Portrait of Thomas Marsham of Stratton painted by the Norfolk Artist John Theordore Heins in 1720 painter of Norwich

Portrait of Thomas Marsham (died 1751)
Painted in 1720 by the Norfolk Artist John Theordore Heins (1697-1756)

Recorded in Norfolk Portraits, Vol 2, page 247.  75cm x 65cm.  Half length.  Body and face turned towards the sinister, brown eyes full, brown hair curling to the shoulders, and cut across the forehead.  Dress: brown coat, no collar to it, open, showing fulled shirt and neckband, and a little flesh, pink, velvert robe all round the body. M. Oval corners.  Signed 'D Heins fec. 1720'.  On the top: 'Thomas Marsham 1720'.  Thomas, son of Henry Marsham, by his 1st wife Anne, daughter and heiress of Charles Themylthorp, of Worstead; born before 1678; married Dorothy, daughter and coheiress of Leonard Gooch, of Earsham Hall.  He died in 1751. 

Sold by Whitton & Laing Auctioneers, Exeter, 26 April 2002.  

Thomas Marsham is mentioned in the book 'History of Norfolk' by Blomefield.  He was lord of the manor of Stratton -now called Stratton Strawless and died in 1751.  He married Dorothy Gooch of Earlham Hall.  Robert Marsham was their son. He is famous as a naturalist and tree-planter on a massive scale. There is a chapter on him in 'A Norfolk Gallery 'by R.W.Ketton -Cremer (of Felbrig Hall).  Margretta Marsham was Robert's sister and was single when Blomefield wrote about her c.1750.  The Marshams were Lords of the Manor for many generations.

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