wickhams to ask if Archie would take back my

Saw Agonie who answered graciously on her brothers behalf. No accident with the tandem. Cold, windy. Rats in the evening.

Thursday 24th April 1873

Archery in the morning. In the evening rats. Very cold with some snow.

Friday 25th April 1873

Rats in the hall in the morning, only one was killed unfortunately. In the afternoon Archery. In the evening chess. Snow, cold with frost.

Saturday 26th April 1873

Nash [Flash?] found rats in the shrubs in front of the house. Sent Ada for the ferrets, turned in and received two, both of which Wasp to his eternal honour, caught.

In the afternoon floating boats in the Moorhurst pond. The [Yawl, Gant?] which Gerard and had rigged was very successful floating Bert’s big schooner. In the evening chess as usual.

Sunday 27th April 1873

I didn’t go to church on account of my toe. Mamma stopped with me. We had service and I read revue des deux Mondes in Dr [Shucas?]. I like it very much and intend to recommend it to Hoare. In the evening [Mars?] for the last time.

Monday 28th April 1873

In the morning tried to shoot starlings but failed. Marked trees, then went in tandem to the Wickhams and on to Pledge taking my cup to the former and Herberts [lab?] to the latter. After dinner starlings again, then H and B [Herbert and Bertie] went back to school. The latter not having any key for his box. In the evening I beat Fred at chess and resolved myself to cure my cold. Alas I have not written anything for over a week which is sad. I will therefore leave out Tuesday when Fred went back to school and Wednesday morning when I packed.

I went to London by the 1.45 train and proceeded to the Cannon St Hotel where I met Papa and where we had dinner after which we were nearly late through the slowness of the luggage labeler for our train 8.45 express. We arrived at Dover in safety and embarked for Ostend going down to the cabin directly. There were only two other people in it besides ourselves. We had a very pleasant passage and slept, or at least I did, most of the time. One of the two fellow sleepers was a Frenchman who had only a second class ticket and I fear [Joneslike?] said he did not know there were two classes. We got to Ostend where we washed and fed. On Thursday morning early and reached Brussels at 7 in the morning. The country between Ostend and Brussels is uninteresting being a hedgeless plain highly cultivated with very rich soil. At Brussels we had breakfast and invested in [novels?] mine being 'La Corde au Cou' which is a very exciting one. Brussels to Cologne, the same sort of country but a little more wooded and hilly. At Cologne we of course saw the Dome, or Cathedral which is very splendid. I was however, not so much struck with the size as with the painted window, more especially than by it. Durer, one of the last is covered with shot holes made by the French in the wars of the revolution. This must aggravate the good people of Cologne. After that we bought some eau de Cologne and then dined and went to bed.

Friday 2nd May 1873

Started from Cologne at 6am and soon arrived at the Rhine which was splendid. The hills coming close to the stream on one side, cultivated up to the very tops with vines on the other forest. Every now and then came a ruined castle with a little village nestling at its foot. At 3pm we arrived at Stuttgart, putting up at the Margaret. I, like a fool, left my straw hat in the train. At Bruchsal I went out to call on Benecke after dinner but he was gone to bury his grandmother. There was a note from Mrs Petre to Papa telling us to come and dine the next day.

Saturday 3rd May 1873

In the morning went to the Petres. Thence with Mr P to Mr Ferrier’s with whom we went to look at Pensions. The first was beastly, dirty and nothing but water to drink. The 2nd was not at home. The 3rd very nice and there I am now. In the evening we went to dine with the Petres which was very nice. I like them both very much, especially Mrs.

Sunday 4th May 1873

Went to the English church in the morning. There we met Mrs Petre and went into her pew. Lunches with her and then drove with them to Berenstein and walked through the [Whilmina?] which is very pretty. Drove back through Cannstadt and dined and spent a very pleasant evening with the Edens, the Petres were there as also a Madame St Purr[?].

Monday 5th May 1873

Papa left me at an early hour in the morning. I breakfasted at the Movigradt then came to Gehrdan's and went about with Mrs to buy a bath. Then dinner at G’s, the fellows seem rather a nice lot on the whole. One English, Sichel, who thinks a good deal of himself. A Spanish [Gord?], an Italian, two Swiss, two Germans, a Frenchman and an Italian. Walk with Sichel, tea and bezique followed.

Tuesday. 6th May 1873

Got up not very early, called on the Petres. Mrs not up at 12am. Went to see Cab, met him by tramway, went to hear the band, dinner and greasy soup for which I was late. C. Eden came to see the place and I went out and walk with him through the park and back. We ran the queen, also the Mrs P. Dinner with the Edens.

Wednesday  7th May 1873

Got up about 8.1/4, went to the German lesson, called on Petres. They asked me to take a drive after dinner which I did. We went to Constadt to the Karsaal and up the hill behind which was very pretty, then back and to dinner with them.

Thursday  8th May 1873

Got up at eight, lesson at 11. After dinner to call on the Edens with Milligarry, then a little walk, came in and found an invitation from the Petres to their box at the opera where I went and which I liked very much. There I was introduced to Count Sinden.

Friday 9th May 1873

Work and band in the morning, in the afternoon went with Milligarri and a friend of his to call on the Austrian ambassadress and on Count Linden. Had some beer at the Margradt. In the evening learnt the famous game of Faroche at which I lost two kreutzers.

Saturday 10th May 1873

Work in the morning, in the afternoon work and call on Petres. They not at home. In the evening Bezique.

Sunday 11th May 1873

Very fine day. In the morning church, in the afternoon went to call on the Eden. Ferrier called on me. Went out and walk with the E's. Then went towards the platz and then was overtaken by the Petres, that is Mr and Master, Mrs has a bad cold and went for a very nice drive to Canstadt and up it hill. Canstadt is very pretty having a view of the valley of the Nechar and the Swabian alps on the other side, it was crowded with tourists who I think behaved better than the same number of English ones would have done. Then back and dinner with the Edens. On coming back found the door of my house locked and had to kick until it was open by a man whom I fear I had awakened.

Monday 12th May 1873

 Work and bank in the morning. Went to call on the Petres, found them preparing for their party. I was invited, then home and work.

