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Rev Cyril Moore Penkivil Heath


Born: 1882 and died 1951.
Son of: Rev Douglas Leopold Heath (1849-1926) and Mary Heath (nee Penkivil, 1848-1918).
Brother of:
1. Rev Douglas Montague Heath (1881-1961) who married Edith Heath (nee Bagnall).
2. Rev Raymond Audley Dunbar Heath (1884-1962) who married Vera Heath (nee Greatrex, 1889-1969).
Cyril married: Dulcie Heath (nee Sides,1890-1973).
Cyril and Dulcie had issue:
1. Heather Margaret Portman (nee Heath, born 1927) who married Neville Portman (1917-1983).

Rev Cyril Moore Penkivil Heath: An Overview

We know about Cyril from the following sources:

1. Entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family Vol 1" by George Heath, 1913. 
2. Entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family Vol 2" by George Heath, 1920.

Records of the Heath Family Vol 1, page 101, reads as follows:

Cyril Moore Penkivil, born at Chessington, Mar. 27th, 1882.  Home education.  Passed several Camb. local exams.
Trained at Cuddesdon Theol. Coll.
M.A., St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 1907 (Graduated 3rd Class History School).
Ordained Deacon, 1905, Priest, 1906.
1st Curacy, Holy Trinity, Lambeth, 1905-1909.
Joined in 1909 the Missionary Brotherhood of the Good Shepherd, working in New South Wales, Australia; holds, under the Brotherhood, the appointment of Rector of Bourke, N.S. Wales.

Records of the Heath Family Vol 2, page 28, reads as follows:


In the summer of 1914, my second son, Cyril, resigned his membership of the Bush Brotherhood in Australia, and came to England on a long holiday, in the course of which, while frequently visiting us at Shanklin, he held temporary curacies, first at Bishopstoke, Hants., and afterwards at Holy Trinity, Lambeth, where he had previously been curate. This last appointment involving war work, as several of the wards of St. Thomas's hospital, containing, at the time, many wounded soldiers, were under the pastoral charge of the clergy attached to the church.

In the spring of 1915 he returned to Australia, and was, on arrival, presented by the Archbishop of Brisbane to the rectory of Beaudesert, near Brisbane, Queensland, which he still holds.

He was married on September 9th, 1915, to Dulcie, daughter of the late Dr. Sides and Mrs Sides, of Bourke, New South Wales.

In November, 1919, he resigned his living at Beaudesert, and in March, 1920, returned with his wife to England, where he is to make a somewhat prolonged stay, after which he proposes to again seek service in some part of the Colonial Church.            D.L.H.

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