Portrait of James Heath
painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1784.

  This was commissioned by John Boydell as one of 14 paintings of artists, and hung in Boydell's Gallery in August, 1784 for the promotion of James Heath's engraving of Copley's Death of Major Pierson.

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Portrait of James Heath 1757 -1834 ARA Associate of the Royal Academy Historical Engraver to the King painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1784.

Gilbert Charles Stuart (1755-1828) was an American portrait painter and one time protege of Benjamin West.  He was generally known as a highly gifted artist but not one who was very good at looking after his money.  He painted portraits of many of the most important Americans of his time, including several of George Washington.

John Singleton Copley (1738-1815) was an American born painter.  He is famous for his portrait paintings of important figures in colonial New England, depicting in particular middle-class subjects.  He also did a number of large topgraphical paintings including 'Death of Major Pierson.


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