Tuesday 13th May 1873

Work and bank in the morning. In the afternoon Graff Stadion called. Also card from Peter saying that the party is put off until Wednesday. Went with the Edens to the cricket match at Canstadt. Neither the ground nor the play were of the best. Saw Matthews there, introduced him to the Edens. Came back by Tramway.

Wednesday 14th May 1873

Work and band in the morning. Found that Benecke had come back in the afternoon. Therefore went to see him at seven. Then dressed (Count Sinden called in the afternoon) and went to Petres soiree. It looked very dingey, all in black but the rooms were very pretty. I made the acquaintance of Fraulein [N?] Stadion, Todd and somebody else whose name I forget. I enjoyed it very much, and saw royalty in the shape of princess [Wimar?] and her husband, she cannot be called lovely, nor can he.

Thursday 15th May 1873

Work, band where I met Benecke and Matthews. Walk with Todd in the afternoon. In my return a message from the Petres to invite me to the opera to their box. I couldn’t understand the servants so had to go and ask the Petres what the message was. I had already bought a ticket so had to sell it at a loss of 12 [brent?] however that was better than at loss of one Gulden. I liked the opera very much but more especially the actress. The opera was Tannhauser. I came into my new room.

Friday. 16th May 1873

Work, band. Professor. Walk with Beneke, nothing else particular.

Saturday 17th May 1873

Morning as usual. Then went with Miligarri to his [tolaccoren?] I didn't buy anything. At dinner got a note from Beneke asking me to meet him and Matthews at the [Kondgo-baum?] I did so, we had coffee there and then hired a droshky to take us to Berg where we had a mineral bath. Then beer and bread and cheese, then to the theatre at Berg where we saw the Marquis di Villimer. Then home whence we went to call on the Edens. They were not at home so we went to some friends of Beneckes and had tea there, then bed.

Sunday 18th May 1873

Church with Cab in the morning. Met Mrs P there. Rained in the afternoon. I however, went to the Margradt and read the papers.

Monday 19th May 1873

Work and band in the morning. Agreed to go with B and M to the theatre on Tuesday. Went in the afternoon to call on Miss Minder but couldn’t find their house.

Tuesday 20th May 1873

The idiotical Cat never got my ticket so I couldn't go as at 3 when I went to try for a ticket there were no spaarritz left. I therefore went in the evening to the Edens and had tea there. Found Eden sitting [Harps, Wasps?] Agreed to go to the theatre with him on

Wednesday 21st May 1873

Got the places. In the morning work and band. In the afternoon work again, then a call on the Petres, not at home or neither not dressed yet. Then at 5 on the Eden, was introduced to Madame Breidentbach and Mrs Wickham. I wanted to know Madame B as she always has the box next to the Petres. Now, therefore, I know the people on both sides. Got invited to dinner and took Benecke’s cousin for a little walk. Then went to the Edens and found Mr Petre there. Talked to her a little and got invited to a soiree on Friday and to dinner on Thursday, the latter unfortunately I could not accept as I had promised to go with Benecke and couldn’t get off though I had tried. Went to the 7 theatre with C. Eden, it was very amusing.

Thursday 22nd May 1873

The Professor wouldn't give me a lesson today as it was Ascension day, a general holidy in these parts. In the afternoon I went a drive with Benecke, Resman, H Benecke and two little boy friends of Benecke’s or at least whose parents are friends of Beneches. We went to a place called the solitude, a most lovely drive through wooded hills. When we arrived there we had coffee and Baachen, then went over the place and watched the young ladies of the conservatorie playing port. There were some specimens among the men, one with short hair who thought himself the very deuce of a swell. After this we feasted on Nechar wine, then drove back. Went to the fair and had a lot of shots and I had a shot. I the evening whist at which I won 15 kr.

Friday 23rd May 1873

 In the morning went with B to call on Madame Breidenbach. In the evening Mrs P's soiree. I enjoyed this one much better than the last. I was introduced to several people.

Saturday 24th May 1873

In the afternoon called on Salm’s and Mrs Wickham. It rained and was very horrid in every way.

Sunday 25th May 1873

Church, saw Mrs P. After dinner Melligarri came in, in an excited state with a printed paper, the telegram that Thars[?] had resigned and Macmahon taken his place. I went to call on the Peters and found it ('just as Melli told me') only Petre had not seen it in print. After stopping there some time I went to the Edens for they were just out so went to the Museum and read the papers. Wrote letters in the evening, went to see the Edens, found the Fritz [Fritz Eden] had been lost and only just found. C. and Mrs Eden not yet having come back from the search. Went to the [Silbergarten?] in the afternoon.

Monday 26th May 1873

In the after went to the park, saw Matthews there, also saw Prince [Weimar?] driving. In the evening went to the Theatre with Beneche and his cousin, saw some very good Ballets and a very amusing opera comic.

Wednesday 28th May 1873

Was persuaded by Benecke to go with himself and his cousin to view to see [?] the stud, there we went, it was a very pretty drive there though not so pretty as that to the Solitude. We got there and saw a lot of yearlings, two and three year olds. They were very pretty but the peculiar thing was that the stallions, they were all so, were not a bit [pera?] as they are in England but allowed one to go among them, pat them etc as if they were so many sheep. We then went on to [Matanlan?] where we saw over the place, it is an agricultural college. We had dinner at the table d’Hote and talked German with some farmers who were there. Then saw some more stables and came back.

Thursday 29th May 1873

Nothing all day, rainy. Count Salm call. Went in the evening to the Edens and played a game called [puss Gin?] C. took great delight in it and very nearly put Benecke’s eye out with his pin.

Friday 30th May 1873

Rainy and cold. Went in the evening to Benecke's to fetch the [Field?] Mme Acher invited me to stop to tea. I did so and afterwards played Whist, winning

Saturday 31st May 1873

Going to the platz, me Mr and Mrs Petre. She asked me to dinner which I condescended to accept, kind of me, was it not.

In the evening went to the Edens, found C. reading about Brazil which was very interesting.

Sunday 1st June 1873

Went to church. There was Sacrament to which, however, I didn’t stop. In the afternoon went for a walk with the Edens up the hill. In the evening dinner with the Petres which I enjoyed very much as I usually do English dinners now.

