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Matilda Sophia Heath


Born: 1792 and died 1864
Daughter of: James Heath ARA (1757-1834) and Mary Phillipson (1757-1819).
Half sister of:
1. George Heath (1787-1852)
Sister of:
2. Caroline Hamilton (nee Heath, 1784-18??) who married Samuel Hamilton.
3. Amelia Clara Dollman (nee Heath, 1794-18??) who married Rev Frank (or Francis?) Dollman.
4. Charles Heath (1785-1848) who married Elizabeth Petch (17??-1861).
5. Harriet Dollman (nee Heath, 1789-18??) who married Edward Dollman.
Matilda married: in 1820, her 2nd cousin William Tyler Heath (1787-1852).
Matilda and William had issue:
1. William Heath (1824-1858) who married Augustina Castro. 
2. Rev Herbert Heath (1831-????) who married in 1862 Lorenza Isabel Steele

We know about Matilda from the following sources:

1. A family tree researched and put together by Sheila Howells and Pamela Roberts.





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