Bookplate of John Hesketh (1750-1815) and Family Crest Impressions

This particular bookplate was found in a 23 volume set of the Works of Jonathan Swift.  This set of books was not passed down in the family but came up for sale on ebay with no provenance other than the bookplate.  Most of the volumes were published in 1768 and a few later in 1775.  The binding is a high quality leather binding and would indicate that John Hesketh was reasonably well off when he purchased this set presumably in 1775 or shortly later.

The two crest impressions (in red wax) have been enlarged to make them eaiser to see.  These would have been used to seal letters and to mark official documents.  These have been passed down in the family and so we can assume that they are from Robert Hesketh and/or his father John Hesketh .  The bookplate has not been passed down in the family and so could possibly have belonged to a different John Hesketh but the similarity to the family crests confirm that it is almost definately our John Hesketh.

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