Monday 2nd June 1873

Very hot. [‘had appointed to go with Bene' crossed out] Went in the morning with Benecke[?] to M. and Roman to Berg, it is a pretty walk. I in the afternoon was to meet Benecke to call on the Wickhams, however, he didn’t come so came back in the evening. He came and I went down to the station to see him off to Frankfurt where he goes for his cousin’s wedding. There were a great many soldiers philandering in and about the station, also in the refreshment room a man who was quite horrid I dislike German ways and manners more and more.

Tuesday 3rd June 1873

Got a place for the opera. Il [plan?] Majico in the first row in the evening went there. It was very pretty, I liked it much better than I did Tannhauser. I found somebody had bagged my place so I did the same good turn for somebody else, however, that somebody else never came so it did not matter.

Wednesday 4th June 1873

In the morning invitation from the Edens to dine and meet the Pritchards. Accepted of course. Went there after helping Roman to sling his hammock in the morning. Miss Pritchard is very nice. I think I must add her to my list though her [rear?] is too large. We, that is I and C.E. conducted her and her mother home, C falling directly behind with the Mum. It was a very pleasant walk.

Thursday 5th June 1873

Rain. Took my family over to the Edens in my [packet, pachel?]. Arranged to drive to the Solitude on Saturday. In the afternoon at five went to the [Silbarburg?], found it did not properly begin till 8. Came back and went at 8, found Cal there, enjoyed it very much till a beast in a Mazurka trod on my toe with his hell too to make it worse. You ask anybody to dance there regardless of introduction which is, I think, very nice indeed.

 Friday 6th June 1873

My foot has not yet recovered from the effects of its stamp. I think, however, the said stamp has actually done it good by letting out the matter and blood, it does not look half so swollen now as it did. I therefore did nothing but in the afternoon go to the Edens finally to arrange about Saturday. In the evening I won K/2 Kruet at chess.

Sunday 15th June 1873

Alas I have not written journal for a long time, however, Mrs Petre had on Saturday kindly promised to take me to church with her in her carriage. I went at the appointed hour and she was naturally late. We arrived in church in good time for the Te Deum. On the way back Mrs Petre kept complaining of Mrs Eden sending Painter into the legation pew which I must say seems rather a cool thing to do. In the afternoon went to Benecke’s rooms where I was introduced to Rothwald. Then with the Gordan’s to the Stadtgarten which was very stupid. Then to dinner with the Petres to meet the Edens and Todd.

Monday 16th June 1873

At 11 in Dr arrived and pulled out my toenail. It hurt horridly. I lay on my bed all day. Benecke came to see me. In the evening I went over and took up my abode with the Edens.

Tuesday 17th June 1873

Eden went away. I rested all day.

Wednesday 16th June 1873

Nothing particular in the morning, in the afternoon went with Benecke to the Berg theatre. It was rather French but very well acted.

Thursday 19th June 1873

In the morning accompanied Mrs Eden and the children to the station and bid them adieu. Nothing particular in the day, in the evening went to the Petres at ½ past 8, found Dr McIntyre there who was rather amusing.

Friday 20th June 1873

Went with Benecke to the Berg theatre in the evening first having called on Mrs Wickham and Pritchard. Came home and enjoyed Miss G J’s society.

Saturday 21st June 1873

In the morning went  a very pleasant tête a tête walk with Miss J to see a friend who is at a girls school. I was not allowed even to enter its sacred precincts and had therefore to make the best I could of some bricks that lay outside. After that we went a little in the park. Came back, Grove asked me to go to the Cannstadt theatre with him. I went there, to my horror, Franzoe went too and when we got there another Spaniard was introduced to me, he had been at London and like all [Pregriers?] the place he like best there were Cremorne, the Argyle rooms and Holborn Casino. We saw ‘Orphee ause enfers’ which was pretty good.

Sunday 22nd June 1873

Church, drive with Mrs Petre, dinner with the Ferriers, soiree at the Petres.

Monday 23rd June 1873

In the afternoon walk in the park, saw Mrs P and her photos which had just come. Then in the evening over to Benecke’s where I lost 15 Kr at Whist and 30 Kr at tossing.

Tuesday 24th June 1873

Hurrah. Miss G comes back today “Hail happy morn!” I went down to meet them but could not see them though they must have been there. I did however, see the Ferriers off. Did nothing particular the rest of the day.

Wednesday 25th June 1873

Went a walk with Gertrude in the morning in the Anlagen which was very pleasant. Then ami and in the afternoon loafing.

Thursday 26th June 1873

Miss G went away with her paternal relative. I went to see the Petres, found Mrs just going away to the King of Hanover. Bid her a tender farewell. Afterwards met Benecke with a Mr Woodman, a very nice man, went home with them in the evening. Lost 15 K as usual.

Friday 27th June 1873

Bought a bouquet for Miss Gertrude, price 1.20, rather extravagant perhaps. It was graciously received. Afterwards a walk. Spent the evening at home as the Petres were out.

Saturday 28th June 1873

Work all the morning. In the afternoon went to see the Natwialien Sam—[?] it would have perhaps been better worth seeing had there been a little light. Then went to the library but it is closed I found on Saturdays. Then came home, did some work and went to call on the Pritchards who were out. In the evening Theatre, met Petre there. Walked back with him through the park.

Sunday 29th June 1873

In the morning church. Benecke was wicked enough but afterwards met the Pritchards. Got invited to a water party, then in the afternoon went to the Stadt Garten where met the two May’s and Monroe and Elkin.

Monday 30th July 1873

In the morning walk with Gertrude. In the afternoon nothing particular. In the evening went up to the Petres where I remained to a late hour talking with Mr.

Tuesday 1st July 1873

Damn the Studgardten for a set of idiotic gossiping fools. Just imagine because of these three walks with Gertrude we have been talked about so that I am not to walk alone with her any more which is melancholy, damn d-n d-n d-n d-n d-n the gossips of Studgardt.

