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Joseph Heath (senior) Bookseller, of Nottingham


What did Joseph look like?

Born: possibly 1700 and possibly died 1 Jan1757.
Son of: Not known but was he possibly a descendent of:
The historian and author James Heath 1629-1664
The London bookseller Thomas Heath (died around 1656).
The Judge Sir Robert Heath 1574-1649.
Brother of: Not known.
Joseph married: Hannah.
Joseph and Hannah had issue:
1. George Heath (1724-1773), bookbinder who married Mrs Mary Jacob.
2. Joseph Heath (junior, 17??-1789), bookseller, of Nottingham, who married Mary Butler (27 May 1748, Hickling, Nottingham) (or Elizabeth Barnes, 14 March 1748 Colwick, Nottingham).  May have been Sheriff of Nottingham in 1769-1770.
3. William Heath (1725-1786), hosier.  Married Mary Hartray in 1746.  May have been Sheriff of Nottingham in 1774-1775.
4. Hannah (1729-?) who married John Stanley, 25 October 1763.
5. Possibly a John Heath (1734-?).

We know about Joseph Heath from the following sources:
1. The book "Records of the Heath Family Vol 1" by George Heath, 1913. 
2. A note written by George Nicholas Heath, 1974.
3. The "Heath Family Engravers Vol 1", by John Heath, 1993.

We know that Joseph Heath referred to himself as a writing master in 1724 and that he was married to Hannah.  He obtained his freedom as a bookseller in 1743.  In 1744 he apprenticed his son Joseph as a bookseller.  There is a note regarding a book being printed by Joseph Heath in 1744 (senior or junior?).  He published in manuscript form a Dictionary of Semography in 1747, now preserved in Nottingham library.  It should be noted that Thomas Heath also published on 'the art of short writing' in 1644. 

On the 1754 list of voters for Nottingham he is recorded as a bookseller in the Market-place, Long Row in Nottingham and his son Joseph (junior) is also listed as a book seller but in Timber Hill (which became South Parade around 1850).  There is a record of a Joseph Heath from Abchurch Lane buried at Bunhill Fields nonconformist burial ground, London, 1 January 1757.

Some of the Heaths (presumably son's of Joseph Heath) are also mentioned a number of years later in 1774 on a list of voters.  This reads as follows:

AN EXACT LIST OF THE Burgessess and Freeholders,
Of the Town and Country of the Town of NOTTINGHAM;
At the ELECTION of TWO BURGESSES, To serve in PARLIAMENT for the said Town.
Taken on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th of OCTOBER 1774.
At the BOOTH erected in the Market Place for that Purpose, by Adjournement from a Room in the Change.
The Right Hon. EDWARD BENTINCK, Esq; commonly called Lord Edward Bentinck; and
Sir Charles Sedley, of Nutthall, Bart.
Printed by GEORGE BURBAGE, for S. CRESWELL, and G. BURBAGE; also sold by Mr WARD, and Mr HEATH, booksellers in Nottingham. 1774.

The note then goes on to list all the Burgesses and Freeholders and in each case how many votes they gave to each of the candidates.
This included the following persons with the name Heath:

John Heath (Freeholder), victualler, Castlegate and William Newbury, tenant. 17 votes for Bentinck.
William Heath, senior, hosier, Parliament Street. 1 vote for Howe.
Joseph Heath, stationer, Timber Hill. 2 votes for Howe and 1 vote for Bentinck.
Matthew Heath, baker, St James Lane. 2 votes for Bentinck and 1 vote for Sedley.



The following people with the name Heath are recorded as holding the office of Sherrif of Nottingham.

1769/70 Joseph Heath, Joseph Oldknow
1774/75 Ralph Newman, William Heath
1785/86 John Heath, George Dodson Jnr.
1789/90 Joseph Hurst Lowe, Joseph Heath.


Some other book projects with a connection to Joseph Heath or his son Joseph Heath are:

The Spiritual Gamut: Or, Rudiments of True Music. Being a Faithful Relation how William East, . .... who was a Man Well-skilled in the Music of this World: Learned Also to Sing the Song of Moses, ... Taken from His Own Mouth. . ... To which are Added, Two Poems, One on His Conversion, the Other Publisher:  M. Lewis; also sold by M. East and Mr. Streeton, at Grantham; Mr. Heath, at Nottingham; and Mr. Gregory, at Leicester, 1759.

Barber’s Psalm-Book.  Containing variety of Psalm-Tunes, both for the common and particular measures, with Chanting-Tunes, &c.   And twenty-three Anthems, many of them never published before.  The Third Edition, with large Additions.
Printed for and sold by C Bathurst, in Fleet Street, London.  J. Heath, senior on the Long-Row:  J. Heath junior in the Market-place;  G. Ayscough, in Bridlesmithgate;  T. Peat, Schoolmaster, in Castlegate, Nottingham.   J. Roe,  at Derby.  By the Author, at Castleton in Derbyshire; and all the Booksellers in Town and Country.
This was referenced in an advert in the 1754 ‘Gentleman’s Diary or the Mathematical Repository Almanack’.

A Sermon Preached, On Occasion of the Fast, April 11, 1744; At Castlegate, Nottingham: From Matt viii. 25. And his Disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us; we perish.  By James Sloss M.A.  Published at the Desire of the Congregation.  London; Printed by H Woodfall, without Temple-Bar; For John Osward, at the Rose and Crown; and Joseph Davidson, at the Angel, both in the Poultry; and Joseph Heath, Bookseller, in Nottingham.  1744. (Price Six-pence.) [oct. pp. 39.].

David's Harp well Tuned; Or a Book of Psalmody. Containing Variety of Psalm-Tunes, Both for the Common and Particular Measures; With Chanting-Tunes For Te Deum, Jubilate Deo, Magnificant, Nunc Dimittis; likewise the Order of performing Divine Service by Way of Chanting, after Cathedral Manner, suitable for our Country Churches: With a great Number of Psalms, Hymns, and Twenty-three Anthems, many of them never before published.  The Third Edition, with Additions; the former carefully Corrected and Amended.  By Robert Barber, Castleton. London: Printed by Robert Brown, in Windmill-Court, near Christ's Hospital.  For Charles Bathurst, in Feet-Street; Joseph Heath, at Nottingham and Mansfield; and John Roe, at Derby.  1753. (octavo; the Introduction, 4 pp; +235pp; + A Table 1 page).

The Dying Christians Triumph In a Living Redeemer Exemplified in a Sermon, Preached at Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, occasioned by the Death of Matthew Butcher jun. who Departed this life December 10, 1777, aged 22 years.  By John Barrett.  Printed by A Bell, No 8, Aldgate, London; and sold by Joseph Heath, Bookseller, Nottingham and Mansfield.  (oct, 48 pages).

List of the Burgesses and Freeholders of the town and County of the Town of Nottingham.  1774.  Printed for George Burbage, for S. Cresswell, and G. Burbage; also sold by Mr Ward, and Mr Heath, Booksellers in Nottingham.