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Katharine Helsham (nee Crowe)

Of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, England (1773-1816)

(Sometimes spelt Catharine)

What did Katharine look like?

Born: 1773 and died 1816
Daughter of: Rev Henry Crowe (17??-1816) and Elizabeth Crowe (nee Haylett) (17??-1779).
Sister of:
1. Caroline D???? (nee Crowe) (1768-1848) who married Gen. D???? (Dorkins, Donkiss, Dawkins?).
2. Rev Henry Crowe (1769-1851).

3. Robert Crowe (1771-1807).
4. Edward Crowe (1776-1788).
Catharine married: 17 September 1795 at South Creake, Henry Helsham (1767-1806) who was the son of  Dr Henry Linhooke Helsham (1736?-1805) and his wife Ann Helsham (nee Harvey, 1731?-1793).
Catharine and Henry had issue:
1. Catharine Helsham, born 2 February 1797, died unmarried 24 October 1818.
2. Ann Helsham, born 2 November 1798, died unmarried 12 July 1822.
3. Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham,1801-1866).  She married Dr Richard Jones (1814?-1888).
3. Henry Helsham BA, born 12 February, died unmarried at Bath 14 March 1828 and is buried beneath St James Church.
4. George Helsham, born 25 January 1806, died unmarried at Woodbridge, Suffolk, in May 1836.

The information I have about Catharine Helsham comes from the following sources

1. The diary of her daughter Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham). 
2. General notes written by her grandson Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones.
3. Mention in her father's will.

Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham), in her diary, makes a number of mentions of  her mother "Katharine Helsham".

Elizabeth always spells Katherine with a K and in her father's will Katherine is spelt with a K.  I understand that her grave stone at Stoke Ferry is also recorded as Catherine with a C?

If you have any information to add to what is listed please contact me