At five in the afternoon I went to meet the Pritchards and Ackland. We went to Berg in the Pferd Bafn where we met Dellar and Dugdale, Mr and Mrs Darcy. Then we walked to the river and took boats and rowed up to Unter Turkheim where we drank beer and coffee and told the hellner[?] to bring [brnard and lutter?] until we told him to stop the man had begun to tremble before he brought the last plate. Then we rowed back and walked home over the hill by the villa. Just as we came out onto the

Neckar St
we discovered that we had lost Mr Pritchard and Mr Darcy. So we tried to find them but couldn’t. At last we got into the very last Pferdladn and of course found the missing couple at the end of the St.

Wednesday 2nd July 1873

In the evening went to see FrenBen[?] in German. It was very good, one old men especially so though in the audience amused me very much by his tears. The acting however, was of course not equal to what we saw in London.

Thursday 3rd July 1873

Went in the afternoon with the Gordans to the Sillebeurg[?] after some time with them went down to the Pritchards, promised to meet them at the ball in the evening. Went home with the Gordans to get a little tea. Then back to the ball at which I danced all night. Two of my partners were German or French, and the next English.

Friday 4th July 1873

In the afternoon call on the Pritchards, then dinner at the Petres which Count Linden came in. I got Mrs Petres photo which is very good.

Saturday 5th July 1873

In the afternoon theatre zehr Maachen sind kuren Mann which was very amusing. It was 'The Faschers' benefit. She must have got a pretty good haul as the theatre was very full. We were May, Benecke, Gilbertson and self. We, the latter 3, afterwards had supper at Marguardts, Gilbertson had no key and so kept the wretched Lene up till 12.

Sunday 6thJuly 1873

Church with Gilbertson in the morning, Benecke to lazy to come. We went into the same pew as Cab who, however, was very anxious that we should go to another one for fear we should be turned out, the cause of his anxiety was soon apparent as the Winslows, including of course, Sally, came in and he had the delight of sitting in the same pew as the adored one. Afternoon, met Cab in the Anlagen. Also gave Gertrude a second bouquet. I don’t think I shall give many more.

Monday 7th July 1873

Arose at six in the preparation for the toils of the day. Arrived at Gordans and found them all ready started and met the cousins and Miss Boon at the [FernerSee?]. Miss B is as ugly as the person who was once painted green, but thinks herself lovely. Well we walked as far as the Huish park. I at any rate and I think most of the others in a state of “nage.” I did the agreeable to Miss Shatz and Gertrude. I rather like Miss S. Arrived at the lake. In the middle we partook of a cold collation, a very slight one and then played at various more or less stupid games. Then went to see the deer of which were many and fine. Then turned back and arrived home dead done with nothing to be had by way of dinner but bread, cherries and beer. I went to bed early after incurring the rustic anger of hitting a dog that barked at me very loudly.

Thursday 8th July 1873

O, except walk in the park with Gilbertson where we met Benecke, two Mays and Cab.

Wednesday 9th July 1873

Took my first ride on Katty. She is a very nice horse indeed her only defect being a blind eye. I went round the Anlagen.

Thursday 10th July 1873

Went to the Pritchards with Benecke. After waiting a little time Sellar and Dugdale came. There was also a Miss Ellit there. We then set out and walked and flirted as far as a village of which I forget the name. At about 8 I will put in here what I forget of Tuesday, in the evening was a Soiree at the Ferriers. I went there, discovered a lot of English people. Old Ferriers announced all the names as the people came in. He was dressed in a black coat and waistcoat, white trousers and  - spurs. I talked away to a fellow called Pennefather. I was introduced to and then he went to Miss Ferrier. I knew no other ladies. Mrs Ferrier was engaged. I saw several very nice young ladies so I went up to a fierce looking Mamma whose name I knew and whose daughter was there. I made myself very agreeable for some and then said boldly “I wish I could get introduced to some young ladies.” She took the hint and I was happy for the rest of the evening. Old Ferrier sang two comic songs.

Friday 11th July 1873

Ride to Unterturkheim asi was coming back the road was very bad and I rode on the footpath, appear four rustics, one of them hit the horse. I hit him, he breaks into bad language, hits the horse again but behind and out of reach of my hand and retires shooting back Parthian of oaths which being in German, do not offend even my ears.

Saturday 12th July 1873

Rain in the afternoon when I was to have gone with the Ferriers to the solitude so we went instead into the Anlagen where I was [asked?].

Sunday 13th July 1873

Church for a wonder Benecke was there. Saw Miss Pritchard. After church arranged for the theater Monday. In the afternoon called on the Petres, met Linden there. Invited to dinner, went over to the May’s with Benecke, then dinner. They talked of nothing but Friedland and his mistress. Afterwards I said that he had carried on a correspondence with a married lady for five years without seeing. Mrs P said she could not appreciate Platonic love.

Monday 14th July 1873

Parade, met Benecke at five, got some gloves, then to the Pritchards. We had got tickets. I took Miss Campbell, Benecke Miss Pritchard and flirted with them hard the whole time. Coming home it rained hard so I had to hold the umbrella over her. Holding an umbrella over a lady makes one’s head come very near hers I find. Coming home, at the turning Mrs Davy made a very rude remark, of course Miss P said good-bye to her, there she replied 'I daresay you would like me to go but I think I had better come on with you to the end.' After this Benecke and I went to Margradts. Met throngs but by drinking brandy avoided all ill effect. We waited there until about twelve when we adjourned to the station to see Mrs Petre off. There we found Count Linden with a lovely bouquet. The Petres soon came preceded by the two children. We bid her a tender farewell and then drove up home. On arriving at his place Benecke found it locked up so had to come back to me. We made a bed on the floor of my room with a mattress and one sheet and passed the night in tolerable comfort.

Tuesday 15th July 1873

Went a ride with Benecke in the afternoon. We went to the Solitude which, as I have said before, is very pretty indeed. PS. This happened on Wednesday, not Tuesday. In the evening went over to Benecke’s. Roman has now quite disgusted Benecke, he plays the blackguard a great deal to much. Comes home drunk and at [?].

Wednesday 16th July 1873

Ride as I said before. Went with the Mays and Pennefather to Berg, saw 'Gin Fluttnburssf?' [?] which was very good indeed. Came home, supper at Marguardts with Pennefather, met Benecke there. He got leave from the band and was supposed to be in the Tyrol, however, he unfortunately met the band director at Marguardts tableau.

