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Lousia Ann Hesketh nee Beete 1768-1799 of Oporto, Portugal

Born: about 1768 and died 10 Mar 1799 in Oporto, Portugal.
Daughter of: not known.
Sister of:
1. Caroline.
2. Possibly others.
Louisa married: John Hesketh 26 Nov 1786 in the British Factory Chaplaincy, Oporto, Porto, Portugal.
Louisa and John had issue:
1. Catherine Hesketh (1787-1788).
2. Louisa Hesketh (1789-1845).
3. Robert Hesketh (1789-1868) who married Georgiana Raynsford (1819-1910).
4. John Hesketh (1791-1838) who married Margarida (1807-1838).
5. Mary Ann Hesketh (1793-1856).
6. William Hesketh (1794-1856).
7. Henry Hesketh (1796-1856) of California.
8. Harriet Hesketh (1797-1833).
9. Thomas Hesketh (1798-1840) of Liverpool.

Louisa appears to have arrived in Oporto, together with her sister Caroline, some time before 1785 (Caroline died in Oporto in 1785).  Louisa married John Hesketh in 1786 and went on to have nine children however she died 10 March 1799 not long after the birth of her son Thomas.


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