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Graham Douglas Heath 1899-1969
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Graham Douglas Heath 

Graham Douglas Heath 1899-1969
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Born: 1899 and died 1969.
Son of: George Heath (1847-1923) and Martha Charlotte Schmidt (1864-1951).
Brother of:
1. Roland Heath (1889-1975) who married Eileen Heath (nee Mills).
2. Cmdr John Moore Heath (1891-1944) who married Hilary Heath (nee Salter, ?-1984).
3. Philip George Heath MC (1895-1976) who married Olga Heath (nee Sinclair, 1896-1986).
Graham married: 1st Margret Heath (nee Harman) (?-1930) and then 2nd, on 9 September 1939, Joan Heath (nee Small, born 1 December 1914, died 12 August 2012 aged 97).
Graham and Margret had issue:
1. Christopher Heath (born 1929) who married Pauline Heath (nee Strange, born 1930).
Graham and Joan had issue:
1. Anthony Heath (born 1941).
2. Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok (nee Heath, born 1952) who married Daniel Cohn-Sherbok.
Graham and Joan adopted:
1. Joanna Senior (nee Heath, born 1945) who married Alan Senior (born 1944).

Graham Douglas Heath: An Overview

We know about Graham Douglas Heath from the following sources:

1. The book 'Records of the Heath Family Vol 1' by George Heath, 1913. 
2. The book 'Records of the Heath Family Vol 2' by George Heath, 1920.

 Records of the Heath Family Vol 1, page 100, reads as follows:

Graham Douglas, born at Heatherley, Weybridge, Aug., 24th, 1899.  Is at Highfield School, Liphook, and will enter Mr. Oldman's house at Shrewsbury School in Sept., 1913.

 Records of the Heath Family Vol 2, page 26, reads as follows:


Entered Mr.Oldham's house at Shrewsbury school in September, 1913. The outbreak of  war a year later increased the activities of the School Officer's Training Corps, in which he attained the rank of Corporal before the end of his time.

He was in the VIth Form for over two years, two prizes for  form work having previously fallen to his share. In January, 1918, he was elected to an Exhibition at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and left School in the following March, being 3rd on the list, and a Praepostor. Owing to a slight medical disqualification, he was sent to a cadet school in the Isle of Wight for Coast Defence Gunnery, instead of the Field Artillery as originally intended. From April to September, 1918, he was being trained, and in the latter month gained his commission. Being now fit for general service, he entered on a course of anti-aircraft gunnery at Parkhurst, I.W., Shoeburyness, and Gosport.

Before completion, the Armistice was signed, and after another short period at Parkhurst, he was in chareg for a few weeks of an anti-aircraft gun station at Middlesrough, Yorks. Before long, the demobilisation of students enabled him to go into residence at Cambridge, Jan, 1919, after an experience of over nine months in the Army.


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