Bookplate of Stephen G Holland Cor Unum Via Una



Bookplate of Stephen George Holland
Cor Unum Via Una

Stephen George Holland was born in London 1817, one of about 9 children of William and Ann Holland. Stephen's father was founder of  the great English cabinet-making firm of Victorian times, Holland and Sons, and related to regency architect Henry Holland, also a furniture maker. Stephen George in his late teens founded Holland and Sherry cloth merchants probably through a connection with Holland and Sons. H and Sherry were pretty big, exporting £250,000 of cloth p.a. to Russia before the revolution and were still going strong in 2012.  SGH was a rich man and his famous art collection including 10 Turners, 3 Gainsboroughs, Friths, Millais, Landseer, Constables, Corot, Cox etc. He died in 1908 when his collection was auctioned at Christie’s South Kensington in June. The Hollands claimed some sort of kinship with the Dukes of Exeter dating back to mediaeval times. The motto is the Exeter motto I believe. This note supplied by his great grandson Geoffrey Holland.


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