Thursday 17th July 1873

In the afternoon went with Benecke to call on the Pritchards to see if they would come to the Silberburg. Benecke was afraid to come up as he had taken a [tender parendt?] the day before. I told the Pritchards, they laughed a great deal. In the evening we went to Silberburg and danced. I danced nearly all the time with German girls, one very good looking, a Miss Xayer, I intend to cultivate. Benecke treated us to Champagne, he having all his owing money.

Friday 18th July 1873

Expedition to Rothberger, the usual lot, Benecke, Sellar, Dugdale and Pennefather. He took to Miss Ellitall the time. I was with Misses Campbell and Pritchard. The view is very fine and in the chapel there are some very old pictures which came from Russia. The old King Wilhelm is buried there. We all lay down to look through the grating to see his coffin in which operation I broke my watch-chain. The ladies were not allowed to enter the holy of holies at all. After seeing this we drank milk and beer and eat butter-brod and eggs. Then divided into two parties, self, Misses Pritchard and Campbell and Mrs Darcy. The other, Pennefather, Misses Ellet and Grindston, Mr Darcy. We got to the station at Unterturkheim and waited there, filling up the time with beer. The train came, there was a beastly commercial traveler who sat opposite Miss Pritchard and I and who stretched himself at full length and staring and making at them. Came home, bed.

Saturday 19th July 1873

I had carried off Miss Pritchard’s parasol and gloves, so of course had to call to give them back. They asked me about sending off their luggage by goods train. I found out then went in the afternoon to tell them about it, had tea there and afterwards a walk in the park with them.

Sunday 20th July 1873

Church, in the afternoon to the Pritchards to take them to the Stadtgarten. Helped Miss P to pack at her request. Went to church with them, then to the stadtgarten, the elders would not come in so we three, Miss P, C., and self, saw the Gordans there, then home.

Monday 21st July 1873

Went to bathe in the afternoon with May and Maccaroni. Then had the first fencing lesson which I found very hard work. In the morning went and saw the Prichards[?] luggage off, coming back met Baron di Boch.

Tuesday 22nd July 1873

Work all the morning. In the afternoon went to the Prichards party, found there Dr and Miss Scott, Grimshaws, Miss Ellet and Campbell. There was music, singing. I performed 10 niggers, tea and was with flirtation to fill in the gaps. Afterwards I went home with Mr Darcy and had tea and discussion with him. Then arrived home found they had retired to rest, all the fellows had gone to Hohnheim.

Wednesday 23rd July 1873

Took a tender farewell of Gertrude, went down to the band, accompanied Miss and Mrs Pritchard home, thereby was late for dinner, so had it at Marguardts.

Went to Fritz’s and found Eden’s horse decidedly lame to my great grief.
Thursday 24th July 1873

Was today she goes away, she the only bright point in Stuttgardt, that’s all very poetical but not all true.

In the morning went down to the station and saw Miss Campbell off. Walked back with Miss Pritchard, then to the market where I purchased a bouquet for Miss P and gooseberries for myself. At parade saw the Pritchards again, walked home with them. They asked me to come and help them down to the station. After dinner I went therefore, bouquet in hand, it was received graciously and we proceeded to the station where we had to loaf for half an hour. However, it was very pleasant loafing. Then the train came. After some trouble I got them into a carriage or rather put their handgepacke in, then appeared a man who said we had moved his packages and who swore and was altogether in a fearful state. However, he subsided at last and if he understood English must have passed rather a mauvais quart d’heure until the train went off. Handkerchiefs were waved right to the end of the curve and until we could see the train no longer. Those who remained behind then went sadly homewards. They were the Scotts, Darcys and self. I then came home and in the evening went to the Silberbourg, danced with Miss Xayer who is a very nice girl. It was however, rather stupid on the whole owing to the rain. There were very few ladies and they were of course, pretty well absorbed by the gentlemen whom they knew. Pennefather and the two Mays were there and behaved more madly on the way home, dancing and singing and kicking up a general row all the way.
Friday 25th July 1873

In the afternoon went to call on Pennefather, not at home. Then fencing lesson which was very nice but warm. It is a splendid exercise for the arms and shoulders but makes one most awfully stiff at first. In the evening retired early to rest being somewhat tired.

Saturday 26th July 1873

Ordered Ovid for my little go, it is to be bound in red half calf and will, I think, be very nice. It is too very cheap. Then fencing practice. We were both rather wild but that was excusable as we had only as yet had two lessons. In the evening after beer Gilbertson and I went for a little walk talking German all the time. Had a conversation with Mr Petre across the balconies at eleven.

Sunday 27th July 1873

Went to church with Pennefather in the morning. In the afternoon he behaved very badly there. After church saw Miss Ellet, she blushed awfully, I don’t know why. Then to his house where we drank beer. Then to the Stadtgarten after dinner (tea?). [‘Up to see Mr Petre in the garden’ crossed out]

Monday. 28th July 1873

Practice in the morning parade. Accompanied Gilbertson to the tailor where he got himself measured for a new suit. Then as ti came on to rain we took refuge in a pastry cooks shop and ate till it was over. Then G came to my rooms and played and sang till 6 when our lesson took place. Went in the evening up to Mr Petres.

Tuesday 29th July 1873

In the afternoon went to call on the Darcy’s. They were out. Then went to see if the Prichards piano had gone. It had. I went up to see the place again but oh how different, are the new occupants from the old ones, fat, greasy Germans instead of its former beautiful inhabitants.

Wednesday 30th July 1873

Went with Pennefather to call on the Grimshaws, not for their sake but for that of their visitor. What was our horror at being received only by the eldest and younger ugliest Miss G and to be told that Miss Ellet had that day departed for England. Alas such is life “when we want Miss Ellets only Miss Grimshaws are at home.” We then went to the Stadtgarten where we met the Darcys, then to the fencing place for practice.

Thursday 31st July 1873

In the afternoon Silberburg but alas no dancing. I spoke to Miss Tolpey and bowed to Miss Xayer.

Friday 1st August 1873

Went with Gilbertson to the top of the old church tower, there is a good bird’s eye view of Stuttgardt but the stairs smell and the guardian of the tower is very dirty. All his water etc has to be hauled up. The effects of such a troublesome process are visible.

