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Violet Charlotte Mary Heath-Caldwell nee Palmer (1885-1971)

Violet was born 15 February 1885 and died 22 August 1971, Cattistock, Dorset, England.

Daughter of: Joseph Mansergh Palmer (1850-1924) and Georgina Berlinda Palmer (nee Hartford, 1846-1940).

Sister of:

  1. Vice Admiral Alexander Robinson Palmer (1879-1958) who married Charlotte Helen Burke in 1906.
  2. Commander Edwin Mansergh Palmer RN OBE (18??-1963).
  3. Irving Montgomery Palmer RN OBE (1889-19??).
  4. Major Richard Lodge Palmer DSO MC ,Royal Artillery, (1892?-1956?) who married Iris Irma Leveson-Gower (1899-1944).
  5. Miss Georgina Wilhelmina Palmer

Violet married: Capt Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell DSC RN (1889-1979) son of Maj Gen Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell CB RE (1858-1945) and Constance Mary Helsham Heath-Caldwell (nee Helsham-Jones, 1869-1957).

Violet and Cuthbert had issue:
1. Patricia Constance Mary Heath-Caldwell (1920-2005).
2. Diana Heath-Caldwell (8 Oct 1921 to 10 Oct 2015) who married John Chalton.
3. Rosamond Attwood (nee Heath-Caldwell, 1925-1982) who married John Attwood (1922-2023).
4. James Alexander Heath-Caldwell (1930-2023) who married Dora Ann Jones (born 1935).  

James and Dora had three children, Hilary, Jeremy James and Michael.




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