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Sarah Herring nee Harvey


Born: 16 August 1785 and was Christened 13 September 1785, St Clement Danes, Westmister, London.  She died, aged 42, 15 Janaury 1828 in Norwich and was buried in St George, Colegate.
Daughter of: Charles Harvey (1756-1843) and Sarah Haynes (1760-1805).
Sister of:
1. Charles Harvey (1787-????).
2. Horace Harvey (1788-????).
3. Judith Mary Harvey (1789-????).
4. Judith Turner nee Harvey (1790-1883) who married Charles Robert Turner (1790-1776).
5. Charles Harvey (1791-????).
6. Many Anne Harvey (1794-????).
7. Onley Savill Onley (1795-1890) who married Caroline Mary Harvey (1797-1845).
8. Joseph Harvey (1800-????).
Sarah married: William Herring (17??-1843) of Heathersett Hall.
Sarah and William had issue:
1. Rev William Harvey Herring (1813-18??) who married Frances Louisa Brock (1828-????).
2. Sarah Herring (1814-????).
3. Mary Anne Herring (1816-????).
4. Julia Herring (1817-????).
5. Rosa Herring (1819?-1910?).  Possibly married, in 1848, Samuel Harvey Twinning (1820-1900).


Sarah Herring nee Harvey: An Overview

The information I have about Sarah comes from the following sources:

1. Information supplied to me by Carla Woodworth Lynas and based on the 'Original Genealogical Collections, by the late Lieut. Col. Robert John Harvey of Thorpe'.  This is mentioned in a publication called 'Walter Rye, Memoir Bibliography and Catalogue of of his Norfolk Manuscripts in the Norwich Public Libraries' by Geo. A. Stephen published in 1929? by the Public Libraries Committee, Norwich.  Original documents in the Norfolk Archives.
2. A group portrait with a record of a large number of individuals from the Harvey and Herring families.



The group portrait of members of the Harvey and Herring families is quite an incredible record of the two families.  I understand that there is one copy in the Norwich Museum and a second copy which was sold by Christies in London 15 June 2001.  The description reads as follows:

Group portrait of members of the Harvey and Herring familes signed, inscribed and dated 'Jos: Glover Pinxit 1820 1821 64 65 85 Newman St London' (on the reverse), and inscribed 'ALTERI: SI: TIBI' within a coat-of-arms (upper left) and 'DUM SPIRO SPERO' within a coat-of-arms (upper right); inscribed with the names of the individual sitters on the reverse oil on canvas 483/4 x 721/4 in. (123.8 x 183.5 cm.) NOTES This unusual group portrait is of members of two Norfolk families, the Harveys and the Herrings, and would appear to celebrate the union of two families which had occured through the marriage of William Herring of Heathersett Hall (d.1842) who was a manufacturer, and Sheriff of Norwich in 1831, and Sarah Harvey, daughter of Charles Harvey M.P.. The young boy in the centre is their son, William Henry Harvey (1813-after 1870). On the left hand side of the picture, the Harveys, a prominent Norwich family, many of whom were Mayors and Sheriffs, are individually portrayed beneath their arms and motto, ALTERI: SI: TIBI. The older generation Robert Harvey of Catton and Tharston Hall (c.1730-1816), Sheriff and Mayor of Norwich, and his wife Judith, daughter of Captain Onley are at the top. The latter's brother and co-heir, Rev. Charles Onley of Sisted Hall, Essex, is alongside. Their children, Charles and Charlotte Harvey, John Harvey (1755-1842) and Robert Harvey (1751-1820) prominent wool manufacturers, are shown beneath. Beneath this group are the next generation, Onley, Judith Turner ( n‚e Harvey) and Charles Robert Turner (1789-1876), Caroline Mary Harvey and the sister of Charles Harvey, Mrs Morison and Charlotte's brother, Samuel Haynes. The Herrings, depicted on the right, were predominantly merchants and bankers from Norwich, and their arms, depicted in the top right hand corner and inscribed with the family motto DUM SPIRO SPERO, were granted in 1826 to John Herring of the City of Norwich. John Herring (1718-1786), centre-right, was said to be a havel and slea maker. He married Anne Smith of Beccles, beside him. Below them are their children with their respective wives, their eldest son John (1749-1810) who married Rebecca Buckle, James Herring and his second wife Elizabeth ( n‚e Leachment) and John Herring's brother and his wife, William and Elizabeth. The eldest son of John and Rebecca Herring, John (1774-1842) and his wife Catharine are in the top right corner beneath their arms. His brothers and their wives are beneath him, Thomas and Ann, William and Sarah ( n‚e Harvey), John Barwell and Laura ( n‚e Manby), Thomas Herring Buckle, a drug merchant and William Herring of and his wife Sarah. It is believed that this picture is by Joseph Clover (1779-1853), and not Joseph Glover. A companion picture is in the Norwich Castle Museum.


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