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Miniature portrait of Mrs Heath presumably Mary Phillipson 1757-1819 defacto wife of James Heath. Click for larger image and more information

Mary Phillipson Mrs Heath


Born: 1757 and died 1819.
Daughter of: Thomas Phillipson (1730-1788) and Mary (or Elizabeth?) Phillipson, of Old Calgarth Hall, Windermere. 
Sister of:
1. Amelia Petch nee Phillipson (1768-1845) who married Hill Petch (1764-1805).
2. Charlotte Corbould nee Phillipson who married Richard Corbold the artist.
3. James Phillipson.
3. Possibly others. 
Mary became the defacto wife of: James Heath (1759-1834) son of George Heath (17??-1773)  and Mary Heath. 
Mary and James had issue :
1. Caroline Hamilton (nee Heath, 1784-18??) who married Samuel Hamilton.
2. Amelia Clara Dollman (nee Heath, 1794-18??) who married Rev Frank (or Francis?) Dollman.
3. Charles Heath, the engraver (1785-1848) who married Elizabeth Petch (?-1861).
4. Harriet Dollman (nee Heath, 1789-18??) who married Edward Dollman.
5. Matilda Sophia Heath (nee Heath, 1792-1864) who married her second cousin William Tyler Heath  (1787-1852).

Mary Phillipson Mrs Heath: An Overview

 We know of Mary from the following sources:
1. The book 'The Heath Family Engravers' by John Moore Heath, published 1993.
2. Information given to me by Jenny Wood.
3. A miniature portrait by Mrs Baron (Mrs John Wright).

From about 1783 Mary became the defacto wife of James Heath the engraver.  James had been married to Eliza Thomas only 5 years earlier and it is noted that there were various stories in the family of James having an affair with Mary while he was still living with his wife Eliza.  Another story was that Mary was about to marry to someone else but James rode into the church on horseback and carried her off.  What we do know is that Eliza just had one child with James and then left.  The child was George Heath who stayed with his father and did not have any further contact with his mother.  James went on to have a further 5 children with Mary and she became known as Mrs Heath by her relations.