Robert Hesketh 1764-1824

Born: 18 April 1764 and died 22 March 1824. Buried at Poulton-le-Fylde.

Son of: Fleetwood Hesketh 1738-1769 and Francis Bold 1735-1809.

Brother of:

Bold Fleetwood Hesketh 1762-1819.

Robert married: Maria Rawlinson 1766-1824, eldest daughter of Henry Rawlinson of Glassyard Hall.  Maria married Robert 11 Sept 1790.

Robert and Maria had the following children:


Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood 1801-1886 who married Eliza Debonnaire Metcalfe (known as Eliza), the daughter of Sir Theophilus Metcalfe.


Anna 1804-18?? who married Thomas John Knowlys.

We know about

At one stage it is assumed that Robert lived at Wennington, Hall, in the county of Lancashire.

On the death of his brother Bold, Robert inherited the Rossall estate, in West Lancashire which had belonged to his mother’s family.  The family’s land stretched from Heysham in the north to North Meols, near Southport and also most of Flyde.

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