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George Heath 1724-1773

Bookbinder, of Butcher Row, Newgate Street, London

Born: 2 February 1724 and died 9 June 1773 aged 49.
Son of: Joseph Heath (1700-1757) and Hannah Heath of Nottingham.
Brother of:
Joseph Heath (junior) (?-1789), bookseller, of Nottingham, who married Mary.
William Heath (1725-1786), hosier, of Nottingham.  Married Mary Hartray in 1746.
Hannah (1729-?) who married John Stanley, 25 October 1763.
Possibly a John Heath (1734-?).
George married: Mary (previously Mrs Jacob, possibly Humball), 8 October 1752.
George and Mary had issue:
1. Joseph Heath who became a bookbinder (1754-1820?) and never married.
2. William Heath (1755-1758).
3. James Heath ARA (1757-1834) the engraver, who married Eliza Thomas (17??-1835) and later lived with Mary Phillipson (1757-1819).
4. Hannah Heath (1758-1774).
5. Sarah Botheroyde (nee Heath, 1759-?) who married in 1779 John Botheroyde (?-1813).
6. Robert Heath (1761-1765).
7. William Heath (1763-1774).
8. George Heath (1766-1821) who trained as a bookbinder and then became a builder (1766-1821).  George married in 1790 Mary Fielding (1760?-1843).
9. Ann Heath (1768-?) who died before 1774.

We know about George Heath from the following sources:

1. The book "Records of the Heath Family" by George Heath, 1913. 
2. A note written by George Nicholas Heath, 1974.
3. The book "Heath Family Engravers Vol 1", by John Heath, 1993.


Unfortunately these records do not tell us much more than what I have written above.

If you have any information to add to what is listed please contact me.