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Frances Hesketh nee Bold 1735-1809

Francis was born 1735 and died 1809.  Buried at Poulton-le-Fyld.

Daughter of Peter Bold (1703-1762) and Anna Maria Wentworth.

Frances married Fleetwood Hesketh 1738-1769 of North Meols and Rossall.  Son of Roger Hesketh 1711-1791 and Margaret Fleetwood.

Sister of:
1.    Anna-Maria Bold (1732-1813) unmarried
2.    Dorothea Bold (1734-1778) married Thomas Patten-Bold (1720-1806)
3.    Mary Bold (1739-1773) married Thomas Hunt of Mollington, Cheshire
4.    Everilda Bold (1740-1837) unmarried
5.    Eleanor Bold (1741-1807) unmarried
6.    Susannah Bold (1743-1757) unmarried
7.    Elizabeth Bold (1745-1754) unmarried

Mother of:

Bold Fleetwood Hesketh 1762-1819

Robert Hesketh 1764-1824

Plus ?

We know about Francis from her portrait painted in 1769 by Joseph Wright of Derby.  Now in the Walker Gallery, Liverpool.

Would anyone like to write a biography?

Peter Patten Bold,miniature (1764-1819) who married Mary Parker. Son of Thomas Patten and Dorothea Bold. Cousin of Frances.

Possibly painted by James Scouler (British, circa 1740-1812