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Robert Hesketh 1719-1793 Wine Merchant of Liverpool

Robert Hesketh was born in 1719 and died in 1793

Robert was the son of John Hesketh (1690-1770) and his 1st wife Margaret Singleton.


Robert had the following brothers and sisters:

Roger Hesketh born 1716


Thomas Hesketh born 1718

John 1721-1757 who married Margaret

Ann, born 1723, who married John Williams

Roger, 1726-1781, who married Sarah Johnson

Mary born 1728

Henry born 1729 or 1730

Joseph born 1732

Margaret, 1735-1755, who married Peter Morgan

William, 1738-1793, mayor of Liverpool 1783-1784, who married Margaret Pemberton in 1787 and they had a son William.


Robert married Catherine Holding

Robert and Catherine had the following children:

Margaret, born 1746, who married William Crosbie.  They had two children Catherine and William.

John 1750-1815, who married Louisa Ann Beete 1768-1799

James born 1752

Edward born 1755

Sarah who died unmarried 1823

We know about Robert from the book 'Our Men in Brazil' by Ian Sargen, 2009.

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