Portrait of John Ives 1718?-1793 Painted by the artist John Theodore Heins 1697-1756 painter


Portrait of John Ives (1718?-1793)

Painted by the artist John Theodore Heins (1697-1756)

Noted in 'The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth (Vol II p 62)', John Ives, the son of a very successful merchant, had a curious full-length portrait painted when a boy in 1728 by Heins.  John Ives Senior as a boy (b.1718/19 d.1793); wearing early eighteenth century dress comprising pink coat, white shirt and stockings, black shoes with siver buckles; he is draped in a blue cloak held on his right shoulder with a silver clasp and at his hip by his right hand; his left arm is extended with finger pointing; an archway and balustraded stairway is indicated in the background; a whippet-like dog stares up at him from the right of the picture.  Signed and dated  Heins Fec 1728.  126cm x 102cm.

A note from Sue Sayers.
I have found this in my family history book about the Hurry family of Great Yarmouth.
Memorials of the Family of Hurry of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and of New York, United States.  Published by Norwich, Miller & Leavins (no date but belived to be 1870).
Page 24. JOHN IVES.
THOMAS IVES, son of John Ives, of Swaffham in Norfolk, descended from Stephen Ives of Saham Toney in the same county who died in 1551, settled in Great Yarmouth, where he married Elizabeth, the daughter of John Cooper, and died in 1711, aged 63, leaving a son John Ives, who was a very successful merchant, and died in 1758, aged 74, leaving a son John Ives, who was also possessed of a large fortune. When a young man he kept a Journal, above quoted, wherein he frequently mentioned different members of the Hurry family.

Now in the Norwich Museum Collection, www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk

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