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Rev Douglas Montague Heath
Vicar of Bushend

Born: 1881 and died 1961.
Son of: Rev Douglas Leopold Heath (1849-1926) and Mary Heath (nee Penkivil, 1848-1918).
Brother of:
1. Rev Cyril Moore Penkivil Heath (1882-1951) who married Dulcie Heath (nee Sides,1890-1973).
2. Rev Raymond Audley Dunbar Heath (1884-1962) who married Vera Heath (nee Greatrex, 1889-1969).
Douglas married: Edith Heath (nee Bagnall).


Rev Douglas Montague Heath: An Overview

We know about Douglas from the following sources:

1. Entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family Vol 2" by George Heath, 1920, page 28.
2. A note written by Antony Heath.


The entry in the Records of the Heath family reads as follows:
My eldest son Montagu, whom the Heath Records left as curate of Swaffham Norfolk, did war work there, being in special charge of a portion of the parish which was used as a camping ground for troops in training, and was officially employed by the War Office to conduct their Parade services.

In the spring of 1918 he left the curacy of Swaffham, and took one at Salisbury, near Southampton. In the Spring of 1919, my former living of Bush End, Essex, became vacant by the preferment of the incumbent, and was offered to my son by the patron, the Vicar of Hatfield Broad Oak. He accepted, and was instituted as Vicar on May 16th, 1919.

A note written in 2003 by Antony Heath reads as follows:
Monty remained a bachelor all his life until retirement when he married his local teacher somewhere about 1944.  He was then 60 years old.  My father married them in Stondon Massey, Brentwood, Essex.  He wasn't there all his life but had a living somewhere in the Midlands.  Monty had a great passion for botany and his holidays were spent in a small tent in a wild corner of Wales, beside some bog when he would pass the time searching for specimens.  One of his most preposterous stories was when he made one pint of water serve for his shaving, then boiled his egg in it and the strained it to make his tea.

A note supplied by Chris Liffen is as follows:
Douglas took a B.A & M. A at St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1902 & 1906).
After Oxford, he attended Ely Theological College (1903) and then held a series of positions (according to Crockford) :
Hanbury 1904-1906
Luton 1907-1907
Sproxton 1907-1910
Swaffham 1912-1917
Sarisbury 1918-1919
Bush End 1919-1929
Ascot 1929-1932
Little Compton 1932 - ?
In the census of 1911, he is described as a 'member of the community of the resurrection' in the House of the Resurrection at Dewsbury, Yorkshire.


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