Saturday 2nd August 1873

Went to bathe at the Berg baths which was very enjoyable. Then to the market where I invested in ‘Greengages.’ In the afternoon fencing and decided to go to the Schwarz Wald with Pennefather. Passed the evening at gardens.

Sunday 3rd August 1873

Church in the morning. Stopped to Communion. Spoke to the Darcys. Parade, dinner, answered Eden’s letter about the horse. I wish I had never ridden the confounded beast. Museum where I saw old May, then up to Fritz’s. Then Stadtgarten, Matthews, two Mays, Gilbertson. Tea, beer in the garden. Then wrote to the [rigger?] which I ought to have done months ago, hence it couldn’t be helped.

Monday 4th August 1873

Met Pennefather at the station at 6 3/4, went by train to [Coln?] from there walked first to Hershan and there saw a ruined monastery said to have been founded in 1050 by a man who had his sight restored. There were some vaulted cellars about which Pennefather told me a probably [phoney?] story of his own adventure with a German lady, Mrs G Pennefather however, I am afraid, like all [‘Germans’ crossed out] Irishmen is apt to draw the long bow. At Hirshon we dined Table d’Hote, the company not aristocratic by any means. One man, the schoolmaster, had an enormous red nose and a wig. From Hirshon to Wildbad, a very pretty walk, part of it through the forest, part along the [reaches?] road, all between steep dark wooded hills. At Wildbad we, after arranging our rooms, walked through the town and met Ackland whose presence at W I had forgotten. Then we retired to  rest after Pennefather’s having so far forgotten himself as to kiss the barmaid.

Tuesday 5th August 1873

We set off at ½ past ten and walked on through finer scenery than the day before. The hills were much higher and the valleys wider though still nowhere no more than half a mile across. We met a Woldshuz in the road and discoursed with him, we saw a deer and he left us to [by?] and shoot it. He made the call and the deer came quite close to us and did not notice us for some time. However, now was shot and we, after treating the keeper to beer, went on through Dolb and Herenalb to Hohennau where meant to dine, however, there was no beer in the whole place, much less any eatables, so we went on to Gernsbach where we fed and then made a forced march on to Baden through a wood were Pennefather, who is, I think, very imaginative, got quite frightened. He kept looking behind him and held his dagger in his hand all the time. We arrived at Baden, had supper and went to bed.

Wednesday 6th August 1873

After breakfast went out to look round the town. Saw the frescoes on the drinking hall which would look much better were they kept cleaner. Then to the now empty gaming rooms, the man who shewed us over them seemed naturally to regret the old times (so did I). We then met Todd and after that had dinner. Then a walk down the Lichtenthal after which we met Todd again and after strolling about a little went to hear the music and drink beer. After this, supper. Pennefather, I am sorry to say, got rather light. The next day (Thursday) we came home by train. In it were a French man and his wife with a German and his wife. The two men had both been in the war but neither of them could speak a word of the other language so we had to translate every word which amused the little German woman very much. On arriving at Stuttgardt I went to the Silberburg and enjoyed the dance very much though it was very hot.

Friday 8th August 1873

Parade in the afternoon, fencing, than at tea we, I and Gilbertson, 2 Mays and Pennefather went down to the station to meet Benecke. However, he did not arrive so we went to [Texlorb?] had some beer and home again.

Saturday 9th August 1873

There was no music at parade in the afternoon. G and I went to Lipps to see about the Prichards piano. I forgot to mention that I had found a letter from her in answer to mine on my return from Baden. It is now 10pm, raining hard.

Sunday 10th August 1873

Church in the morning with Gilbertson. In the afternoon went over to the Mays. Then with them as far as the middle of the Anlagen, then on with B and G to Hermanns in [Comasaht?] where we had dinner and a very nice dinner too. Then home quickly.

Monday 11th August 1873

In the afternoon met Mr Petre. He asked me to dinner which I did. After a little fencing then Schone Helen at Berg. With Benecke it was as good as could be expected under the circumstances. Coming back, there were two ladies (???) who have just arrived in Stuttgardt from Munich, with A. in the Pferd Bahn, they behaved in the most unblushing manner I have ever seen. But they were Germans in Germany.

Tuesday 12th August 1873

In the afternoon as I was quietly writing in my room at [Gordans?] in rushed May and Benecke, they of course made a great noise and then we went up to G’s room and made more noise still to the horror of the Frau Professor in the stairs. I knocked Benecke’s hat off and that made still more noise than was edifying for the [Wickhers?] who had a christening going on underneath. In the evening Gilbertson and I went over to Miss Fines and won 30Kr. Then round to Marguardts for some beer and then bed.

Wednesday 13th August 1873

Nothing particular all day except circus in the evening and beer[?]

Thursday 14th August 1873

In the morning fencing with Pennefather. I got a good long line this time as P had to go away to his lesson with Darcy. In the afternoon went with Gilbertson on to the hills for a breath of air. In the evening Silberbourg. I went in first and met Miss Xayer or as she is commonly called, the buff girl, in the cloak room. They have only one cloak room for both sexes (German). Got two dances out of her and in the first one some flowers too. Gilbertson very jealous. He was not early enough and only got one dance. By the last dance a Mazurka, she was tired so we sat that out and then I got the two last which we also sat out. That is four altogether. I enjoyed the evening very much. The Abbots were there and I got introduced to Mrs Abbot.

Friday 15th August 1873

[‘Fencing in the morning’ crossed out] then my first Gymnasium lesson which was amusing. The lecturer began to week in the middle of his lecture and at intervals spat into the corner of the room. I imagine such a thing at Malboro'. Beishac[?] of all people sat just in front of me. In the evening fencing with Gilbertson. After that over to Miss Fines.

Saturday 16th August 1873

Fencing in the morning, in the evening Berg theatre, 'Camelier Dame' which was very good but rather too melancholy. After Bathwald and Benecke were there. I forget to put in that on Wednesday we went to the Circus in a large body, 2 Mays, self, Gilbertson, Ben, Matt, Penne, and two others that I don’t know. It was very stupid.

Sunday 17th August 1873

Went to the Catholic church in the morning, had a long discussion with old May on religious subjects. He seems to be a very bigoted catholic indeed.

