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Miniature Portrait of Jane Figgins who married the actor John Henderson 1747-1785
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Jane Henderson nee Figgins


Born: Probably in the mid 1700s and died in the late 1700s or early 1800s.
Daughter of: Mr Figgins and a Miss Finley (who was a daughter of some people with the names Edridge and Gamble)
Sister of:
1. John Figgins who married Ann Burnett.
2. Susan Henley nee Figgins who married Dr Henley.
Jane married: John Henderson (1747-1785)
Jane and John had issue:
1. Harriet Moore nee Henderson (1779-1866).
2. No other daughters.  Did he have any sons?


Jane Henderson nee Figgins: An Overview

We know about Jane from:
1. The book "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912.


There is very little information about Jane.  Can anyone provide more information?


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