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Georgiana Hesketh (nee Raynsford) 1819-1910

of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

and later of Southampton in England

Born: 1819 and died 1910.
Daughter of: Charles Raynsford and Carolyn Raynsford of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Sister of: not known
Georgiana married: Robert Hesketh (1789-1868).  They were married at the British Episcopal Chapel in Rio De Janeiro, by the Rev Arthur Maister in 1837.
Georgina and Robert had issue:
1. Robert Raynsford Hesketh (1837-1854).  Ensign 22nd Madras Native Infantry, died in India.
2. William Crosbie Hesketh (1839-????), Lieutenant in the Royal Marine Artillery.
3. George Hesketh (1840- after 1861), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
4. Eliza Jane Jones (nee Hesketh, 1842-1869) who married Capt Henry Helsham Jones.
5. Henry John Hesketh (1843-1871), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
6. Hamilton Maria Sanford nee Hesketh (1845-1895, known as Hammie) who married in 1867 Lt Gen George Edward Langham Somerset Sandford RE (1840-1901).
7. Georgiana Sarah Hesketh (1846-19??, known as Netta).  Never married.
8. Hanbury Bold Hesketh (1848-1852).
9. Spenser Bold Hesketh (1853-1905).
10 Mary Sophie Hesketh (1853-195?, known as Sophie).  Never married.  Born 23 April 1853 and lived to be over 100.
11. Harriet Lucy Hesketh (1854-19??, known as Harrietta).  Never married.
12. Earnest Johnston Hesketh (1856-????).
13. Harold Owen Hesketh (1857-1876).

We know about Georgina from the following sources:
1. Hesketh family bibles.
2. Photograph album of her son in law Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones.
3. Her will.

Georgiana Raynsford met her husband Robert Hesketh in Rio and they were married in 1837.  She had been born in Rio in 1819 and was the daughter of Charles Raynsford, who came from a prominent Rio mercantile family.  They were married at the British Chapel in Rio by the Anglican Chaplin the Rev Arthur Maister.  There was 28 years of age between them, Georgiana being only19, while Robert was 47.  The marriage would appear to have been a happy one and over the next 20 years resulted in the births of 13 children.

In 1852 Robert brought the family back from Brazil for his retirement and they settled in Southampton.

Georgiana's will records her (of 6 Castle Road, Bedford), died 14 July 1910 leaving £625 to her three unmarried daughters; Georgiana Sarah Hesketh, Mary Sophie Hesketh and Harriette Lucy Hesketh.



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