In the evening Stadtgarten, met Petre there.

Monday 18th August 1873

Parade in the afternoon, fencing, [lyique? Bezique?] in the evening. Milligarry showed us the cards given him by two members of the Shah’s suite.

Tuesday 19th August 1873

Gymnasium. I astonished the natives by running out directly the clock struck as I wanted to get a ticket. I got the ticket and went with the Mays to the fencing place where I fenced with young May. In the afternoon after Duchess[?] wrote a German letter to the Frau Professor and stared at Tony over the way. She grinned in return. In the evening theatre Prziosa. I did not care for it much, somehow there was so little singing and it was in fact neither opera nor play, nor even burlesque. After that we met Sellar, Dugdale, Bothewald and two Jameses and Bash and adjourned to Risicks, then home.

Wednesday 20th August 1873

In the evening to Miss Fines where Benecke was away. We therefore played [dumsing, dumsory?] which I lost the dummy and won a guilder.

Thursday 21st August 1873

Silberbourg in the evening, danced with the buff girl as usual. Benecke came in at about 11 having been out to dinner. Gilbertson didn’t come at all.

Friday 22nd August 1873       

At dinner appeared Little and a fellow named Phillips who is at Trinity Hall. After dinner and [Dachas?] we went to Cannstadt to bathe. Then I came home in time for a fencing. In the evening after tea over to Miss Fienes where I won 30 Krent.

Saturday 23rd August 1873

Started on our way to Hohzolleren and Lichtenstien by the 7.50 from St (company Gilbertson, Benecke, self) went to Tubingen where we luckily lost the train to Hiebingen and so had time to see the curious old town of T. as every one knows it has a famous university and an old castle. The castle has, like most of its kind, a well 300 feet deep, a torture chamber, the walls with black in the corner where the fire used to be and the hook in the hall where they used to hang the wretched men up to. It has also a cellar with a huge cask which has twice been filled. There is, over the outer gate, a coast of arms with wonderful to relate, Honi soit qui mal y pense, as the motto. There was also a church with some beautifully carved tombstones in alabaster. The effect was marked by the party who shewed us over, spitting on the floor. From Tubingen we went to Hochingen. Then to Hohenzollern which is very fine, the floors all either of marble or a beautiful parquet. There is a very fine view from it. Also in the eveing back to Benthingen[?] where we slept.

Sunday. 24th August 1873

Walked to Lichtenstein after having been horribly cheated by our host. We had no card so had to go in with some other people, a party of tourists, the inevitable funny man was there of course, being in Germany his wit took the form of coarse jokes and slapping ladies on the back. Licht has a splendid view but nothing much else. The castle has all been lately rebuilt, the rooms in it so are very small. We arrived back at Stuttgart in the evening. In the train a fine example of German coarseness shewed itself. A very pretty girl came in with her father who, I regret to say, was somewhat drunk. She sat opposite to me, her father next me. There was therefore only one place vacant. Several people came in, all more or less merry, one of them very fat. This man squashed himself into her seat, talked to her and at the end wanted to shake hands with her. After a time he got up, his friends all poked him in the ribs asking him how he had enjoyed his spas[?], talked about her and dropped their cigar ashes over her dress. As they went out one said to her [German phrase – old script]

Monday 25th August 1873

Went to the Fines in the evening.

Tuesday 26th August 1873

Went to Norma at the theatre with B and G. I liked it very much indeed. Afterwards supper at Marguardts. Dined out for Edens arrived and slept at Gordans.

Wednesday 27th August 1873

Went to Berg theatre, saw a pretty little operetta with pretty little [ganuchosski?] in it. Then home.

Thursday 28th August 1873

Nothing all day. Spent the evening at home.

Friday 29th August 1873

Eden came back in the afternoon. He insisted on my returning to live there. Afterwards we went to see Mr Petre and talked a lot about Tichborne and other people.

Saturday 30th August 1873

Dined at Eden’s, in the afternoon went for a walk with him up the Herdarg.

Sunday 31st August 1873

Got up very late, breakfasted at Edens, at three a walk with him up to the Solitude, of course it began to rain as we were coming back and we got wet through.

Monday, 1st September 1873

In the morning calls with Benecke. I received a letter from home to say that I was to stay up to the fifteenth so I shall not be able to go home with B which is a great pity. However, it can’t be helped.. In the evening fencing. It is the eve of the anniversary of Sedan and there are a lot of fires on the hills with fireworks, the latter are however, not much.

Tuesday 2nd September 1873

These confounded idiots began firing at ½ 6 in the morning and went on more or less all day. The streets are all hung with flags, processions etc go on all the time. In the afternoon went to Beronstein and Wilhelma. There are some very fine pictures there. Then home to Edens.

Saturday 13th September. 1873

At 12 started from the delightful town of Stuttgart in company with Little, a large concourse were at the station to say goodbye. We got second class tickets and went very comfortably as far as Strasbourg where we got something to eat and changed into first class. Here were very comfortable and went to sleep at last. I did until two beastly Frenchmen came in with one German. We were very much squashed up by them of course, to such a degree that it was impossible to sleep.

Sunday 14th September 1873

Arrived at Paris at eight o’clock in the morning. Washed and got some breakfast. Then walked about until dinner time. After which went to see Pinner with them, to see ‘La Fille di Madame Angot” which was very good indeed. We had a “Loge d’avant scene” from which, though we could not hear the music so well, we could see much better.

Monday 15th September 1873

I went to Versailles which I remembered very well considering. Saw Marie and Madame Lawrence ill, is not very pretty but still is, I think, somewhat improved. Then to the Louvre and burnt down Tuilleries, the latter looks very melancholy and as if in mockery 'Liberty, equality, fraternity' is written up on what remains of the walls.

In the evening to the Follie Berger where we saw some Gymnastics, pantomime, etc.

Tuesday 16th September 1873

Missed the hotel[?] train through the hotel people’s stupidity, caught the next one however, and had a pretty good passage. I was however, slightly sick, very slightly, I am happy to say and arrived home early on Wednesday morning.

