Old Books For Sale

Old Books with Heath Engravings for sale

I have a number of duplicate copies of  books containing engravings by Heath.  If you would like to purchase any of these, please contact me by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition I also have copies for sale of John Heath's books "Heath Engravers Vol 1, 2 & 3".

The diary of Charles Crowe from the Peninsula Campaign of 1812-1814 has been published as 'An Eloquent Solider' , Pen & Sword 2011.

Archive of Letters 1843-1892 relating to Lloyds Insurance London

Other general books for sale

Selections from the Family Papers preserved at Caldwell
In 3 Volumes (First Part, Second Part Vol 1, Second Part Vol 2)
Part the First MCCCCXCVI-MDCCCLIII [1496-1853]
Published in Paisley by Alexander Gardner MDCCCLXXXIII [1883]
Presented to the Maitland Club by William Mure of Caldwell.
There is a list of the members of the Maitland Club including their president the Most Honourable The Marquess of Breadalbane KT. Then the full list of 66 members.
For this series from the Maitland Club it is noted that:
The express object and design shall be to print in a uniform and handsome manner a Series of Works illustrative of the Antiquities, History, Literature, Poetry, Bibliography and Topography of Scotland in former times.
The publication of this 3 volume set was limited to 99 copies. There is a list of the subscribers showing 13 sets on large paper and 86 sets on ordinary paper. This copy is noted as number 38 which was printed for The Rev Dunbar Stewart Halkett MA.
There is a couple of illustrations including a picture of the 'Remains of the Old Palace of Caldwell'. In fact this recently appeared on TV on Channel 4's The Restoration Man with architect George Clarke.
317 pages of transcribed historical documents plus 4 pages showing examples of signatures.
The second volume is 'Part II, Vol I'
This has an illustration of Baron Mure opposite the title page.
290 pages of transcribed historical documents.
The third volume is 'art II, Vol II'
MDCCLXV   MDCCCXXI [1765-1821]
410 pages of transcribed historical documents.
These are all large volumes and measure 280mm x 225mm x 45mm.  This set is in the original binders boards and is in reasonably good condition. Very rare. Only 99 copies printed. I was not able to find any other original copies for sale. 

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