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Robert Hesketh 1684-1723

Robert Hesketh was born in 1684 and died in 1723

His parents were Roger Hesketh 1646-1720 and Mary Gelibrand

His brothers and sisters were:

Ursula(1) 1679-1679

Ursula(2) 1680-1766 who married Henry Leadbetter

Ann Hannah, born 1681, who married Ralph Leyland

Hannah 1682-1709

Elizabeth, born 1686?, who married Henry Freckleton

Mary, born 1688? Who married Jonas Parr

John 1690-1770/71, who married 1st Margaret Singleton, 2nd Sarah

Lydia, born 1693, who married Lawrence Halliwell

Sarah, born 1693, who married John Parr

Ellen, born 1694, who married Henry Bartton

Thomas 1696-1696

Roger 1698-1702


Robert married Sarah

Robert and Sarah had the following children

Roger 1711-1791 who married Margaret

Sarah 1713-1713

Robert 1713-1713

Henry 1714-?

Robert 1715-1736

John 1718-?

Mary 1718-?

Elizabeth 1721-?

We know about Robert Hesketh from the book 'Our Men in Brazil' by Ian Sargent, 2009.

If anyone would like to write a biography or a family history about Robert Hesketh please do contact me.