Portrait of Thomas Gainsborough 1709­39 painted by  John Theodore Heins 1697-1756 of Norwich.  Signed and dated 1731, painting painter

Portrait of Thomas Gainsborough  (1709-1739)
Painted by  John Theodore Heins (1697-1756)
 Signed and dated 1731
76.2 x 63.5cm  oil on canvas

In 1731 Heins travelled to Sudbury in Suffolk, where he had been commissioned to paint the family of the entrepreneur Thomas Gainsborough (1678-1739), paternal uncle of the artist of the same name and the father of the Thomas Gainsborough (1709-1738) depicted here. This painting was acquired by Gainsborough's House in 1984, along with Heins's portrait of the sitter's brother, John Gainsborough (1711-72).  Gainsborough's House, 46 Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, Suffolk. www.gainsborough.org

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