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Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood 1801-1866

Peter Hesketh was born in 1801 at Wennington Hall, in Wennington, near Lancaster, the second son of Robert Hesketh 1764-1814 and Maria Rawlinson 1766-1824.

He changed his name to Hesketh-Fleetwood in 1831.

Son of Robert Hesketh 1764-1824 and Maria Rawlinson 1766-1824.

Brother of:

Edward Hesketh (died in 1820)

Rev Charles Hesketh 1804-1876, who married Anna.

Anna 1804-18?? who married Thomas John Knowlys.

Peter married first: 8 June 1826, Eliza Debonnaire Metcalfe 1807-1833, the daughter of Sir Theophilus Metcalfe.

Peter married second: in Belgium in 1837, Virginie Marie Garcia.

By his first wife Eliza he had:

Anna Maria (known as Maria) 1827-1838

Metcalf Bold Hesketh-Fleetwood (died an infant)

Debonnaire Hesketh-Fleetwood (died an infant)

Frances Hesketh-Fleetwood (died an infant)

By his second wife Marie he had:

Peter Louis

We know about Peter from his portraits and from lots of information on the internet.

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