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Richard Colley Wellesley

The Most Noble Richard Colley Wellesley
Marquis Wellesley
Knight of the most Illustrious Order of St Patrick
Governor General of India
Captain General of His Majesty's the Honourable East India Company

Engraved by James Heath from the painting by Robert Home.

Published by T Daniell, dated 1 March 1804 from a portrait of 1799.
64cm x 46cm.

Image supplied by V Narayan Swami who adds:
The location of the drawing is Clive House, Fort St George, Madras (Clive House still stands, is in excellent shape and houses the Arch Survey of India). It is named after the 2nd Lord Clive who was Governor and lived there until Wellesley moved to Madras to direct the Tipoo campaign and moved into the house himself.  Clive then built himself a beautiful Govt House outside the fort (sadly demolished 5 years back) but the magnificent Banqueting Hall is still in excellent shape and in active use.  Through the open doorway can be seen the steeple of St Mary's, Clive House being directly behind the church which is the oldest Anglican church east of Suez, having been built in 1680.  On the table, next to the ink wells is the rolled up Treaty of Seringapatam, the carving up of Tipoo's dominions between the Englsih who got the lion's share and the Nizam and the Marathas.

(Home) (James Heath)

 Engraved portrait Richard Colley Wellesley Marquis Wellesley Governor General of India Engraved by James Heath from the painting by Robert Home 1804