I am sorry to say no journal has been written since this up till

Sunday 12th October 1873

Established in my rooms. Booth called in the morning, early and stopped till chapel time when we went to chapel which was a very fine service. The organ splendid. Then saw Uncle Douglas and went to lunch with Booth. Then came back and received a visit from Uncle Douglas and from Walter Heath.

Alas I have left this journal unwritten until 29th  February and must put in the principle weeks though without any remarkable event diversified by [tubbing, concoing, sheffing?] where I was twice upset, Booth once. Card lunch and breakfast parties on the 11th December I went to a ball and Milford [stopped?] at the Parkers where I met two Miss Eyres. Miss Parker, Lady and Six N ditto Purvis, Cap Mont Mayor Hinchly. The ball was very jolly though there was too much beeswax on the floor, so much so that one of my partners shoes came off. I glanced among other people with a half cast Chinese who is a great heiress. I got back at 4 am and had to start back for Cambridge by ½ past seven. Then came an exam. Then home via Linley Wood. The Croftons came to stay with us for Christmas and we had great fun. All that week I went to shoot and Broom Hall and at Kitlands etc. Then came the Dorking Ball where the Beneckes were also, Miss Benecke has gone off awfully. Then the Mortimers dance, a dance at the Bunnys to which I went with the Broadwoods and our own Amy B is now very pretty indeed. Then Hoare came down for a week. He was here for our dance. He has got if possible more eccentric than ever, never wears gloves or a topper. The hat he does wear is a great white anderake[?]. He is going to be a doctor which I think is a pity. Our play written by myself came off early in January the 14th I think with great éclat, so much so that we have several times been requested to repeat the performance. The scenery was painted by Julia Heath, Moorhurst has been let to a Mrs Elliot, 700 a year. She is going to enlarge it very much and has given up the shooting which I am very glad of indeed, rents are therefore increasing very much as per years ago it was let with the two fields and the Trouts shooting for 194, that 180 without the shooting. She has a 21 year lease with power to break it at 14 years. When the latter ends I shall be 33, Papa 70, Mama 61. There have been various penny readings, at one of which Papa took the chair. Nicholls sang four very good songs. By the bye I went to shoot with him at Allfold and 17 ½ mile drive which we did under two hours 1.40 with his two ponies though the roads were so slippery that we had to take the ponies out altogether down one hill. I have been riding a good deal and have also carried on a correspondence with Barclay, he wishing very much to cover me and I not wishing to be brought to that happy state. I went with Benecke and a contrast to the other B to see the French plays. We saw Trecoche and Coredit [?]. It was very good though rather French. I slept at Benecke’s house. It is a great drawback to that place that they don’t give one any baths. I went there to dinner once before. Gerard is going to France in a fortnight and May is at present staying with Frances Whatman, her first visit alone to anywhere except the Aunts and Kitlands.

Friday 30th February 1874 [?]

While up in the studio got a letter from Broadwood to ask to dine, sleep and shoot on Saturday. Went there and had a very pleasant evening enlivened by songs, ‘The Darkie with the Golden Hair' etc etc. Also a game in which you have to draw something with your eyes shut and then everybody puts their comments on it.

Broadwoods having been very particular as to our beginning early I and Lyall were down at 8 ¼ B., however, didn't appear before 9. We had a very decent day, about 80 rabbits. In the evening found May had come back. Bills from Tutor came in, they were much more than I had expected.

Sunday, 1st March 1874

Church, Mr Wickham took to reading Milton. In the afternoon Uncle Douglas came. I went to Kitlands and had a long talk with Margaret, then home.

Monday 2nd March 1874

Started for Cambridge by 1.47. Went to got ties, then to see A.C.B., then came down here where I had tea, then to Booths rooms where Corbett was too. Stopped there till 10 1/3. then unpacked and bed.

Tuesday 3rd March 1874

Election day, walked about most of the day watching the free and independent going to the poll which was rather amusing. Went to lunch with Booth and Corbett at Booths rooms. After lunch work and then Hall. After Hall went to the Union, heard a pretty good speech supporting Gladstone and part of a very bad one against him. Then went to Broadwoods, found Prior and Solly in his rooms. Stayed there until the owner appeared, then somebody suggested Loo which was played. I lost 8d, then we walked forth to hear the state of the poll. We found a large and noisy crowd in possession of the [mashed?] place and that 2 conservatives had got in. There was a great deal of hustling in which we took part but no actual fighting. [Bethel?] mounted a lamp-post and committed other absurdities. After this Broadwood came and sat in my rooms for some time.

Wednesday 4th March 1874

[atwin, Yelb. Bacon?] reading. Booth came to lunch, then we adjourned to the boat, go down the river, then back to the Union. There was nothing at all in the papers except the Liberal gains of 16. The Hall, reading Pygmalion and Galaka which was very feeble and we were in addition edified by the remarks of Howard sen. Behind us, after that Bechin redressed which was also feeble, the reading and this Mrs Nixon came in just as I had sat down and [stopped?], talking for ever so long which was a nuisance.

Sunday, 19th April 1874

Didn’t go to chapel but to breakfast with Booth. Afterwards a walk, then lunched at my place, nothing else particular.

Monday 20th April 1874

In the morning went in a Funny for the first time to my great delight, did not upset, it isn't at all bad fun. In the afternoon up the river with McPherson whom I like very much. We went up in a [tub?]. In the evening Loo with Prior, I won five shillings for a wonder.

Tuesday 21st April 1874

Lectures in the morning, Gelb and Maxon[?] [Maxon, Monon?] only a quarter of an hour. In the afternoon funny again. I ran into the varsity pair but it was not my fault. Then work in the evening. I went a walk with Gilbert, afterwards Broadwood dropped in, then went out with him to his rooms and here I stayed until eleven, then home and bed.
Wednesday 22nd April 1874

In the morning went to [Maxon?] to arrange about private [tutor?] I have from 1-2 on three days in the week, the loafed looking up some men, the Hall, after which I went to get my gown back from Lawson who bagged it the other day. Then came tom my room and read [Williams, Wilkins?] on real property which is not half so bad as I expected it to be, rather interesting than otherwise, only it is rather provoking after reading five or six pages to see but all this is now prevented by the Act passed in 1870 and this is now ..

[Next page ripped out. End of journal]


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